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After acquiring the guide for the Harmonic Symphony, we said our thanks to Camellia-san and moved on.

Incidentally, Camellia-san is a kind person, so when Sieg-san asked her for her autograph, she happily obliged, bringing Sieg-san in a good mood because she got it without incident.


[Where should we go next As expected, considering that we wanted to meet the Seven Princesses…… With them scattered all over the place, its better if we keep their locations in mind.]

[I suppose so. The one closest to here would be the performance that Tree Princess Jutia-sama is in charge of.]


Since the event was held in an entire city, and each of the Seven Princesses hosts a performance in various locations, it would be quite a challenge to visit all of them.

The area that the Seven Princesses are in charge of seems to be located relatively close to the World Tree, in the center of the city, so its easier to go around than when theyre in the outer perimeter of the city, but even if thats so, the distance between each of them is quite long.

To be honest, I think it would be difficult to visit all of them.


[Hmmm, will we be able to go around all of them]

[I think it would be difficult. Its a miniature map, so they look like theyre close by, but the distances between each of them are quite great, so I think its already great that we go around half of them]


Aoi-chan answered Hina-chans question. Its true that the map looks close, but in reality, they have quite the distance between them.

After all, this city is the large city in the Demon Realm, so it would be impossible to visit all of the performances by the Seven Princesses on foot. Even if there were horse-drawn carriages used to move around the area, it might be just barely possible.

[I wish we could make use of Teleportation Magic to move around, but I guess Milady cant use it yet]

[No, I can already use it, but Im not very good at it. If I use the world coordinates to teleport, I can only teleport alone at most. I cant teleport with this many people in our group.]

[I see, well, Teleportation Magic certainly is a magic that can be used in different ways by different people. It seems that even among the Peerage-holders, there are many who arent good at Teleportation Magic.]


Teleportation Magic is a very advanced magic, and in particular, specifying world coordinates and teleporting towards them requires considerable skill. Unless theyre very good at Teleportation Magic, it would be difficult to teleport our group of six, me, Aoi-chan, Hina-chan, Lilia-san, Luna-san and Sieg-san, at once.

For example, among the Six Kings, Megiddo-san isnt very good at Teleportation Magic and can only teleport a few people with him, but Isis-san, who is good at Teleportation Magic, can teleport thousands or tens of thousands of people at once if she wants to.


……Heck, with this being the case, why dont I just ask Alice to do it for us Alice is also good at Teleportation Magic……

Just as I was thinking about this, I suddenly heard a familiar voice.


[……I didnt mean to eavesdrop, but I happened to hear your conversation. Miyama Kaito-sama, if you are in trouble, may I help you]

[Eh Ahh…… “Gluttony-san”!]


When I turned around, I found a black-haired girl dressed in a gothic-lolita style dress, holding a stuffed rabbit in her arms…… It was Gluttony-san and Natasha-san.

Incidentally, Gluttony-san usually acts like a plushie, so she had asked me to treat Natasha-san as Gluttony-san except when Im alone with the two of them.


[……Kaito-san, what did you just say This person is……]

[Ahh, errr…… Shes one of the Phantasmal Kings executives, the Ten Demons, Gluttony-san.]


[Pleased to make your acquaintance……]


Lilia-san asked with a pale expression on her face, and when I introduced her, Gluttony-san gave them a light bow, to which Lilia-san pulled away a bit while clutching her stomach.


[T- This times one of the Ten Demons…… Uuuuu, my stomach hurts. Feels like someones slapping a heavy bass in my stomach……]

[Milady, Im afraid the pain has nothing to do with the music around us.]

[At what pace is this guy going to meet with Six Kings executives…… No more, Im really scared……]

[This is quite the masterpiece. Not even an hour has passed and weve already encountered one of the Six Kings executives for the third time…… I wonder how many people well meet by the time the Harmonic Symphony ends, and not just Milady, Im starting to be anxious as well.]


Well, I understand how Lilia-san feels. I seriously have met the executives of the Six Kings one after another since we arrived at the venue, and I myself was quite surprised with all that had happened.

However, I hope shell pardon me from this because its really just a coincidence……


[Errr, Gluttony-san, did you come for the Harmonic Symphony too]

[Yes. I was invited by an acquaintance…… So, getting back to the subject, if you need transportation, how about I help you]

[Errr, Im very grateful for that…… but would that be convenient for you, Gluttony-san]

[Yes, I will be at the venue for a while with my acquaintance, so if you need help with teleportation, just call my name and I will arrive. With the venue only around this large, I would be able to come as long as you call my name.]


[I see, thank you very much. That would be very helpful.]

[No, I would be more than happy to be of service to you, Miyama Kaito-sama.]


Apparently, its possible to have Gluttony-san send us on our way with Teleportation Magic without interrupting her schedule. Actually, having her help is seriously helpful.

Putting that aside though, I wonder who this acquaintance that invited Gluttony-san Its just a hunch, but I somehow have the feeling that I know that person as well.










She was invited by Funf to come here. Funf is Gluttonys friend and one of the few people who knows that Gluttony is the stuffed animal.


Serious-senpai : [Now this is quite an unexpected connection. For the person Funf sent a hummingbird to at that time to actually be Gluttony…… I thought she was inviting Vier.]

: [They somehow seem to get along reasonably well.]


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