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Upon seeing my magic box, Kaori-san backed away, looking deeply astonished, but seemingly straightening her thoughts immediately, she drew near and looked at the magic box on my palm with great interest.


[……Amazing, this is one of those, right Those stuff that had over 90% purity magic crystal]

[Y- Yes.]

[Black magic crystals are too expensive to be handled by normal magic tool stores, so Ive only seen them in articles on high-end magic tools in magazines…… This is a magic box, right Ehhhh, that means this is eye-poppingly expensive……]

[Ah, errr, it was a gift……]

[No, no, who the heck would just give out an extremely luxurious item like this!]


……Its the richest person in the world. If anything, I had already been given three magic boxes from Kuro and her family.

The first one was made by Sechs-san and is now used by Anima, the second one was given to me by Ein-san as some sort of wrapping paper for the large amount of sweets she gifted to me as a present, and the third one was made by Kuro, which I am using now.

Incidentally, Ein-sans magic box is in the care of Illness-san, who takes care of our food and other stuff. Also, all of them make use of black magic crystals.


[Ahh, I know its rude to pry too much into such things…… but can I ask a few questions What would be the capacity of a magic box at this level]

[Errr…… about the size of a house, I suppose.]


The one I use apparently had an island large enough to hold Magnawell-san, but its at that level because Kuro made it, different from those that were sold with a black magic crystal.

The magic box I recently bought for Nebula may not have the capacity of a mansion, but it was still around the size of a large house, and that was why I told Kaori-san that.

Of course, since I was buying for the cute Nebula, I went to the headquarters of Seditch Magic Tools Trading Company and bought the highest grade magic box they had.

The price was, well……  enough to build a mansion. Although it still wasnt as expensive as Teleportation Magic Tools, it was still one of the most expensive magic tools.


[Uwaahhh, thats amazing. Having a magic box of that size would be really convenient~~ Well, that doesnt change the fact that its out of my reach…… Ahh, thats right. Sorry, Im changing the subject…… but Kaito-kun, are you hungry]

[Eh Well, so-so……]


Its still not noon yet, but I am slightly hungry since I had breakfast early today. If I had gotten hungry, I just thought of buying some food while sightseeing.

Thereupon, Kaori-sans face lit up.


[Really! In that case, Big Sister will treat you!]

[Huh E- Errr……]

[Ehehe, it was actually my dream to treat a child from my homeworld to a meal. Ahh, heres the menu. You can order anything you like! Today will be my treat, so it doesnt matter if you get the most expensive one!!! ……Well, the most expensive meal I had just cost 15R but……]


Just as she said it was her dream, it seems like she had really been looking forward to treating me as she handed me the menu somewhat excitedly.

The menu looked like something a set-meal restaurant would have, and the selection of items, which is rare in this world, was both fresh and nostalgic.

……The expensive item on the menu seems to be this Special Gyukatsu Set Meal…… It looks really delicious. Ahh, but I also like the Pork Shogayaki…… I cant choose……

(T/N: Special Beef Cutlet. The other dish is Pork cooked with soy sauce, sake and mirin along with ginger.)


[Im pretty torn about the choices. There are so many dishes that I dont see very often in this world…… Kaori-san, do you have any recommendations]

[Id say itd have to be the Special Gyukatsu Set Meal! The meat is quite good, so its tender, and you can enjoy it with four different flavors: grated ponzu, soy-sauce based dipping sauce, yuzu kosho and wasabi.]

(T/N: Ponzu is a dipping sauce made from soy-sauce, lime juice, vinegar and fish flakes. Yuzu kosho is a condiment made from fresh chiles, fermented with salt along with zest and juice from yuzu fruit.)

[That sounds delicious…… Then, may I take you up to your offer and have the gyukatsu set meal]

[Unnn, unnn! Leave it to me, Ill make it good!]


That sounds great, especially the combination of grated ponzu and the cutlet. I think the yuzu kosho and wasabi would also be good.


[……Speaking of which, so theres yuzu in this world too huh.]

[……I wonder Is there]

[Eh You said yuzu kosho earlier, right]


When I asked her if there are yuzus here in this world, for some reason, Kaori looked like she herself didnt know.


[No, there might be one in this world, but I havent been able to see them myself. I wanted some yuzus or sudachis and had people look for them, but my connections werent able to find them.]

(T/N: Yuzu and sudachi are both citrus fruits)

[……Then, where did you get that yuzu kosho]

[Errr, if Kaito-kun had been in this world for a few years, you probably know about her…… but do you know about the God of our world, Eden-sama]

[……Yeah, I know her.]


I know her really well. If anything, I know her so much that Im slightly traumatized.


[One day, that Eden-san came to my store. She asked me if I was having any problems since moving to this world. I told her I wasnt particularly having troubles and am having fun in this world, but when she asked me “Is there anything you want”, I told her I was looking for yuzus and sudachis…… She gave me “a potted tree that grows 5 yuzus and 5 sudachis everyday”.]

[I- I see, so thats what happened.]

[Unnn. Thanks to her, it has given me a lot of options in my cooking, for which I am very grateful. When I served her a set meal, she praised me, saying it tastes good. She is a really gentle and kind God, wasnt she!]

[…….Y- Youre right.]


H- Hmmm. Well, Eden-san certainly was very kind to her children, and as long as she wasnt rampaging, she seemed calm and collected.

……No, wait, come to think of it, does she not go out of control when the other party isnt me Then, that means shes usually a good God.


I mean, I just remembered it now, but come to think of it, Eden-san mentioned how she made a new contract with Shiro-san and gave me a lot of food and ingredients, but I guess thats for her children who live in this world like Kaori-san huh…… She sure is diligent when it comes to her children.









Makina : [Of course! Even when they emigrate to another world, my children would still be my children, and its only natural that mother would help them if theyre in need! Besides those that they directly wished for, I also looked inside their minds and looked through the “ingredients they desire within their mind”, I made a deal with Shallow Vernal to grow them in Trinia as well, so those ingredients are already in circulation in this world!]

Serious-senpai : [……Seriously, as long as she doesnt go on a rampage, shes someone really good to her children…… to her children, that is……]


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