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At any rate, I calmed Kaori-san down, gave her the three silver coins, accepted the bottle of alcohol and put it away in my magic box.


[……Uuuu, thanks for buying it off me.]

[I guess youve gained quite a profit from that huh]

[No. I sold it to you at almost the same as the purchase price, so I didnt make any profit. In fact, Id say its a bit of a minus]

[Eh Are you okay with that]


Seeing Kaori-san being deeply relieved, I asked Kaori-san, but she replied that she had almost no profit from my purchase of that bottle of alcohol.

Even though she went out of her way to buy such an expensive product, was it right to sell that for such a low price with almost no profit As I thought about this, Kaori-san spoke with a wry smile on her face.


[Rather than that, in the first place, that alcohol doesnt suit our clientele at all. I mean, the most expensive item on our menu costs 13R,  you know Theres no way Id be able to sell a 300R per glass of alcohol along with that. Even those who have the financial resources to afford it wouldnt go out of their way to drink such expensive alcohol at a set-meal restaurant like this.]

[……I mean, why did you even stock up that kind of alcohol]

[H- Hmmm, its not that I stocked it up because I wanted to. One of my business partners seems to have been having financial difficulties, so they asked us if I could purchase at least one bottle. Ive known them for a long time, and theyve always been very accommodating, so I couldnt say no.]

[Ahh, I see.]


Come to think of it, that alcohol wasnt on the menu, so I guess Kaori-san was prepared for the fact that alcohol would not sell. She may have recommended it to me, but she only asked that thinking that she had nothing to lose.


[Im really glad you bought it. Even though there was no profit, Im very grateful that I got back the money I spent on the purchase…… W- Well, how should I say this…… Even though I said I would treat you, I feel really apologetic that I ended up receiving more from you, Kaito-kun, like the rice and other stuff.]

[Please dont worry about it. I, for one, am looking forward to drinking it now that I got some great alcohol.]

[Thank you. However, I dont really like just receiving things from you as Im older than you…… Hmmm, Id like to give you something in return…… Thats right, how about this B- Big Sister go on a date with you]


Saying this was a mischievously smiling Kaori-san. She was definitely making a joke here…… but there was obvious embarrassment in her expression, and her voice sounded shrill and nervous.

How should I say this…… Rather than her being bad at making jokes…… It felt more like shes bombing her own jokes, as a moment of silence suddenly arrived when she said those words, as if time had stopped.





Ahh, I remember that time when Lilia-san made a joke when we were swimming at the beach. It was a complete disaster, and seemingly aware of it, Kaori-sans face was getting redder and redder.


[……You can laugh, you know]

[Ahh, no, Im sorry. I was just a little surprised. I couldnt react properly and created a weird atmosphere, so Im rather sorry on my part.]

[Kaito-kun, youre a kind person huh.]


The atmosphere has become a bit somber, but its probably a good idea to switch to another topic without dragging this conversation out.


[By the way, Im changing the subject but…… Kaori-san, have you been living in the Friendship City for a long time]

[Eh Hmmm, Ive been here for around 4 years, I think]

[I actually planned to go here with other people later, so I was wondering if you have any recommendations for places to go sightseeing in the Friendship City]


Its not a bad topic for something I had thought on a spur-of-the-moment. It would be a pretty good conversation starter, and if she can tell me a good place to go, I can actually check it out later.


[Lets see. Since a place like that doesnt exist other than here, I think you should visit the cathedral at least once. Also, you know the big plaza in the central area Thats the main venue during the Festival of Heroes. The usual atmosphere over there is different from when the Festival of Heroes is held, and there are various stalls, so I think you will enjoy it.]

[I see, I have an appointment to meet someone at the cathedral, so I guess it would be a good idea to check out the plaza later.]

[At the cathedral Heehhh…… Kaito-kun has a lot of connections huh. Are you going to meet a priest there or someone like that]

[……Ahh, errr……]


For a moment, I hesitated on how to answer. Honestly answering her question would probably startle her, but that didnt mean I could just lie to her.


[……Im meeting Founder-san.]

[Ahaha, I see~~ Thats amazing. Since that was the case, you really cant drink alcohol huh.]

[Y- Yes, thats right.]


Seeing Kaori-san laughing happily, I somehow felt that she thought I was joking. W- Well, I guess thats good in itself.

While I was thinking about this and proceeding with my meal, Kaori-san opened her refrigerator magic tool and spoke.


[Kaito-kun, you like yuzu sherbet]

[Yes, I like them.]

[Then, Ill bring it out for dessert. Im pretty confident of its taste, you know]

[I look forward to it then. Speaking of which, Kaori-san. Can I bring my kouhais to eat here another time]

[You are more than welcome. Its nice to be able to talk with the children from my homeworld. Ahh, but you live in the royal capital of Symphonia Kingdom, dont you, Kaito-kun That place is pretty far away from the Friendship City, isnt it]

[Its alright. Well come with my Teleportation Magic Tool.]

[……I- I see…… so thats actually something you can privately own huh……]









Serious-senpai : [When someone says theyve come to meet the top of your city, of course, theyd think its a joke.


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