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Over coffee, President and I had a chat…… mainly talking about the stuff that happened in the other world. Of course, the main topic of conversation was how Hina-chan was spending her time over there.

[……How should I say this…… The more I hear about it, the more it sounds straight out of fiction.]

[Well, if you just normally listen to it, it really sounds like an unbelievable story.]

Even when I was the one telling that story, I kind of think my story was quite preposterous. I wouldnt have believed it, at least not if I had only heard it from others.

[By the way, President……]

[Like I said, Im not the president of your class anymore…… Just call me Akira.]

[Then, you can call me Kaito as well.]

[Alright. So]

We certainly arent in senior high anymore, so it might be strange to keep calling her President.

[Ahh, what are you doing now, Akira]

[For the time being, Im a med student.]

[Heehhh…… I guess thats to be expected of you, or rather, youre aiming to become a doctor huh.]

Even back in senior high, how should I say this…… Akira had always been a serious, high-achieving student, having the image of “The Epitome of Class Presidents”, so aiming for such a profession certainly was like him.

As I was thinking about this while drinking my canned coffee, Akira asked this time.

[……Hina hasnt given you any trouble over there, has she]

[I was never bothered by her at all. She is a cheerful mood maker and a very nice girl.]

[Problem is that she had some times when she didnt think of her actions and was acting childish……]

[Even if you say all that, you were quite worried about her when you heard about it, werent you]

[……I mean, from my perspective, my sister came home from morning club activities and suddenly told me that she had gone to another world, so I certainly am worried about her head.]

Speaking of which, we were returned to the time right after we were summoned, so having that kind of reaction might be natural. Well, even if he says all sorts of things, theres no doubt that hes just not being honest with his emotions and was worried about his sister.

[Shes pretty gung-ho about returning to that world, and even my parents are saying that “they want to spend their elderly age over there”.]

[Ahaha, well, I think its a really nice world.]

[I suppose. I heard some stuff from Hina and I also felt that its a good world…… but as expected, I still wouldnt know that until I see it myself.]

[In that case, why dont you do that I think we can probably manage to do that if you request it……]

As a matter of fact, I think we can manage to do that. If I ask either Shiro-san or Eden-san, I think it would be possible for him to at least visit.

Hearing my words, Akira looked as if he was thinking for a moment, and letting out a smirk, he shook his head.

[……No, I wont do that. Im at a very important time in my life…… Well, even when shes like that, I trust my little sister. I know shes childish, but she can at least make good judgments about whether something is good or not.]

[I see……]

[Besides, youre over there too.]


[We were in the same class for three years, so I understand you somewhat. I know youre self-deprecating, but youre a good-natured guy who couldnt leave someone in need.]

After saying this, Akira paused for a moment, tipped his can of coffee and gulping its contents down, he stood up, throwing the empty can in a nearby trash can.

[……I know this would take up some of your time, but please take care of Hina. She may look bright but shes mentally fragile, so please take care of her.]

[Yeah, I dont really think you need to worry that much…… but alright.]

Finishing up my coffee just like he did, I got up and threw the can in the trash.

[……Yeah, but Kaito, if you reach out your hands to her, make sure to properly inform us, okay As her brother, I want to make sure Im at least aware of that.]

[……What kind of stupidity are you suddenly saying with that serious face]

[Hmph, shes so easy to read after all.]


[No, its nothing. As I recall, you can come and go between this and that world like Hina, right If thats the case, come visit me once in a while and tell me some stuff about how Hinas like over there.]


After saying this with a slight smile, the both of us set out for our homes. One way or another, it seemed that me and Akira didnt have incompatible personalities, and I think that perhaps, if we really had the chance, we might have become good friends back in senior high.

Remembering my exchange with Akira, I called out to Hina-chan, who was peering at me with a small expectant smile on her lips.

[He asked me to look after you, Hina-chan. As an older brother, I guess hes really worried about his little sister]

[……Big brother said that I dont think he looked any worried though……]

[He said hes worried about you because youre a little childish.]

[Ehhh~~! Im already in senior high, you know Im not that childish anymore, you know! Hmph~ Hmph~]

I think this part of her was what Akira thinks was childish…… How should I say this…… She looks charming.

[Hahaha, I see…… I suppose. For what its worth, Hina-chan is pretty level-headed.]

[Right! Im level-headed! As expected of Kaito-senpai, you really know me.]

[Ahh, speaking of which…… He also said he was worried about your grades.]

[Fghh…… T- Thats not it, you know Im well above average…… It was just my brother being too smart that he can have 90s on all subjects! Im just normal!]

[Ahh~~ Akira certainly had good grades back in senior high. He was also great at physical stuff, so it feels like hes doing well both in academics and sports.]

We continued to enjoy our lunch while talking about everything I could remember to Hina-chan, who seemed to be interested in how Akira was like back in senior high.

Serious-senpai : [This is a rather good seri———]

Makina : [My children, how are you Its Mother!]

Serious-senpai : [……Eh Wait……]

Makina : [As your ever-loving Mother, I will always be here, looking out for when my children want to ask questions. Thats why, I was thinking of soliciting questions from my children. Lets see…… Ill answer the questions asked until May 6th, and answer them in the May 7th update. Ill warn you just in case, but Ill try not to give answers to ones that involve the future, as that would be spoiling stuff.]

Serious-senpai : [Wait, what are you…….]

Makina : [Also, since I cant answer all the questions, I will have to choose some of them to answer, so please forgive me for that. Well then, Ill be waiting for your questions, my children!!!]

Serious-senpai : [The heck are you doing that, even though theres finally seriousness around!]


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