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At any rate, the conversation was over for the time being…… Though I say that, its more like this topic was just postponed for a later date. As I had thought, Kaori-san was quick with her switchovers as she continued with her cooking, and soon after, delicious looking Pork Shogayaki Set Meals were prepared in front of Olivia-san and me.


[Thank you for waiting! Here you go.]

[It looks delicious. The shogayaki smells great.]


The combination of a heaping pile of shredded cabbage, delicious-looking shogayaki, and miso soup is wonderful, and this looks like it would be a great meal.

Not waiting any moment further, I took a bite of it, and it tasted exactly as I had expected. Or rather, it tastes exactly as what a shogayaki would taste.


[Its very tasty. I thought of this earlier as well, but it really seems that the dishes here were all high level, werent they]

[Really Fufufu, well, Ive been the owner of a Set-meal restaurant for years after all. Ive always been confident with my cooking, so with my experience here, I think I end up doing great.]

[Yes, great enough that I really want to eat all the other sets in order.]

[Whoa there, did I just get a nice repeat customer there]


Her mood seemingly recovering, Kaori-san has a happy expression on her face.

At that moment, I glanced to the side and saw Olivia-san repeatedly holding and setting down her chopsticks.



[Balance sure is a difficult thing to achieve.]

[Ahh, Im sorry for not realizing it, Founder-sama. We also have knives and forks. If you really want to try using chopsticks, please use this……. a helping aid for those who arent used to chopsticks.]


Kaori-san takes out a tool that makes it easier to use chopsticks by attaching it near the handle…… I think thats a tool used to help children learn how to use chopsticks back in Japan.

Chopsticks are rare in this world, so I guess she prepared them for such people.


[I appreciate your concern. I am not familiar with either utensils, so I will use the chopstick aid.]


Accepting the chopstick aid from Olivia-san, she attached it to her chopsticks and ate the shogayaki, covering her mouth with one hand. While Kaori-san looked at her nervously, Olivia-san moved her mouth so small that it was hard to tell if she was really chewing.

Then, seemingly as if she finished with a bite, she quietly spoke within the heavy silence.


[……It really is hard for me to describe.]

[W- Well, it would certainly be hard when youve almost never eaten a meal before.]

[However, I dont feel displeased eating it, so I think this would be tasty. This is also the taste of the cuisine from the world Miyama Kaito-sama was, another thing that I have learned.]


Seeing Olivia-san lightly smiling as she said this, Kaori-san also looked somewhat relieved as she patted her chest.

From Olivia-sans comment, or rather, the emotions I could feel from her, I could feel that it was somewhat positive, and I was a little happy because it seemed to me that this was somehow the result of the days work.

After she continued eating her set meal and a sip of her miso soup, Olivia-san spoke again.


[I cant say that Ive reached the stage where I could enjoy the flavor of food yet. I suppose this will be something I will continue to study.]

[Well, you dont have to strain yourself about it. You can just take things easy. I think you will find your favorite taste after you have eaten food several times.]

[I see, I suppose so. “This place isnt far from the Cathedral”, so I suppose “it would be easy for me to come and go here”.]

[ [ …….Unnn ] ]


Hearing the words Olivia-san said, as if it were a matter of course, Kaori-san and I tilted our heads at almost the same time.


[……Olivia-san, what do you mean by come and go]

[With todays events, Ive come to realize the importance of getting out learning, rather than just staying in the Cathedral. For this reason, I plan to continue to take opportunities to learn.]


Olivia-san responded to my words without any hesitation. No, I think thats a good idea…… but considering what she just said earlier……


[Errr, Founder-sama Ummm, does that mean youll be coming to dine at my place in the future]

[Would I be troubling you]

[N- No! By no means would you be trouble!]

[I would also like to learn the flavors that Miyama Kaito-sama prefers, so I will visit this restaurant often. The next time I have the opportunity to come with Miyama Kaito-sama, I think I will be able to use these chopsticks without any problem.]

[……I- I see…… Ive got quite an amazing regular…… What should I do……]


The serious Olivia-san will definitely continue exerting effort to do this, so its likely shell come to this restaurant reasonably often.

Hearing Olivia-sans words, for the umpteenth time of the day, Kaori-san had a distant look on her face.









Serious-senpai : [Im really starting to get the vibe that shed end up becoming another stomach-aching character again……]

: [Lilia-san of the Human Realm, Chronois-san of the God Realm, Lillywood-san of the Demon Realm, and Kaori-san from the other world…… Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.]

Serious-senpai : [In a bad way, that is.]


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