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I have a fever due to the side effect of the third shot of the vaccine, so todays chapter is short.








I have visited the monument on the Heros Hill several times before, but the view here really is very scenic.

The panoramic view of the Friendship City, Hikari is truly spectacular.


Letting Olivia-san get off my back, we moved together to the back of the monument…… where we could get a good view of the Friendship City and admire the scenery.


[……This is the first time Ive seen the Friendship City like this. That sounds rather pathetic for someone who had been representing it for over a thousand years.]

[No, its surprisingly rare for someone to get a chance to really look at the city you live in. Its actually the tourists who visit a place that often see the whole area.]


As for the Royal City of Symphonia where I live now, I have overlooked several times because of the floating castle, but I dont remember seeing the city where I lived before coming to this world in that way.

I mean, to be honest, I only know about the parts of my city within my range of activities, so I probably know more about various places in Symphonias royal capital, where I do strolls and such quite often.


[Well, in any case, I think its good to see and know new things.]

[……Youre right. I think I understand a little more now that you said that.]

[Im sure that means Olivia-san is growing.]

[And that is thanks to Miyama Kaito-samas guidance.]


In fact, I think Olivia-sans mood has considerably softened in the short period of time since we first met. At least, I feel that she has relaxed a little from her stiff respectful attitude towards me, or rather, she has become more friendly.

She also started smiling a little.


[Come to think of it, it took us quite a while to get here, and its almost evening.]


In the first place, Olivia-san and I went out together in the late afternoon, so you can definitely say that it was almost evening.

The sky hasnt turned red yet, but I think we can see the sun setting by the time we return to the Friendship City…… No, I guess it would be better to stay here for a while to enjoy the scenery and watch the sunset before going home Well, I guess Ill have to discuss that with Olivia-san.

[As for dinner, theres a restaurant in the Friendship City that serves dishes from the world I was in, so if its alright with you, why dont we go there]

[Dishes from the other world…… If I remember correctly, theres a restaurant called Suiren, which is run by someone who used to play the role of Hero, but were you talking about that]

[Ahh, so you know about it.]

[I do have knowledge about it…… but Ive never been there before.]


I had talked with Kaori-san about going to her restaurant at night, and since were at it, I suggested to Olivia-san that we go there.

After a short silence, Olivia-san kindly smiled and spoke.


[As Miyama Kaito-sama wishes.]


Those words were phrased in a way that was typical of Olivia-san, but I could hear gentleness in her voice.









Serious-senpai : [Destroying fellow earthlings stomachs, with style.]


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