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After explaining to everyone, I asked Gluttony-san to teleport us and we arrived at the place where Lillie-san was holding her presentation, which had an unusual atmosphere.

How should I say this…… It feels like were in a huge cave…… or rather, some sort of small shrine, but what on earth would they be doing here

As I was thinking about this, Lillie-san appeared from the shadow of the shrine and walked towards us, as if she had sensed our arrival.


[Hello, Miyama Kaito-sama and his companions. Welcome.]

[Hello, Lillie-san. Im sorry to bother you at such a busy time.]

[No, my subordinates are excellent and Im rather free, so theres no problem at all.]


I exchanged a few words with Lillie-san, who had a gentle smile on her face. Even so, I dont really want to keep that matter too long, so I decided to introduce Sieg-san earlier.


[Errr, Lillie-san, this is……]

[I see, youre Sieglinde-san huh. As youre already aware, Im Lillie. Its my pleasure to meet you.]

[Y- Yes! I- I- Its nice to meet you too!]


In front of Lillie-san, who is also the leader of the Seven Princesses, Sieg-san bowed her head, clearly looking nervous.

Nevertheless, since Lillie-san is gentle and can read the surface thoughts of others, the conversation proceeded without problems even when Sieg-san was stiff from nervousness, and she was able to get Lillie-sans autograph without incident.


After that, when Lillie-san finished exchanging brief greetings with everyone, I spoke to Lillie-san.


[By the way, Lillie-san. What kind of presentation do you have here I can see what looks like a shrine.]

[To put it very simply, all you have to do is listen to music…… but as a little trick, this shrine will be completely dark when the performance starts.]

[……So, its like listening to music in the dark]

[Yes, have you ever experienced that feeling when you close your eyes to sleep, you hear louder sounds that would normally be quiet That you can perceive sounds more clearly by listening in the dark…… Were making use of such a concept.]


I see, Ive had the experience of sometimes hearing the hands of a clock clearly when Im about to sleep. I feel like I remember hearing that when one of the five senses is sealed, the others become more acute.

Come to think of it, I remember hearing that the Magic Flower, Lillie-sans main body, blooms deep in caves where light does not reach, so perhaps this is a place that reproduces that.


[Due to the nature of the show, we limit the number of people who can enter at one time. We have reserved the location for Miyama Kaito-sama and the others, so please enjoy yourselves.]

[Thank you very much.]




After I finished talking with Lillie-san, I went inside the shrine…… and found that it wasnt much of a cave or anything like that, but there were a number of seats, and it looked like an auditorium in a theater.

There are large seats and small seats, probably to accommodate different species with different body sizes. Guided to our seats by a subordinate of the World King, we sat down.


[It kinda feels like a movies about to start, doesnt it]

[Yes, it does have that kind of atmosphere.]


With Aoi-chan and Hina-chan sitting on both of my sides, I smiled back at Hina-chan as she happily talked to me.

Checking my watch, there are about 5 minutes left before the presentation starts…… I guess we came here at just the right time.


“The lights will go out in about 1 minute. Please take your seats.”

A minute after that announcement, the lights went out and it became really dark. It was so dark that I couldnt even see the two people sitting next to me…… is what I was thinking, when I suddenly felt someone grasping my hand, which was resting on my chair.


[……T- This was darker than I imagined.]

[Hina-chan, I kinda feel like youre slightly scared…… are you alright]

[Dont make fun of me, Aoi-senpai. Im totally fine with just the place being dark!]


Hmmm…… The person who is holding my hand is the person sitting on my right side…… Hina-chan. She said shes fine with it, but shes probably a little scared of the dark.

Well, of course, Im not that boorish to point that out, so I just lightly squeezed Hina-chans hand back to ease her anxiety a bit.


A few moments later, I heard a small sound. It seemed to be the sound of a flute, but it was quite a modest performance. As I was thinking about this, I gradually began to hear other sounds.

Various instruments such as pianos and violins were being played, and the sound gradually became louder and louder.


Perhaps, because our surroundings is pitch-black, the sounds were quite clear, and I could clearly discern the high and low tones. This was the first time I experienced listening to music in complete darkness, and I must say, it was quite good.

Just like that, I really enjoyed the music performance that sounded clearer than usual.









Serious-senpai : [Sieglinde has currently got the signatures from Tirtania, Camellia, Jutia, and Lillie, but as for the remaining three…… I feel like this would be the time when Nidzveld or other people would show up.]


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