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 1157EX - Mama Makina's Overflowing Knowledge

Makina : [Let me begin with a very basic explanation. Of course, its an undeniable fact that my beloved child is cute, but depending on the angle from which you look at him, his supreme beauty can also diversify. In this case, my beloved child from 23.5 ° diagonally down to the left seems to emphasize his cuteness, dont you think If it were at 34.8 ° though, the emphasis would be his sexiness, so the situation would be different. I guess you would just have to choose the right one for the right situation. In this case, I prepared a 23.5 ° diagonally down to the left photo for Serious-senpai, for it has a healing effect. Ahh, yes, yes, I know how you feel. If you are looking for cute, 42.1 ° from the upper right angle certainly is more famous. Its true that that angle is the cutest, but you see, its just too cute, so theres a possibility that its effect is too strong, causing abnormalities to ones heart rate. That is why I think this angle is better for the mentally injured Serious-senpai. Moreover, this photo was taken at 5:23 pm, during the second Wind month in this world, and if you look at the way the light shines at his face, you can see that it has a slightly reddish tint. Thats what makes my beloved child so cute. However, I think its safe to say that Serious-senpai is still a beginner at this, so Ill explain what you need to look for in this photo. What do you think Serious-senpai should look at in this photo His eyes His lips His forehead Unnn. Those were indeed the standard points where the “lickability” is high, and of course, my child is just full of charm. However, I must say that focusing on the famous and characteristic points is, unfortunately, shallow in my opinion. Then, “what should advanced photographers look for” would be the conversation, yes In this photo, it really has to be the angle of the cheeks! Look at the way the light hits the cheeks! Here, they are slightly in the shadows, while this side is brighter, right This contrast makes the cuteness of my beloved child look outstanding. Yes, this lickable point stands out only at this time of day and from a certain angle, and it creates a tremendous healing effect. Would it be easier to understand if I compare it to something Here is a photo of the same time of day from the 34.8 ° angle. Look at the cheeks. The difference in angle caused the shadowed area at 23.5 ° to be slightly shifted to 34.8 °. Yes, if one were to be asked about this, this angle brims with my beloved childs sex appeal, his sexiness. Of course, my sexy child is wonderful too, for I could eat 100 bowls of rice with just this side dish alone. However, when it comes to the healing effect, I think the cute one is better. There are some photos where my child is very cool, and they certainly are very attractive, but they make me more excited than healed. Ahh, sorry, I got a little off topic. Next, regarding the points one should pay attention to, I want you to look at the line from his chin to his neck. This flowing curve is amazing. Whoa there, be careful. Putting aside super-class people like me, if an average person looks at it too long, they will be so captivated by the cuteness of my beloved child that they will not be able to take their eyes off of it for dozens of hours. Now then, since you know the healing effect of this photo…… Unnn, I know how youre feeling now, Serious-senpai. You would think that way, yes That it would be a waste to see only one such image of my cute beloved child, right I understand you. When you are at my level, you can clearly see trillions of photos simultaneously, but its difficult for ordinary people. Theres actually a technique that solves this problem.Its to look at two or more photos at the same time! I call this the “Ultimate Lickability System”…… Also known as “ULS”. Just hearing its name, I think you can understand how great the ULS is. Yes, but looking at multiple photos at the same time, one can understand the appeal of my child even more. Of course, that isnt all. For example, by looking at the 23.5 degree photo on the left and 34.8 photo on the right at the same time, you can experience and sexiness at the same time, and on the other hand, combining the 23.5 degree photo and 42.1 degree photo would further enhance my beloved childs cuteness. Its truly a dream system with unlimited combinations…… But of course, theres a caveat you need to watch out for. Putting aside if you are a Super Lickuist like me, if youre a beginner like Serious-senpai, you should limit yourself to 3 photos at a time on ULS. If you exceed that limit, you will be caught in a perpetual loop of attraction to my beloved child, and theres a high possibility that you will lose consciousness due to your sheer attraction for him. I hope you will use the ULS carefully and lead an ideal licky-licky life. Well, I think the infinite combination in itself is difficult for beginners to handle, so I will introduce some of my recommendations among the 2-pic combinations Ive experienced. Excluding the 2 examples I mentioned earlier, I would recommend the combination of 23.6 degree photo on the right and 23.5 photo on the left. The key here is that theres only a 0.1 degree discrepancy between the left and right photos. This is a combination that specializes in coolness. Even on my level, I cant get over how cool my beloved child is. By shifting the angle by 0.1 degree, they look the same but slightly different, which attracts the eye and makes it