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After forcibly convincing Olivia-san that I was going to row the oars, I started moving the boat slowly again. I could see a few other tourists in their own boats, but the lake itself was quite large, so I dont think we would bump into each other.

Olivia-san was dutifully carrying out what I had said earlier about “enjoying the scenery”, as her eyes moved about, watching the view.


[……How curious.]


[As the representative of the Friendship City, I remember all the tourist facilities in the Friendship City. I know enough about this park to be able to draw a map even without looking at anything.]


After muttering these words, Olivia-san looked at the scenery again, and looking deeply moved, she spoke.


[However…… I really didnt know anything huh. Now I realize that what you see on a map is completely different from what you actually see.]

[I think thats rather common. Theres a difference between having knowledge about something and actually experiencing it…… I guess you can say you “know” something only when its accompanied by both knowledge and experience.]

[I can say that I know something only when its accompanied by both knowledge and experience. I see, those were painful words to hear.]


For example, I think Alice is the one who knows the most about many things out of all the people I know. Those were things she knew just by knowledge, but things they have experienced herself.

Like, if it were just a simple amount of knowledge, the omniscient Eden-san would probably be better than her, but in terms of knowledge through experience, I think Alice was the best.

Im sure Olivia-san has a great amount of knowledge. However, since her knowledge isnt accompanied by experience, just as she has been today, I felt that she was confused about a lot of things.


[……How shameful, this is.]


[Im young compared to the Gods, but even so, I have lived nearly 50 times as many years as Miyama Kaito-sama. However, there are so many things I dont know about. Thinking about how Im being constantly taught by Miyama Kaito-sama, Im feeling a little repulsed of myself.]


Although I feel like shes exaggerating, Olivia-san seems to have a very serious and inflexible personality, so I guess shes concerned about a lot of things.


[I dont think you should think of it as shameful though. After all, “you just dont know about it at the moment”, right]


[Everyone has things they dont know about. I myself have a lot of things I dont know, and even Shiro-san had things she didnt know. I dont think thats anything to be ashamed of. That just means there are things you have to learn from now on.]


Smiling at Olivia-san who was looking at me, I continued.


[Besides, isnt it because people know different things that they can teach each other Olivia-san, you say Ive been teaching you a lot, but youre the one who taught me about this park, which means Ive been learning from you too.]

[……Miyama Kaito-sama.]


Olivia-san seems to be troubled, which I think is a rather good sign. Even though it might be bit by bit, I believe that Olivia-san is gradually beginning to change.

After hearing my words, Livia-san looked as if she was thinking about this for a moment, before she gave me a small smile.


[……I suppose so. Inexperienced I may be, if its alright with you, I would appreciate it if you could guide me in various things.]

[I feel like youre exaggerating a bit but…… I hope youll guide me through a lot of things too. Speaking of which, where should we go after we leave this park]

[If its alright with Miyama Kaito-sama…… I was thinking of a place I would like to visit if we could.]


This surprised me a little. This was the first time Olivia-san had made such a request, and I could really feel the definite change around her.

[By all means, lets go. So, wheres the place you want to go]

[……Its the place known as the Heros Hill. As the representative, I wanted to visit that place which is the most famous tourist attraction of the Friendship City.]

[I see…… but as I recall, the Heros Hill is a bit far from the city, right]

[Yes. There are several carriages a day heading for the foot of the Hill, but not at this time of the day. However, that wouldnt be a problem, I will use Teleportation Magic to get there.]

[Then, its alright. I understand. After we get out of the park, lets head for the Heros Hill.]


With our next destination decided, and feeling that I was steadily getting to know Olivia-san better, I once again put strength into my hands rowing the boat.









Serious-senpai : [It just occurred to me.]


: [What is it]

Serious-senpai : [The Heros Hill is a long way from the Friendship City, right]

: [Well, it was fairly far.]

Serious-senpai : [……Is that area still within the Friendship Citys territory]

: [No, it doesnt.]

Serious-senpai : [……I see it now. It would end with either a piggyback or other way of carrying…… Guess those parts are somewhat important huh.]


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