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Kaori-san seemed to be completely confused, so I tried to be as concise as possible while still getting the point across.


[Kaori-san, to put it very simply, Im not that great of a person…… I was just fortunate enough to be close with some of the pinnacles of the three realms. Thats why, the amazing one isnt me, its the people I know.]

[Was it my imagination Kaito-kun, did you just casually say that youre close to the pinnacles from all the three realms]

[……Well, Im pretty sure were close. Everyone comes to visit me for celebrations like my birthday.]


[The Six Kings, the Supreme Gods and the rulers of each country, going to celebrate an individuals birthday Thats strange, thats totally not the norm I know…… When did I suddenly wander into a new world]


Looking at me with a distant look, Kaori-san muttered, before, for some reason, a serious expression appeared on her face…… and she brought the menu to us.


[Ill ask about this later…… for the time being, what would you like to order]

[Thats quite the switch over……]

[No, well, I certainly was surprised, but this is this and that is that…… As the owner of a Set-meal Restaurant, I cant just keep on chattering here while the customers are hungry!]


I thought of this when I met her during the day, but Kaori-san is quite quick with switchovers like this. Somehow, I have the impression that shes mentally strong.

Putting that aside, its certainly about time we place our order, so handling one of the menus I received to Olivia-san, I spoke.


[Ive already decided what Im going to eat, but which one would you like, Olivia-san If theres a dish you dont know, I can explain to you what it is.]

[I appreciate your consideration. But just as I had said before, I have almost no experience in eating and drinking, so disrespectful it may be, would it be alright if I order the same thing as Miyama Kaito-sama]


Ive decided to order the Pork Shogayaki Set Meal that Ivebeen wanting to eat earlier, so I thought Id ask Olivia-san what she wanted…… but in a way, it was inevitable that Olivia-san, who hadnt experienced eating and drinking before I met her, would have no idea what it is that she would want.


[I understand. In that case, Kaori-san, well have two Pork Shogayaki Set Meals.]

[Yeeeees…… Rather, seriously, Kaito-kun is in a better position that I am. Founder-sama is clearly humbling herself to you…… You really are a fixer, arent you]

[Im not.]


While looking at us with a shuddering expression, Kaori-san proceeded with her preparations in a brisk manner. While she worked on her dish, she asked me to continue with the story.


[Going back to the topic, are you really acquainted with all the Six Kings and the other bigwigs, Kaito-kun]

[Yes, thats right.]

[No way~~…… is what I would have said if Founder-sama herself wasnt here. Even though I played the role of Hero, Ive only had some light greetings with most of them…… Incidentally, among the Six Kings, I have only talked to two of them, Kuromueina-sama and Lillywood-sama. Kuromueina-sama especially was very kind, friendly and easy to talk to, but as for the other members of the Six Kings…… I was extremely intimidated. I mean, I couldnt even get close to Death King-sama because I was shaking just looking at her from afar……]


Well, now that she mentioned it, Isis-san certainly had the magic power of death, but Megiddo-san, Magnawell-san and Alice, in her Phantasmal King guise, had this atmosphere around them that makes it hard for people to approach them.


[As for the Supreme Gods, I think I only briefly greeted the God of Time and Space-sama who was acting as their representative. Ahh, but I had asked God of Fertility-sama about emigrants special exception for blessing, so I suppose I have talked to God of Fertility-sama a bit]

[Special exception for blessing]

[The emigrants from the other world are exempted from the cost of the annual New Years blessing. The explanation for this will be given by a Low-ranking God from the country they were summoned.]


In response to my question, Olivia-san briefly explained.


[As Founder-sama said, its a special exception that allows one to receive a blessing every year free of charge. Due to peoples immune system and all that, people from the other world are prone to diseases peculiar to our world, and this is a countermeasure for that.]

[Ahh~~ I see, I did receive one of those as soon as I came to this world.]

[Unnn, unnn. By the way, this also exempts us from teleportation costs, so if we go to the reception of the Cathedral, they will send you to the temple of your choice with Teleportation Magic. Thats why, I go towards God of Fertility-samas temple every year to receive her blessing.]

[I see, unlike True Blessings, Provisional Blessings expire after a year, so you have to go back periodically to receive it.]

[Right, right. Well, in the first place, its rare for people to receive a True Blessing. I mean, I just thought of it as some kind of urban legend, one where Im just wondering if thats really true. Ahaha.]

[A- Ahaha……]


Kaori-san let out a sarcastic laugh, to which I gave her a rather drawn-out smile. What should I do Its getting harder to broach that topic.

However, I dont think it would end well if I hid it from her. H- Hmmm, how should I broach this topic……


As I was thinking about this, as if she was conveying to her something obvious, Olivia-san spoke in a matter-of-factly tone.


[Miyama Kaito-sama had received the True Blessing of the God of Creation, Shallow Vernal-sama.]


At that moment, the blunt sound of the collapsed Kaori-sans head hitting the counter echoed through the quiet restaurant.









Serious-senpai : [Oh, she seems to have a stronger stomach than Lilia-san…… is what I thought, but then she was suddenly struck by a corkscrew blow to the stomach…… What a fearsome stomach crusher that is.]


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