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1087 - Date with Vier ⑦

At the time of my birthday, I was carried by Alice in an unbelievable way to the castle, but in reality, there seems to be a teleportation magic circle located directly under the castle, from where we can go to the castle directly by Teleportation Magic.

Showing our ticket to the receptionist, I arrived at the castle with Dr. Vier. I was honestly too surprised to take the time to look around the castle when I was brought here before, but the beautiful white castle, which I could describe as a castle of chalk, is a beautiful sight from the sky.


[Even when I look at this place the second time, this place sure is amazing.]

[You have a clear view of the royal capital from here. However, its a little scary that there are no railings or anything like that around……]

[Ahh, its alright. It looks like theres some kind of magic used to prevent people from falling off around the castle, so you wont accidentally fall off.]

[I see, thats a relief.]


It would have been nice to continue enjoying the scenery outside, but we decided to enjoy that later in the evening.

Receiving a guide pamphlet at the entrance and checking it out,  we found that it was much larger than we had expected, and it really would be difficult to check everything today.


For the time being, we decided to head for the area labeled “History of Symphonia Kingdom Exhibit”.

On that floor, there were many paintings on display, which apparently depicted the royal capital of Symphonia in the past.


[Looking at it like this, the cityscape has changed quite a bit, or rather, I guess this might be obvious, but the city was developing.]

[I agree. It was about 200 years ago that I built my clinic in the Symphonia Kingdom so…… Ahh, the city looked like this at that time.]

I looked at the paintings with Dr. Vier, who looked a little nostalgic.

After that, we continued to enjoy sightseeing in the castle while looking at some of the exhibits, and decided to go outside the castle just as the sun was about to set.




Sitting down with Dr. Vier on one of the several benches in the castle garden, where we could enjoy a panoramic view of the sunset over the royal capital.

Looking around, there were quite a few people that seemed like couples, so this might be a famous date spot.


[……Its beautiful.]

[Yes, even though this was the place we usually spend our time in, it looks completely different when I look at it this way.]


As I was feeling a sense of calmness, as if time was somehow slowly passing by, Dr. Vier suddenly leaned over my shoulder.


[A lot has happened today, hasnt it]

[Right. With Tre-sans assistance, which she called “instructions”, we first saw a play, had lunch, went to a museum, and went to the Heros Hill…… We went around quite a bit.]


Putting aside the many places we visited, the fact that Dr. Vier and I were able to open up our feelings and become lovers was also a great change.


[……Im going to say this now. When I first met Miyama-kun, I was a little envious of you, or rather, I had mixed feelings.]


[Miyama-kun was the one who accomplished what I could not. A lot of thoughts popped into my mind at that time. At the very least, I think I was quite aware of it…… I dont know, its hard to put it into words.]


Clinging to my arms as she said this, Dr. Vier hugged me tightly.


[……However, I think I also had a small expectation somewhere in my heart. I thought that if its Miyama-kun who had saved Kuromu-sama, he would save me too, now that I cant even save myself……]

[Dr. Vier.]

[I believed that it was naive of me to expect such a thing…… but you really saved me. For the me who had been running away, lying to everyone around me and to my own feelings, you gave me the chance to face Kuromu-sama…… and Im so glad I did.]


Dr. Vier then looks up and turns towards me, and looking rather troubled, a wry smile appears on her lips.


[However, it was troubling. If thats really the case, I owe you a debt of gratitude that I can  never repay…… is what should have been the case…… but being together with Miyama-kun, my feelings of love become stronger, and instead of repaying you, I just ended up enjoying myself.]

[Isnt it fine Id much rather it be that way for me. If Dr. Vier enjoys spending time with me, that makes me very happy.]

[I see…… Hey, Miyama-kun]



After pausing for the moment, Dr. Vier looks straight into my eyes and continues with a serious expression on her face.


[Of course, I also have to do my best…… but theres somewhere I want to go with you, Miyama-kun…… Wont you spoil me a little bit Miyama-kun…… Will you make me happy]

[Yes. I will make sure…… that Dr. Vier never runs away from what makes you happy again……]

[Ehehe, then, make sure you catch me so I dont run away.]


Pulling Dr. Viers body into a hug as she chuckled while saying this, I kissed her a little forcefully. The blush on Dr. Viers face, lit up by the setting sun, was so beautiful and filled with happiness that it was hard to imagine her face back then, at least from when I first met her.









Serious-senpai : [Aaaaaaaaahhhhh! Uwaaaaaaahhhhh!]

: [Annoying…… What, do you have some kind of disease that requires you to scream when things get sweet]

Serious-senpai : [It hurts, its painful, I want some seriousness…… Wont the serious development come]

: [It aint coming.]

Serious-senpai : [……Even just a bit. Even if its just as small as a little sprinkle of salt……]

: [Theres none to sprinkle.]

Serious-senpai : [……How can the world be so cruel]


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