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After enjoying the performance at Lillie-sans place, we were to head next to Ariel-sans performance.

However, since we had been moving from one place to the next in a bit of a hurry to get to the next location of the Seven Princesses presentations, we decided to not go next to the one that would soon be played, but the second closest one instead.

That would give us 30 minutes to spare, so we decided to take a little stroll near the area that Ariel-san was in charge of.

Thanks to Gluttony-sans help, it took almost no time at all for us to move to our destination, so it seems like an option we can pick with composure.


And so, we are currently in the area not far from Ariel-sans presentation, where stalls had been lined up.

The stalls werent selling food like the festival stalls though, and instead had musical instruments that could be rented or bought.

According to the guide Camellia-san gave me, there are stalls like this in various area that sell and rent musical instruments.

The Harmonic Symphony is open to the public, so if you feel like performing along the way, you can rent an instrument and join in.


[Hmmm, musical instruments huh…… I think the only one I can play would be the castanets. Aoi-senpai can play the piano, right]

[Just a bit.]

[Aoi-senpai had the looks of a graceful noble lady, so playing the piano suits you very well.]

[Fufufu…… Unnn Wait a minute there, “looks” Are you trying to say Im actually not]

[……No comment.]


[Ahh, lets check that out too!!!]

[Wait right there!!!]


Pleasantly watching the two who were close with each other, with Aoi-chan chasing after Hina-chan, I suddenly thought of something.

To be honest, I cant play a musical instrument either……. I can play castanets or a tambourine, maybe Those are easy, right As for recorders…… No, I dont even remember which holes to plug anymore.

Well, I dont particularly plan to play an instrument, and I dont intend to rent one……


With this in mind, I turned my attention to the various stalls. I already expected there would be many musical instruments being rented, but it seems that there were also many stalls selling them, and it was interesting to see instruments of shapes and sizes that I had never seen before.

Seriously, there sure are a lot of different stalls……


[Welcoooooome. How about it, Kaito-san This might be your chance to debut as a musi——– Fugyaaahhh!]


I checked out one of the stalls and saw a stuffed chicken was the shopkeeper, so I reflexively punched her.


[……Why did you hit me!]

[……Its Alice after all.]

[That reason is terrible! Kaito-san, arent you too violent only towards me! I dont want to be told that “Im the only one” for something like this, you know!]

[Well, putting that aside……]

[Youre treating me so poorly!]

[……I mean, youre seriously everywhere huh.]


She showed up in Hydra Kingdom, she showed up at the Six Kings Festival, and although I havent found her, she had probably shown up at the White God Festival and other events…… This guy is seriously everywhere.


[Even so, you have lots of stuff like violin here.]

[I am a legendary artisan! The instruments I made are called legendary masterpieces, you know]

[Heehhh…… Like Stradivarius back on Earth or something like that]


I mean, I feel like shes made most of the legendary items in this world. If I remember correctly, hadnt she told me that shes a legendary artisan for weapons and models as well

As I gazed at the instruments lined up in her stall, I heard a familiar voice.


[Its that way!]

[W- Wait, Eingana…… What are you in such a hurry for]

[Its the rumored legendary stall! Well-known among musicians, its a phantom stall that handles only legendary masterpieces…… No one knows when or where it will appear, and for us to come across that stall, how lucky we are!]


Moving my gaze towards the voices I heard…… I saw Eingana-san, a woman so tall that shes easily recognizable even from a distance…… and seemingly being pulled by that Eingana-san was Frea-san.

Those two were also came for the Harmonic Symphony huh…… Rather, the height difference between the two of them sure is amazing.

Eingana-san, looking unusually excited unlike her usual calm demeanor, came over to Alices stall and with glittering eyes, she spoke.


[Ahh, theyre fabulous! All of these are things you dont see very often!]

[……No, in the first place, what was the point of dragging me here Why dont you just go see it your…… Unnn]

[Ahh, hello.]

[Ohh! If it isnt my comrade! I see, you also came for the Harmonic Symphony too. What luck to meet you in a place like this!]


When Frea-san noticed us, she greeted me with a happy smile on her lips, seemingly glad to see me.


[……Ahh, hey, Eingana! You can look at the instruments all you want, but you should greet my comrade first.]

[Ahh, theyre really wonder———- Unnn What is it, Nidzveld Im concentrating on…… Oya If it isnt Miyama Kaito-san, hello there.]

[Ahh, yes. Hello……]


It seems like she was so engrossed with the musical instruments that she didnt notice me. Well, that aside, I didnt expect that I would encounter another ones of the Six Kings executives here.

I was afraid of Lilia-sans reaction though, so I glanced at her who was a few distance away from me…… and saw her smiling, giving me a thumbs up.

How should I say this…… She looks happy.

Unnn. In other words…… Its all well and good if the one we encountered by chance was the Four Great Demon Dragons.









Serious-senpai : [Thats right, she does like dragons, doesnt she…… Come to think of it, when it comes to the Four Great Demon Dragons, Lilia was rather proactive in trying to interact with them……]


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