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1156 - Harmonic Symphony Part 2 V2 ③

The performance of the Fairy Orchestra led by Tir-san was just wonderful. The beautiful, crystal-clear sound and joyful melodies made the music quite enjoyable.

Although there were a few moments during the performance when I just couldnt concentrate, I still enjoyed listening to the music.


It seems like Kuro and her group were going to Ariel-sans place next. We were heading to Camellia-sans and Rosemary-sans presentations next, but since Rosemary-sans presentation was held once every two hours, the timing wasnt right at the moment, so we decided to go to Camellia-sans presentation first.


[According to Eingana-san, Camellia-sans presentation changes every year, so we couldnt guess what she will be doing this time.]

[When we first met, she said that she lets her subordinates take the lead, so it may be that there are differences from time to time depending on who of her subordinates is taking the lead.]


Sieg-san responded to my words, remembering that time we received the guide. Camellia-san said that she basically works as a backstage person in this event, and that she leaves their presentation in the Harmonic Symphony to her subordinates.

As far as I heard, it seemed that her purpose was to give her subordinates experience, and as Sieg-san said, the subordinate who leads their presentation in the Harmonic Symphony each year.

In a sense, Im quite looking forward to it because this would be the most unpredictable presentation.




When I arrived at the venue of Camellia-sans presentation, I found…… that it was “grasslands”.


[……These are grasslands, right]

[We are in a city, arent we Why is such a vast grassland……]


Aoi-chan tilted her head in wonder at Hina-chans mutterings. Well, I understand what shes feeling. Even though we were supposed to be inside a city, there were these grasslands that seemed to fill everything in my gaze. Even though this may be the largest city in the Demon Realm, its just mysterious seeing a grassland inside a city.


[This should be…… a Large-scale Spatial Barrier huh.]

[Yes, at this scale, the user must be at least a Count-rank.]

[It reminds me of the Spatial barrier that Sechs-sama used back in that situation with Big Sister Vier.]


Lilia-san and the others seemed to immediately realize that the origin of these grasslands was a Spatial Barrier, and they conversed with each other, expressing their admiration for whoever casted this.

Now that Luna-san had mentioned it, a Spatial Isolation Ward was used during that incident with Doc Vier. It seems that it was the same case as this one, an ability that creates a different space.


As I was thinking this, someone who seemed to be a guide arrived and when we followed her, we found a large ship…… a gondola in the middle of the grasslands.

It was quite large, and seemed to be able to accommodate dozens, or even more than a hundred people.


Thereupon, I saw Camellia-san near the entrance of the gondola.


[Camellia-san, weve come to visit.]

[Kaito-san, everyone, I see you all came. Thank you very much.]

[……By the way, what do you do here A grassland and a gondola]


The atmosphere around this place does feel nice. A grassland and a wooden gondola…… Having that together was quite picturesque. However, I had no idea what they were doing here, so I decided to ask Camellia-san.


[This gondola is a magical ride through the grasslands. While enjoying the gondola ride, you can listen to the performance of the band inside.]

[Heehhh, that sounds like fun. By the way, Camellia-san…… Your outfit]


A gondola going through the grasslands, sightseeing while listening to music…… That seemed tranquil and fun, or rather, this certainly is a presentation that was just like Camellia-san.

Well, the one who thought of this wasnt Camellia-san, but her subordinates…… but putting that aside, Camellia-san was dressed differently than usual.


How should I say this…… The colors may be subdued, but that outfit of hers feels like a sailor uniform…… Not the one worn in schools, Im talking about what sailors wear, complete with a hat and all that.

I guess shes acting like a sailor since were traveling by gondola through the grasslands


[……Im actually the gondolas Captain…… or rather, someone holding the role of guide.]

[Eh Arehh Camellia-san, you said youre working behind the scenes, right]

[A- Ahaha, that was what I had intended…… It seemed that my subordinates had secretly planned to make me this presentations main, and when I returned after handing out guides to others, they explained it to me. I thought it was a little strange that the stage was a grassland and that they had put grass patterns on the gondola……]


Saying this, Camellia-san wryly smiled. I see, Camellia-san herself intended to leave it to her subordinates and work behind the scenes, but her subordinates probably wanted to make Camellia-san, who keeps on working behind the scenes, to be the main this time.

So, this time, they decided to make it a surprise, and Camellia-san ended up being pushed to the role of the Gondola Guide.


[Well, no use crying over spilled milk. I will just do my best to make sure everyone enjoys our presentation.]

[Yes. Were in your care.]


Seeing Camellia-san smiling with such a kind expression on her face, I had the impression that she was adored by her subordinates.









【Doctor M revealed her true form!】

【What! Doctor Ms true identity is Makina.】

【Makina is being charged with her love for her beloved child.】

【A speech longer than the main story chapters is ready. One more chapter until fully charged.】

【Serious-senpai vehemently ran away.】

【There is no escaping God.】

【Overcome with despair, Serious-senpais eyes went completely dark.】


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