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1158 - Harmonic Symphony Part 2 V2 ⑤

After enjoying Camellia-sans performance, we finally headed for the last of the Seven Princesses, Rosemary-sans performance, but since there was still some time before her performance, we decided to take a short tour around the venue of Camellia-sans performance first.


Since the Harmonic Symphony was really a festival of many different kinds of performances, it was easy to kill time like this.

After watching several performances and creative dances, I suddenly felt a gaze and turned around. Thereupon, I found a woman staring at me with a serious expression on her face.


She has semi-long reddish-brown hair, and what I think you call a wolf cut Anyhow, it was a woman with hair that bounces outward around her collar.

She dressed in a leather jacket over a tank top, with denim shorts covering her lower body, making her outfit look a bit like a punks outfit.

Her distinctive features were her sharp eyes, and the dog…… no wolf ears and tail. Is she a Beastman She didnt seem familiar though



[It might be abrupt of me to ask this, but am I right to assume youre the person known as Miyama Kaito]


When I asked her if she had some business with me, the woman responded with a serious expression on her face.


[Eh Yes, thats right.]

[I see……]


The woman apparently knew who I was, and after nodding lightly to my response, she seemed to be thinking for a moment.

Then, after a few seconds of silence, she spoke.


[……Im sorry for suddenly calling out to you. Im Ryukoricyan. Would it be alright if I could talk to you, even if its just for a couple of minutes]

[Yes, I dont really mind……]

[Thank you. I originally should have taken the proper steps to meet with you, so I apologize. I thought I might be a nuisance, but after coincidentally meeting you like this, I just couldnt not call out to you…… Do you mind if I call you Kaito You can just call me Cyan too.]

[I understand. Cyan-san it is then. So, do you have some business with me]


Cyan-san had this cool and unfriendly impression when she spoke, but I could feel that she was trying to be considerate with me, so I dont think Cyan-san is a bad person.


[You have a Catreid in your home, dont you That cocky, undisciplined, whimsical and uninhibited fool who acts on the spur of the moment when she thinks of something……]

[Eh Errr, there is a Catreid living in my home but…… are you acquainted with Caraway]

[……Id shake my head if I could, but yes, I do know her. Infuriating it may be, I do have a connection with her…… Shes the one I hate the most.]



Hmmm, she was cursing at her. However, it didnt seem like she hated Caraway as much as she said she did. Somehow, it kinda felt just like the connection between Chronois-san and Ein-san. Even though she talks badly about her, I never feel any malicious intent of wanting to disparage her.

Thereupon, Cyan-san looked as if she was thinking again, and after lightly scratching her cheeks, she vigorously bowed her head.


[……Thank you.]

[Huh A- About what Suddenly thanking me……]

[Its for helping her out after she did something stupid…… I had been wanting to thank you once I met you. I didnt like her one bit, but seeing someone I had been competing against for so long just falling to ruin like that makes me so angry. However, I didnt have the power to do anything about it. Im grateful to Kaito for that.]

[……Errr, Im sorry if Im mistaken. Is Cyan-san the Demon that used to live next to Caraways territory]



I knew it. Cyan-san was the Demon Caraway mentioned before during the White God Festival. The person she was competing against, living next to her previous territory.

If I recall, Caraway also spoke of Cyan-san in a sarcastic and angry manner, but on the other hand, she also said that she trusted her, so I guess they were rivals who approved of each other.


As I was thinking this, Cyan-san raised her face and spoke to me with a smile.

[Im sorry for taking up your time. With this, Ive finished my business…… Ahh, I dont mind if its just as much as possible, but please dont tell her that you met me.]

[……I understand.]

[Well then, please take care of that idiot.]

[Ahh, Cyan-san.]



After reflexively stopping Cyan-san, who was about to leave, I thought for a moment before speaking.


[……If you would like, please come visit my house sometime. Im sure Caraway would like to meet and talk to you……]

[……I…… suppose. I guess it would be entertaining seeing her stupid face……]

[Yes, I think Caraway would be happy about that.]

[Hmph…… Youre a good guy. I like you…… Well then, Ill come visit when I get the chance. See you later, Kaito.]

[Yes, see you.]


After smiling happily, Cyan-san lightly waved her hand goodbye before leaving. As I thought, even though she might sound rough, she was a nice person.









: [……What a terrifying being, Makina is. Whats terrifying is that even if the Afterword is over 10,000 characters, and I dont know how long the chapter would be together with the main story, but the fact that “it doesnt seem like she would run out of topics at all” is more frightening than anything else. Does she have some sort of inexhaustible supply……]

Serious-senpai : [My child is cute, my child is cute……]


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