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I dont have much time today, so the word count is small.







The next step was to go see Tirs presentation, so I called Gulltony-sans name, thinking of asking her to teleport us to Tir-sans place.

The space had been ripped open to create an entrance to the next location, but what happened this time was a little different.

[Miyama Kaito-sama, excuse my sudden arrival.]



Until now, Gluttony-san had only opened up the entrance to our next location for us and Gluttony-san herself didnt guide me there, but this time, Gluttony-san appeared.


[The group Im with are currently in the vicinity of Tirtanias presentation, so would it be fine if I guide you over there]

[Eh To Funf-san and Raz-sans location What a coincidence. I understand, its alright.]


When we first met, I heard that Gluttony-san was going around the Harmonic Symphony with Funf-san and Raz-san.

Their relationship wasnt something I expected, but it seems that Funf-san and Gluttony-san have known each other for a long time.

Anyway, if the two of them were near Tir-sans presentation, I wanted to say hello to them. Checking with the others, they also said they dont have a problem with it, so I asked her to teleport us to their location.


And when Gluttony-san teleported us with Teleportation Magic……

[Ah, Kaito-kun, everyone, this way~~]

[Eh Kuro! You also came, Kuro]

[Unnn. Raz invited me. I didnt have much planned today, so I decided to go.]


Greeting me upon our arrival was Kuro, waving her hand towards us with a smile. I was surprised because I didnt expect her to be at the Harmonic Symphony.

Thereupon, Raz-san jumped out from behind Kuro.



[Hello, Raz-san!]

[Hello! Im glad to see you!!!]


Exchanging greetings with the cheerful Raz-san, I feel at ease with her cuteness. I greeted Funf-san next, and chatted with everyone for a while.


[Ah, Sieg, about next months schedule…… Sorry, but theres one day thats a bit inconvenient for me.]

[Ahh, yes. Which day is it]


Sieg-san goes to Funf-san several days a month for special training, and since they have been interacting with each other, I could feel how close they were through their conversation.


[Even so, how do you even meet several of the Six Kings and their executives in this large venue]

[……Yes, seriously…… Thats what is usually the case but……]


Hearing the words Luna-san muttered, Lilia-san had a distant look in her eyes. Well, we certainly have already encountered two of the Six Kings, and even if we were to exclude the Seven Princesses, we have met three executives, Gluttony-san, Eingana-san and Frea-san.


[……I rather think its quite few compared to the White God Festival too though.]



Seemingly as if Aoi-chan and Hina-chan looked completely used to it, the two of them somehow looked astounded.









Serious-senpai : [With Tirtanias presentation coming in the next chapter, the only ones left would be Camellia and Rosemary…… I see, Rosemary is coming huh…… With how high her heroine power is, I have a really bad feeling about this……]


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