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After talking about Japan for a while, it seems that the set meal is ready and Kaori-san serves it in front of me.


[Sorry to keep you waiting! Now, eat up.]


A small plate with white rice, miso soup, pickles, and a platter with a beautiful lean gyukatsu and shredded cabbage……This looks very tasty.

Im not sure if its just because I havent lost my taste as a commoner, but to be honest, I feel like this kind of set meal looks better than the long list of dishes served at a very expensive french restaurant.


[It looks delicious. This red meat…… is this filleted meat]

[Unnn. Its filleted meat. Its not meat from a great brand or anything like that, but its still pretty good meat. Ahh, use the dressing over there on the cabbage.]


Nodding at Kaori-sans words, I took a sip of the miso soup first. It has a very gentle flavor and is delicious. After that, I tried the gyukatsu, which, as Kaori-san said, was indeed tender and tasty.

Personally, I think the grated ponzu has a wonderful taste and is so refreshing that I could eat as much as I wanted.


[Its very tasty. Personally, I like the grated ponzu.]

[Im also glad you liked it. Well~~, Ive always wanted to cook for a child from my homeworld, so Im glad to see my dream come true…… Arehh Speaking of which, I was just curious, but Kaito-kuns necklace…… Could that be a magic crystal]

[Yes, thats right.]

[I- Its another black one huh….. Errr, could it be that Kaito-kun is incredibly rich]


Now then, how do I answer this…… If I were to be asked if Im rich or not, I think I definitely am rich. It wasnt really so much about me being great, but just the influence of the surrounding environment, such as Animas greatness, Shiro-sans blessing correction, and the scales that Magnawell-san gives me every now and then.


[……Well, perhaps, relatively so.]


The necklace is also a gift, but I think the conversation so far has given the impression that Im financially well-off, and since it would be wrong to deny it, I will simply affirm it.

Thereupon, Kaori-sans gaze began to move, seemingly hesitating about something.


[……Errr. Ummm, Kaito-kun, you like alcohol]

[To some extent……]

[You see, I have a good drink here…… No, it really is a great alcohol, and it tastes great……]


With mixed feelings of subtle guilt and faint anticipation quite apparent, Kaori-san pulled out what seemed to be a bottle of sake from her magic box.

The label was black and gold with the word “Zenith” written in this worlds language.


[Its kind of a classy bottle, isnt it]

[U- Unnn. Thats right…… Its very tasty, but this alcohol is extremely expensive…… N- No, Im not really forcing you, but Im just wondering, if Kaito-kun is fine with it…… It tastes like sake, but its not very spicy and its easy to drink.]


I kind of get what she wants. From Kaori-sans point of view, I guess wants me to buy, or rather, to order that alcohol. That is why she recommended it to me, someone who seemed to have the money.


However, according to Kaori-san, its a very expensive sake, so even if I was rich, I guess she feels a bit awkward recommending it to a younger person from the same homeworld


[Incidentally, how much is it]

[Y- Y- Y- You see…… a cup…… costs 300R.]



Lets calm down there. Stop thinking that its surprisingly cheap! Its just my sense of money thats completely off…… This still equates to one glass of alcohol costing 30,000 yen, which is a tremendous price.

It was just that a cup of Shallow Grande costing a million yen or Glorious Tea costing 500,000 yen thats ridiculous!


As I was correcting my mind that reflexively thought it was cheap, Kaori-san, perhaps seeing my silence as bewilderment, hurriedly spoke while sweating profusely.


[Thats the usual cost! A- As a commemoration of getting to know Kaito-kun, how about 280…… no, 270 No, of course, I know its too expensive, so you dont have to order……]

[Errr, Kaori-san wants to sell this alcohol, right]

[Ugghhh…… Yes. To be honest, it doesnt sell at all and I dont think I would be able to sell it in the future…… so I would be happy if I could sell it……]

[Ill take it then. However, I have plans to meet someone after this, so I cant drink alcohol…… If thats the case, how about I buy the whole bottle]

[Eeeeehhhhhh! T- T- The whole bottle No, no, Kaito-kun, with the size of this bottle, thatd be about 10 cups…… Thatd be 3000R, you know!]


This sense of panic is quite new and refreshing…… I mean, even though I myself had agreed to it, shes still a far cry from that certain person who takes a gold coin for a bowl of ramen.

I mean, in the first place, why did she stock up such expensive alcohol


[Well then, 3 silver coins will do, right]

[Eeehhhh…… How can you just take out silver coins so easily! Rather, wait a moment. I didnt mean to peek, but I could see inside your wallet because my line of sight is higher…… D- Did I just see what looked like big whitish coins]

[Eh Ahh, you mean the white gold coins]

[Can you not casually place that on the counter! Thats around 10 million yen a piece, isnt it! What would you do if I just snatched it…… No, its not that I would snatch it, but youre being careless.]


I see, thinking about it again, you dont see white gold coins in normal life. Even Sieg-san didnt seem to have seen them before……


[……Hey, Kaito-kun You dont normally put all your money in your wallet, do you]

[I suppose so.]

[That means, Kaito-kun has a lot more money than what you have in that wallet, right]

[Thats true but……]

[Eh The heck, what is with this difference between us……Thats strange, the situation of my wallet is too different from yours. Ahh, the other world may be peaceful, but it isnt equal……]

[……I suppose.]


Kaori-san said something that sounded like a quote, but her gaze seemed to be looking far away.








Serious-senpai : [Exactly! The world isnt equal! While there are favored characters, there are also misfortunate ones like me!!!]

: {Serious-senpai being misfortunate What are you talking about]

Serious-senpai : [No! Arent I misfortunate How much do you think Ive suffered so far……]

: [Can you say the same thing in front of Seigi-san]

Serious-senpai : [Im sorry. I was fortunate. Even if its only once a year, Im happy that I appear in the main story.]

※ Seigi has had no dialogue or appearances in more than 200 chapters since his first introduction.

After his reappearance, there have been no dialogues or appearances for more than 800 chapters, or more than 5 years.


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