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After the encounter with Tir-san, we decided to head for a reception desk at the Harmonic Symphony to find out where everyone was located.

As we were walking along the busy streets of Yggfresis, I suddenly spotted a familiar face in the distance.


[……Arehh Camellia-sans over there huh.]

[Eh Where]

[In that open area a little further down the road…… theres a lot of people over there, so she might be hard to find.]


I could see Camellia-san in the distance, but Sieg-san was only tilting her head, as if she wasnt able to find her.

There certainly are quite a lot of people, so it may be difficult to see her. At least, in terms of eyesight, it should be impossible for me to have superior eyesight than Sieg-san due to differences in our magical reinforcement ability, so I guess she simply cant find her because there are so many people.

Since the outfit Camellia-san prefers and its colors were plain, it would certainly be true that its difficult to find her when shes mixed in with the crowd.

The person herself said her presence was thin but……


[I- I cant find her though, where is she]

[Shes pretty far away, so it cant be helped. It looks like shes distributing something, so lets go there.]


It seems that Lilia-san and the others also couldnt find Camellia-san. For the time being, since Ive seen her, so I decided to approach her.

Camellia-san was holding a sheaf of papers and was handing them out to people on the street. I wondered if it was some kind of guide, and it seems that when we got a certain distance from her……

[Ahh, there she is! Shes over there.]


Hina-chan shouted, to which everyone else also seemed to have become aware of something, so it seemed that everyone had found Camellia-san.

Considering that we had to get quite close before they could find her, I guess her words about being unnoticeable in a town even without Recognition Inhibition Magic is true.


[……Camellia-san, hello.]

[Kaito-san, everyone, hello…… I see youre here for the Harmonic Symphony.]

[Yes. Camellia-san, what are you handing out]

[Ahh, its a simple guide for the venue. If Kaito-san and the others would like, please have one.]

[Thank you very much. I was just thinking I would like a guide earlier.]


What Camellia-san handed to us was a map of Yggfresis with the main events written on it, containing just the kind of information we wanted.

Taking a quick look at it, I saw that the locations of the events the Seven Princesses were in charge of were also written on it, so we should be able to get to Tir-sans place without any problem.


[……Arehh Speaking of which, arent you going to put on a performance, Camellia-san]

[No, even though we have different performances, all of the Seven Princesses have a program we represent, and I, along with a good number of my subordinates, planned to hold a program of our own.]

[Eh Errr…… Then why are you handing out guides here]

[Ahh~~ Errr, the Harmonic Symphony is the largest event for us subordinates of the World King, and almost all of the subordinates participate in it. Its a rare opportunity for a large group of people to work together on a single project, and if I were to direct everything, it would hinder the growth of my subordinates, so I basically just work behind the scenes and let them take the lead.]


I see, indeed, if the executive Camellia-san were to give out instructions, her subordinates would follow it, but she felt that this would deprive them of the opportunity to grow, so she left the operation to her subordinates and worked behind the scenes, doing things like distributing guides and so on.

This sure is very typical of Camellia-san, or rather, it seems to convey the kindness within her mind for her subordinates.


[Of course, each of the Seven Princesses has their own way of doing things, and some like Tir-san and Ariel-san, take the lead themselves. On the other hand, there are people like me who prefer working behind the scenes like Eri, who well, you know, shes anxious around strangers and has difficulty working out in the open.]

[I see……]



As I was convinced by Camellia-sans words, I heard some kind of shout and saw a woman running from a distance.

She was dressed in a sleeveless jacket, leggings, and skirt……and her rust-colored hair was tied into a short ponytail, somewhat giving her a ninja-like appearance.


[Lanza-san Is something the matter]

[Yes! All the preparations on our side are finished, so Ive come to call Camellia-sama!]

[I see, you all work very fast. I understand. I will return after distributing some more guides.]

After nodding her head at the report given to her by the girl, Camellia-san turns to me and speaks.


[Errr, this is Lanza-san, my subordinate. Lanza-san, this is Miyama Kaito-san.]

[So hes the one in the rumors…… It is my honor to meet you! I am Lanza, the Spirit of the “Spear-branched Tree”, and I am the newest subordinate of World King-sama! Please take care of me henceforth!!!]

[Ah, yes. Im also in your care.]


Her voice is absurdly loud. How should I say this…… Shes a very energetic person. After Lanza-san spoke a word or two, “Well then!”, leaving these words, she briskly ran off…… She came and went like a storm.


[……S- She sure is lively.]

[Yes, seriously. She was very dynamic…… I didnt think shed work under World King-sama within a few days after that happened.]


[Ahh, no, she has a strong personality, but shes very competent, so you can count on her…… A- Ahaha.]


As Camellia-san said this, she smiled wryly with an indescribable expression on her face.









Serious-senpai : [And there he met the second one…… That being said, could this Lanza be that guy]

: [Yes, shes the Spirit who lost to Camellia-san when she tried to challenge Lillywood-san in “Intermission: The Flower of the Earth ②”. After that, it seems that she became one of the World Kings subordinates and became a direct subordinate of Camellia-san.]

Serious-senpai : [How can she become a direct subordinate in such a short period of time]

: [Even though she lost to Camellia-san, shes still a Count-rank. Shell be treated quite favorably and was somewhat allowed to do what she wants, so I guess she herself wants to work under Camellia-san.]


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