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 1091 - Tea Revolution ④

After Ein-sans request was graciously accepted by Nebula, since I cant just send her away now that her business here is done, I chatted with Ein-san about other things.

Nebula left the room to prepare some tea with those tea leaves for Ein-san, and a little later, Illness-san brought some teacakes.


[……What in the world……]


[330,000 Maid Power! I believe you should have 280,000 before, but for you to have increased your Maid Power by 50,000 in just a few months……]


Whoa there, she started strange stuff again. Maid Power is, if I remember correctly, a numerical expression of a maids Maidric Aura, clad by the maids who have mastered the basic mental and physical skills, and it should be a numerical value indicating how high a maids ability is.

……D*mn it, I hate myself so much for remembering this unintelligible maid theory.


[What a frightening future you have. Even the 280,000 she had before is already higher than any of the maids existing in this world other than me, but for that to not be her limit and still grow stronger…… I knew you really are the supernova of the Maid world! Wed really love to have you at the Maid Olympia……]

[Wont be appearing theeeeeere~~]

It seems that Illness-san has grown up a lot as a maid, and becoming excited, Ein-san invited her to the Maid Olympia, a festival of maids held once every four years…… but Illness-san didnt let herself be pressured by Ein-san as she refused.

But well, leaving that aside, Illness-sans Maid Power is increasing Indeed, I cant help but feel that lately, shes been more awesome than before……


[What a shame. If you change your mind, call me anytime…… However, for you to have raised your Maid Power so much in such a short period of time, you must have acquired one of the multiple factors that make a maid take a leap forward.]


[U- Unnn Ein-san What are you talking about now……]

[As Kaito-sama is well aware,  there are three essential factors required of a first-rate maid: a devoted heart, exceptional skills, and overwhelming fighting power.]


No, like heck Im well aware of this…… Anyhow, putting aside the first two, overwhelming fighting power…… Seriously, what the heck is with the image of a first-rate maid in Ein-sans mind……


[These three factors are what maids can obtain through their own efforts, and they are also the basics for first-rate maids. However, being a maid isnt something that can be accomplished by oneself. There are other factors involved, as not only do maids need to exert effort, they also need other uncertain factors such as luck and fate. Factors like these are very difficult, but if you acquire them, you will be able to go one step higher as a maid.]

[……I- I see.]

Seriously, when it comes to maids, Ein-san talks all over the place, as if her usual coolness was just a lie……


[To give you an example, it would be like a maid who had finally found a master to serve with all their heart and soul. A maid finding such a good master can grow so much. However, youve already acquired that before I first met you. What you acquired this time…… is probably “a respectable friend” or a worthy rival. Those were also factors that will make a maid grow up a lot.]

[I see.]

[I have achieved my current 530,000 Maid Power not only because I found a wonderful master named Kuromu-sama, but also because I had a good rival in Shalltear, with whom I could respect and improve together.]


Hearing the words Ein-san said with her fists tightly clenched, a dumbfounded Alice appeared beside me and spoke.


[……No, what are you talking about now Ein-san was the one who kept charging at me, repeatedly calling me her rival on her own, even when I dont remember nor do I have any plans to become such a thing.]

[I have also grown a lot thanks to my many maid competitions I had with Shalltear. It seems that the person you have met is also such an invaluable person.]

[Oi, the heck are you ignoring me there, you idiotic maid.]


Well, putting aside Alices complaints, I think that respectable friend that she had said Illness-san gained would probably be Nebula.

Illness-san praised Nebula and said she was always amazed by her ideas. Besides, they are very close and try many things together, which is probably another factor that strengthened Illness-sans Maid Power.


……Well, I can tell that because I can see how theyre usually like…… but seriously, what the heck is with Ein-san, being able to tell that just by looking at her Maidric Aura……


[……Come to think of it, I was just wondering. Ein-san, you always talk about me being your rival as a maid or something like that…… but arent I one of those people you mentioned before, people with the aura of the one who is served]

[In your case, I think you are very suitable for a maid, just extremely choosy with your master. Your devotion to Kaito-sama is remarkable. To begin with, there are few of such people who have the aura of the one serving and the one being served. One would usually be neither of those two…… Well, even though you cant be honest with yourself, you have the greatest amount of aura of one wanting to serving Kaito-sama, or rather, youre overflowing with love———–!]

[……Alrighty, lets take this outside, you rotten maid.]


Alice quickly took out a knife at Ein-sans words and made a threatening voice…… but looking at her from the side, I could clearly see how red her ear was.









Serious-senpai : [He actually understood what the heck this Maidric Aura was…… Maids are amazing.]


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