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1082 - Date with Vier ③

Im in a high-class chocolate store aimed for nobles, with a large floor and showcases of here and there. There were people here and there who seemed to be shopkeepers, but they didnt call out to us, just standing there as if they would be at your service if you needed them.

To be honest, Im the kind of person who finds it hard to say no when a clerk recommends something to me, so Im grateful that they have a business system. Well, since Im currently with Dr. Vier at the moment, its possible that they just want to avoid interrupting our conversation.


[……Miyama-kun, look at this.]


Dr. Vier whispered to me, so I moved my gaze and looked at the showcase in front of her…… It was decorated with chocolates so beautiful that I would have believed it if someone said theyre jewelry.

And the price written on it…… was 30R per piece…… around 3000 Japanese yen.


[……That 30R isnt for a box, but for a single piece Do nobles often eat this level of food]

[Hmmm, I guess even they wont just thoughtlessly buy this stuff However, appearances are important for nobles, so when they have guests, theyll probably serve super expensive sweets like this, dont you think]

[I see……]


Lilia-sans mansion apparently also had very high-level sweets and tea leaves, as one would expect from a Duchy, but I dont remember seeing anything on the level of this 30R per piece chocolate.

However, thats only because its something we eat on a regular basis. I wonder if Lilia-san also serves luxury goods like these when other nobles come to visit


Come to think of it, back when Kuro first officially visited Lilia-sans mansion, I remembered she had prepared some very fancy sweets. But unfortunately, those sweets were fatally out of Kuros taste……

Kuros hobby is eating while walking, and you can tell from her guidebook that she is quite the gourmet when it comes to food.


However, as I found after getting to know her, Kuros taste in food and sweets are completely different.

When it comes to food, she prefers complicated and expensive dishes, and she would evaluate the overall taste along with the atmosphere of the restaurant.

But when it comes to sweets, Kuro prefers “those that are easy to eat” as a prerequisite, and she tends to give a very low rating to sweets that look difficult to eat.

Her evaluation towards baby castellas need not be mentioned, when I offer Kuro sweets, she is happy when I give her cookies, chocolates or other sweets that she can eat in one bite, rather than a fancy cake.


Well, putting that aside…… I wonder what we should pick for the souvenir for Tre-san


[Dr. Vier, Id like to get your honest opinion……]


[What do you think shell appreciate more…… Super expensive chocolates that looked like jewels like this that cost several tens of Rs each…… or the simple chocolate truffles over there that the store had a larger portion]

[100% the truffles. I mean, if you give it to Sister Tre, shell probably eat it right away without really checking its appearance.]



I honestly agree with Dr. Vier. Its just a guess, but whether I gave her those jewel-looking chocolates or those ordinary chocolate truffles, Tre-san would just say “Wooooow, high-class chocolates!”, before eating them immediately.

I think it would be better to give her a large number of chocolates instead……. I mean, with her like that, I think shed be happy even if we were to give her barley chocolates instead.


[For the time being, lets buy some of the relatively large portioned chocolates…… but you also have some chocolates youre interested in, right]

[Unnn. To be honest, Id like to know what it tastes like at least once.]


Putting aside the souvenirs for Tre-san, Im interested in what 30R chocolates would taste like.

As I was thinking about this, a nearby shopkeeper quickly approached us and slightly bowed.


[……Excuse me for interrupting. Were you looking for expensive chocolates]

[Errr, yes, well, Im interested in them……]

[The products in the showcase were relatively inexpensive, but the ones you were searching for, our finest chocolates, were in this catalog. If you would like, please check them out.]

[Ah…… yes. Thank you very much.]


Eh That 30R per piece chocolate is relatively inexpensive You mean there are chocolates at a higher level than this Exchanging glances with Dr. Vier, we browsed through the catalog……


[……Miyama-kun, this is amazing. The world is amazing……]

[Ive been thinking that Ive been losing my financial sense lately, but it seems like reality is at an even higher level than that.]


The heck is with these chocolates…… 30000R per piece Isnt that around 3 million Japanese yen Thats insane…… How in the world did this chocolate have a price of 3 million Did you people put diamonds in this or something


That 30000R chocolate may have been the most expensive one, but the other chocolates in this catalog also cost several thousand Rs.

As Dr. Vier said, the world sure is amazing.


……Well, I was just curious to see what they would taste like, so I decided to buy some. As one can imagine, they dont keep expensive chocolates like these in stock, but we can have them made to order and delivered to our house at a later date.

I wonder if Lilia-san had ever eaten sweets like this before I guess Ill ask her next time.









~ ~ Extra : What Eden (Makina) did after the Six Kings Festival ~ ~


・Threaten Every Nobles

Basically, since Edens magic power itself is at a different level, most nobles immediately understood that she was obviously someone they shouldnt go against if they met her, so most nobles obediently swore their allegiance to Kaito.

As long as they were obedient, she didnt do anything and didnt threaten them too hard.

However, it seems that there were some people who were obstinately defiant, but after they were all brought through hell and a few seconds later in real time, they were on their knees crying.

Just as she had promised Kuro, she hasnt killed anyone…… but there were people who she 90% killed.

・Visited the Immigrated Past Heroes

She had visited the 3 people who immigrated to this world, each of whom she checked o see if there is any inconvenience in living in this world, and asked them if theres anything they want that they dont have in this world. When they had a request, she talked about this first to Shallow Vernal before bestowing it to them. She is kind to her children.


Although she seems to be unreasonable in most aspects, she is often like a normal tourist. At the Six Kings Festival, after she threatened most of the nobles, she went shopping at stalls as usual.

People had witnessed her eating takoyaki, and because of her conspicuous appearance, there was a  boom in takoyaki sales.

・Visited the Graves of the Immigrated Past Heroes

She visited the graves of people who immigrated to this world, and cleaned up the old graves of those that doesnt have anyone visiting anymore. Again, she is kind to her children.


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