hard to take your eyes off of them. As for the choice of time of day to use this photo, I would recommend viewing it at sunrise in winter. The face of my beloved child at that time of the day shines in the morning sun, and his eyes are especially gallant. You should frame it and hang it in a museum or something like that. Next, I recommend the combination of 31.4 degree photo to the left and 18.3 degree photo diagonally to the right. This is a magical combination that makes you feel both his gallantry and cuteness at the same time. Gallantry and cuteness may seem like opposing attributes, but with my beloved child, they are in perfect harmony and bring out the best in both of them. The synergy of this combination is so great that its best used as a starting point when trying out combinations of three or more photos. Its a combination that makes one understand that my beloved child is supreme in every aspect, so I would like you to try it at least once. Next, I would like to recommend 28.0 degrees back diagonally to the lower right, and 11.3 degrees back diagonally to the upper right. This combination is one in which the face of my beloved child isnt completely reflected in the photo, but the back of my child is mainly visible. Of course, it doesnt mean that my childs face isnt visible at all, and his faintly visible profile gives off a melancholic atmosphere and is incredibly sexy, but more than that, this combination is overflowing with the charm of seeing my beloved child from behind. Many people know my beloved childs charm from standing before him, but surprisingly, few people understand the beauty of the back view. Indeed, its hard to resist the desire to see my beloved childs face, his supreme beauty, from the front when you see him in front of you. I totally understand. Thats why this combination is for advanced photographers. To some extent, this is a combination that I hope you will use to further explore the charms of his aforementioned points, and I think you will understand how big and great my beloved childs back is by looking at photos like these. Well, thats about it, I guess Of course, there are many more combinations, and when you have 3 or more patterns, you have to think of more combinations, which makes it more difficult. The excitement you feel when you find your favorite combination is just irreplaceable. Now that Ive said all this, Im sure you have some questions, dont you Unnn, it was indeed as you said. Angles arent the only factor that brings out the best in my beloved child. As I have often said, the time of day and the seasons are also important factors. Of course, I understand what you mean. You think that because my beloved child is perfect in every situation, his greatness shouldnt be affected by the surrounding environment, right Thats where youre mistaken. My beloved child isnt being affected by his surroundings. Its the surrounding environment that brings out the best in my beloved child. I suppose Ill start with the seasons. The winter season, for example, can bring out the coolness of my beloved child. On a winter morning, my beloved child is as brilliant as diamonds. No, of course I dont mean to liken my beloved child to mere rocks. Its just that the brilliance of my beloved child is so supreme that there are no words that could properly describe it. I have no choice but to compromise and compare him to a jewel. Well, putting that aside, the expression on the face of my beloved child, tense in the cold winter air, is incredibly cool. If an amateur were to look at it carelessly, they might die, so there might be a need to regulate this to some extent by law or something. Ahh, speaking of which, I have the “coming-of-age photo of my beloved child” here…… Eh How did I get this Ive already looked at my beloved childs past a gazillion times, and Ive already saved the points where I know is best. So, even when my child at this moment is still young, you could still feel her gallantry, and the winter atmosphere makes her expression tenser than before. Its so amazing that it could already be a national treasure. On the other hand, spring is good for expressing the calmness and warmth of my beloved child. The lickability coefficient of my child smiling with the spring sunlight gives it a tremendous value. For example, I have a photo of my beloved child entering college, and of course, as his Mother, I cant help but admire the loveliness of his gentle smile. If one were to look at it carelessly, one would be so enchanted by the cuteness that one wouldnt be able to take their eyes off it for a few days. Other than that, summer is also a good time for expressing his cheerfulness and vigorousness. The bright sunshine makes my beloved child shine even brighter. Before the brightness of my beloved child, the sun could be no more than a miniature light bulb. I think my beloved child is the treasure of the universe. As for autumn, it has a wide range of applications, but it fits with a melancholic atmosphere. I love my cute child, but I also love seeing him looking  a little sad or lonely. It makes me want to go right over and give him a hug. Of course, my beloved child is definitely happy to be hugged by Mother, so perhaps, it might be a good idea to be more proactive in giving him hugs in autumns. While feeling the warmth of my beloved child, I would let my beloved child taste the love and warmth of a mother. What a wonderful idea! Ill do it next time…… Oops, Im getting off track again. Anyhow, this is a rough list of the effects of the seasons, but of course, there