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When I joined the others with Frea-san and Eingana-san, Lilia-san spoke with a happy expression on her face.


[Nidzveld-sama, Eingana-sama, its a pleasure to see you again.]

[It has been a while, Duchess Lilia. Coincidence it may be, its a pleasure to meet you here.]

[Hello, Lilia Albert-san, I havent seen you since the Dragon Carnival.]


Lilia-san met Frea-san when she came to give her greetings at the mansion and met Eingana-san at the Dragon Carnival.


[Please look at that, that happiness plastered on her face. Its so different from when we met Gluttony-sama.]

[Well…… I cant say anything about her this time since I was kinda similar earlier……]


A little astounded at Lilia-sans reaction, Luna-san spoke, while Sieg-san, who had been getting autographs from the Seven Princesses earlier, only wryly smiled.


[Im already acquainted with Duchess Lilia, but Im seeing faces Im not acquainted with. My name is Freabell Nidzveld, one of Dragon King Magnawell-samas executives, the Four Great Demon Dragons. You may call me Nidzveld.]

[My name is Aquarina Eingana, also one of the Four Great Demon Dragons. Please call me Eingana, the name bestowed upon me by Magnawell-sama.]


As it was their first time meeting everyone other than Lilia-san, Frea-san and Eingana-san introduced herself.


[Im Lunamaria. I work as a maid in Duchess Alberts residence.]

[Also working in Duchess Alberts residence, Im the Head of the Security. My name is Sieglinde.]

[Both of you seem to possess abilities that can be described as the highest level among the Humans. And if youre still this young, the both of you are promising talents just like Duchess Lilia.]


After hearing Luna-san and Sieg-sans greeting, Frea-san praised them with a somewhat satisfied look on her face.


[Im Kusunoki Aoi.]

[I- Im Yuzuki Hina.]

[Fumu…… Youre like hatchlings that have just come out of their shells. However, you have the potential to grow in any way you choose. I look forward to your future growth.]

[……Dont invite them on a spar, okay]

[Eingana…… I think we need to talk a bit more about your perception of me.]


Hearing Frea-san lightly evaluating each of their abilities, Eingana-san stared at her and gave her a warning…… Its just a guess, but this was probably something that happened in the past. Most probably with Eingana-san suffering……


[W- Well, putting that aside. Lilia-san, I actually heard that Frea-san and Eingana-san are planning to go see Ariel-sans presentation just like us, and since theres an opportunity, I thought we should go together, but would that be alright]

[Yes, of course! Its a great honor, and it would be our pleasure!]

[Sorry, Duchess Lilia, everyone, well be intruding upon your group for the time being.]


With the Four Great Demon Dragons joining us, Lilia-sans response is quick as I expected…… or rather, well, it was an immediate decision. The others didnt seem to have any objections either, so it was decided that Frea-san and Eingana-san would accompany us for the time being.

Just as we were about to move to the area Ariel-san was in charge of, as if she had just thought of something, Eingana-san spoke.


[Everyone, do you all have shoes that are comfortable to move in If youre wearing shoes that arent easy to move around in, as they are available for rent or purchase at this plaza, I recommend that you prepare them.]

[Errr, Eingana-san…… Why is that]

[Every time the Sky Flower Princess Ariel puts on a performance, its always a dance. However, her performances have three types of formats: a dance performed by Ariel and her subordinates, a dance competition among her subordinates and those who wish to participate, and a large-scale dance in which all those gathered can participate. These formats were being held in rotations, and since the last Harmonic Symphony had a competition format, this time would definitely be the audience participation format, so it would be better if you have shoes that are easy to move.]

[I- I see, so thats how it is. Eingana-san, youre pretty knowledgeable about music huh.]

[Eingana is a music lover. She participates in the Harmonic Symphony every time, so shes quite familiar with it.]


Oh, an extremely welcome information had been brought up. It seems that Eingana-san knows a lot about the Harmonic Symphony. Having her here really helps, or rather, since were all first-timers, its reassuring to have someone like her whos knowledgeable.


[……Actually, were all first-timers and not very familiar with Harmonic Symphony. So, Eingana-san, if theres anything we should keep in mind about the other Seven Princesses presentation that we should be aware of, would you please teach us]

[Yes, if youre alright with me, Ill give you a brief explanation as we walk.]


When I asked her if she could teach us a few things about the Harmonic Symphony, she graciously agreed.

I really appreciate it. I mean, I wish they could accompany us even after we go to Ariel-sans place…… but well, Eingana-san and Frea-san may have their own business here, so asking that would be difficult……









Serious-senpai : [Come to think of it, Sacred Tree Festival had Rejnhardt and Sylphia, Six Kings Festival had Alices guidebook, and White God Festival had Skys guidance, so this would be the first time when all the participants were in a situation where they dont know right or left.]

: [Well, Harmonic Symphony especially have this strong music festival-like aspect to it, so having someone knowledgeable makes quite the difference.]


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