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T/N: Title has been changed in the raws, yes.







Isis castle, the Land of Death…… Currently, the entrance to the castle has an indescribable atmosphere around it.

With her head rubbing on the ground, Rasal was kneeling in a dogeza, while Isis and Polaris were looking at her, puzzled…… In the midst of all this, Rasal remained on her knees, thinking to herself.


(D- Dont screw with me! The King of Death…… Being called the King of Death, I expected a necromancer like me or someone like that eccentric lich!!! This is no good! This is not fair! Why the heck am I facing a death incarnate! This guy…… Isnt she the very embodiment of death!)


Being a necromancer, Rasal is close to the concept of death. Thats why she could understand more than others how tremendous the magic power of death Isis was clad in.

Therefore, she immediately understood that she was an opponent she could never win against.


(Theres no way I can win! Necromancers, so to speak, are beings who fight by borrowing a part of the mighty power of death. How could I, a necromancer, win against someone who is the originator of that power!)


In a manner of speaking, Rasals will to fight was completely broken after just one glance upon her.


(What should I do Ive already broken down their gate and picked a fight with someone who looked like her subordinate…… N- No, I havent said anything concrete yet. For the time being, I should apologize for breaking their gate.)


While Rasal is thinking frantically in her mind, Isis looked a little puzzled and called out to her.



[Im sorry for breaking the gate!!!]

[……U- Unnn…… Thats alright…… but you are]

[My name is Rasal Marfik! Ive come to see Death King-sama, b- but I got a bit nervous……]


She hadnt told a lie. Regardless of her purpose, its true that she came here to see Isis. Nevertheless, Rasals heart is completely broken already, and she is in such a state that she can never think of fighting Isis.

Therefore, her thoughts were occupied with how to get through this situation.


Thereupon, Polaris seemed to have realized something as she spoke at that moment.


[……Perhaps, youve come here to become Isis-samas subordinate]


[No, you see, I remembered how I was just as flustered as you when Head-dono brought me before Isis-sama back then. You must have been so eager to see Isis-sama that you ended up breaking down the gate to get in, right]

[……I- Is that so]


The words Polaris said were unexpected for Rasal, and since she was in the middle of frantically thinking, hearing what she said made her thoughts completely stop for a moment.

However, within the time Polaris spoke her thoughts, Isis expression clearly changed to one of happiness.


[Im sure that until now, she was also being reserved. Perhaps, hearing that Isis-samas subordinates have recently begun to increase, she came here in a hurry]


[……So thats how it is…… Rasal…… had come to become my subordinate]

[……Thats right.]


……Rasal broke. Isis was clearly pleased, so she felt that denying her words might put her in a bad mood.

Therefore, in order to get through the situation for the time being, she decided to just go along with the story.




[……How the heck did this happen……]


In a room in the castle given to her by Isis, Rasals head was in her hands.

She has finally completed years of research and it should have been time for an onslaught. She was going to show the world the results of her research…… is what she thought would happen, but in fact, without even using the results of her research, her will to fight was broken, and she became the subordinate of the opponent she had intended to defeat.


[……Rasal…… May I come in]

[Isis-sama Y- Yes, please come in.]


Hearing the voice calling out to her, Rasals back straightened as she responded, and opening the door, Isis entered the room.


[How can I help you]

[……Unnn…… Weve just met today…… and I dont know much about Rasal…… So if you want…… lets talk over tea.]


[H- Huhh…… I- I understand.]


When she wondered what was going on, what came to her was an invitation to tea, and although she felt as if she got the short end of the stick, Rasal, completely unwilling to go against Isis anymore, nodded at her suggestion.


[……Im glad…… Then…… Ill go prepare it.]

[……Please wait a moment, is Isis-sama going to prepare the tea]

[……Unnn…… Thats right]

[N- No, it should be the opposite. It should be me, the subordinate, who prepares tea for her King, Isis-sama…… So shouldnt it be me who would prepare tea for Isis-san]

[……Rasal will make tea for me ……Im glad…… Thank you.]

[…………………..Please wait a moment.]


Seeing Isis looking really delighted, Rasal looked dumbfounded…… and with an indescribable expression on her face, Rasal took the cups and prepared the tea.









Serious-senpai : [……At this point, she still hasnt pledged her loyalty to Isis and was just swept along and taken under her wing huh She ended up making tea for Isis at the end, and it seems as if theyll bond soon……]


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