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Volume 6 of the manga will be released on April 26th! The official announcement is linked in the Activity Report.






The Nature City, Yggfresis is a city surrounding the huge World Tree, and as for what scale…… how large Yggresis is, its the largest city in the Demon Realm, surpassing the cities ruled by Megiddo and the city where Kuro resides.

However, the city isnt one comprised with towering buildings, and instead, it was a city of nature, with many tree houses and a unique atmosphere around them.


[Its amazing! Somehow, this is the most fantasy-like city Ive ever seen!]

[This certainly feels like a city in a forest. Also, the size of that World Tree…… Rigforeshias tree is big too, but that is just on another level.]

When we arrived at the entrance of Yggfresis by Teleportation Magic, Hina-chan excitedly shouted with a happy expression on her face, and Aoi-chan also muttered in surprise at the size of the World Tree.

Indeed, the World Tree is so large that it wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that the entire city is under the tree. And yet, the sunlight is still able to reach the buildings underneath, which suggests that they had some kind of workmanship involved in it.


[I can already hear some music.]

[Yes, Ive only heard about it from my mother and havent participated myself, so Im looking forward to it.]

[Oya Thats unexpected. Wouldnt it have been a chance for you to see the Seven Princesses in person]

[As expected, I have almost never traveled from the Human Realm to the Demon Realm. It seems like my father and mother used to travel around the Human Realm though, so they took me to many places in the Human Realm.]


While Luna-san and Sieg-san were happily conversing with each other, Lilia-san, who was nearby, spoke with a wry smile on her face.


[The four members of the Seven Princesses Sieg hasnt met yet are Magic Flower Princess Lillie-sama, Sky Flower Princess Ariel-sama, Fairy Princess Tirtania-sama and Cherry Blossom Princess Blossom-sama. I normally would have said that theres no way we could meet them…… but well, since Kaito-san is here, well probably end up meeting.]

[A- Ahaha……]


As we passed through the large wooden gate that is the entrance to the city of Yggfresis, Lilia-san said that with a wry smile, looking at me with a slightly astounded look on her face.

As one would expect from a city of this size, there are no restrictions on entry, and although there are many people, its not so large that its difficult to move around.

As Luna-san said, music was already resounding all over the place, and the atmosphere was somewhat enjoyable.

As I was feeling excited, thinking about where to go first, something suddenly crossed my eyes at a considerable speed…… and a few moments later, it came back.


[Ayaaa! Kaitokun-san! Its Kaitokun-san!!!]


Dressed in green clothes matching Raz-san…… its the cute golden-haired fairy, Tir-san.


[Tir-san, hello.]

[Yes! Hello there~~ I see Kaitokun-san has also come for the Harmonic Symphony! Tir is very happy to see you, Kaitokun-san!!!]


As if to express her joy at meeting me by chance, Tir-san flew around me, as adorable as can be.

However, near such an adorable scene…… Lilia-san had lost her bearings with her hands over her eyes, with Luna-san hurriedly supporting her.



[Milady! Pull yourself together!]

[……Why…… is this guy…… always like this…… Im merely jesting with my words earlier…… This is the largest city in the Demon Realm, you know Were an incredibly big event, you know Shes an executive of one of the Six Kings, you know She must be pretty busy hosting this event, right ……And yet, were just seconds here…… Only seconds in this place and you already encountered someone……]


Lilia-san, supported by Luna-san, looked horrified, but what happened this time wasnt something I had intended to do, nor was it something I forgot to tell her, I really just coincidentally met her.

If anything, I didnt even tell anyone of the Seven Princesses that I was going to participate in the Harmonic Symphony, so it wasnt like they would be waiting for me or anything like that, we really just happened to meet when she was passing by.


[……It was just two steps into the city, wasnt it I dont know if I should say its to be expected from Miyama-sama or not, but before this skillful master, this Lunamaria can simply be in awe.]

[Well, its Kaito-san after all.]

[Its Kaito-senpai were talking about here after all. I knew he would end up meeting someone, and the only difference would be whether its soon or later.]


Who the heck is a skillful master! Also, my two kouhais are calmer than Lilia-san, or rather, it felt like theyve already resigned themselves from this happening.

I would like to complain at them, but Im currently in a conversation with Tir-san, so I cant do that either.


[Kaitokun-san, have you come with your friends]

[Ah, yes, if youre not too busy, I can introduce you to them……]

[Its alright! I cant take up too much time, but if its a few while, it should be alright!]


Well, if I were to think that Im able to grant Sieg-sans wish a little early…… Incidentally, Sieg-san has been looking at us with sparkling, expectant eyes since Tir-san appeared, so she seems to be very happy.








Serious-senpai : [So this is the skill of the Flag Master…… His collection speed sure is tremendous.]

: [In a sense, its just the usual Kaito-san. Well, putting that aside, the release date of the Volume 6 of the manga is near, so Im going to put the cover on the Afterword as well…… Whoa there, what a transcendental beauty there is is on the cover! This sure is a front cover that you need to buy now, else youll find that the stock has disappeared!!! Lets buy ten copies each!]

Serious-senpai : [……Stop that sock-puppeting.]


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