are many exceptions, so just consider this as only a reference. The combination of my child and the seasons alone brings about an almost infinite number of his charms, so I hope you will experiment with this as well. Of course, not only the seasons, but the time of the day is important as well. The light is especially important. Of course, my beloved child by himself already shines brightly, but the angle from which light reflects upon my beloved child can make a big difference. For example, look at these two different photos…… You can tell, right The angle of the shadow on the nose is different. This is the basics of the basics. Next, lets talk about the influence my beloved childs photos could bring. It goes without saying, but the photos of my beloved child are precious. However, that preciousness can sometimes have a great impact. This is a question Im often asked, but they question why I recover when I see a photo of my beloved child. This is the effect of witnessing my beloved childs preciousness, making me think “I must be perfect when I stand in front of my beloved child”. Well, its natural, isnt it Standing before my ultimately adorable beloved child, it would be rude not to look as perfect as possible. That doesnt necessarily mean you need to change. Its like a duty given to all living things to see the photos of my beloved children in their perfect condition that they are capable of at that moment. This is part of ones instincts, so to speak. The moment one sees a photo of my beloved child, ones instincts tell them that they must be in the best condition they can be in, so any injuries they had would be healed and they can be in the best condition they can be in. Well, I dont really have to explain all this to you, right This should be something understood at the moment you learned how to breathe. Its not an exaggeration to say that the preciousness of my beloved child is the general principle of the world, the truth of the universe. Now then, since you understand the healing effect, of course there is more to the photos of my beloved child. First of all, as a matter of course, seeing the image of my beloved child gives you an immense sense of happiness. It also allows you to grow as a person who is worthy of standing before my beloved child. There are many other effects as well. As one would expect from my beloved child, just his photo alone brings about unlimited effects towards the people around him. However, unnn. I understand. The fact that one cant smell my beloved child in photographs is a negative point that cant be ignored. My beloved childs scent is one of his most important lickable points, so I guess it would really be difficult for photos to compete with the real thing in the area huh But of course, photographs arent the only media there is. For example, a CD of my beloved childs voice is a wonderful item that allows you to enjoy my beloved childs voice with your ears. We all know how precious my beloved childs voice is, and this is one component that cant be obtained through photographs. I have a complete recording of my beloved childs beautiful voice during that karaoke battle at his birthday party, and I cant tell how many times Ive listened to it. Well, Im a little dissatisfied that it was a scene for showing off to talking lumps of flesh, but considering that it was to let these lumps of flesh know how wonderful my beloved child is, I suppose its still tolerable. Its a well-known fact that the songs of my beloved child are the gospel that resonate throughout the world, but it doesnt necessarily have to be a song. Theres no doubt that each and every word uttered by my beloved child in his ordinary daily life is just as irreplaceable and wonderful. For example, just him calling for the me over there…… Edens name has differing emotions and inflections at different times, each containing its own charms. How he calls my name on a particular day is one of my great pleasures when meeting my beloved child. As for my beloved childs voice, as expected, he too is a boy, so he has a very nice low voice. However, it isnt too low, as he has an exquisite voice. Its a voice that still has a hint of cuteness, or perhaps, innocence, and its an incredibly beautiful voice that seems to be a mixture of cuteness and sex appeal, so theres really no point in discussing about this. If there was a person who wouldnt listen to my beloved childs voice, it would be tantamount to treason against the world, and they would be disposed of as quickly as possible. One factor that cant be ignored in terms of voice is his breathing. Just hearing the sound of my beloved child breathing makes my heart beat wildly. Well, there are different kinds of breathing sounds, and my favorite is the sound of his breathing while he sleeps. When I hear the breathing of my beloved child, who is a little defenseless and filled with peace of mind, I am reminded of how strongly I need to protect him. Its my role as his mother to create an environment in which my beloved child can continue sleeping peacefully, and that is something I will do without compromise. As you can probably tell from what I have said so far, photos are items that specialize in the visual sense among the five senses. Of course, the information acquired through the eyes is very important……]

Serious-senpai : [Akhhhaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!]


T/N: Lost in translation, but ULS is actually referred to as UPS, standing for Ultimate Perority System.


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