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When I firmly conveyed my feelings to Dr. Vier, she looked very happy, but then her expression changed to one of hesitation.

From what I feel with Sympathy Magic, it seems like she was troubled about something.


[Miyama-kun, Im glad. Really glad…… However, i- is this really alright After all, I———- [That doesnt matter.] ———-Ahh!]


I roughly understood what she was going to say, so I hugged Dr. Viers body, interrupting her words.


[No matter what happened in the past, it wont change the way I feel about Dr. Vier now.]

[……I see, fufu, I knew Miyama-kun would say that, but hearing you say that still makes me happy. I dont know if its really alright though. Should it really be alright for all these happy things to happen for someone like me……]

[Of course, its alright…… Dr. Vier, you can be happy.]


As Dr. Vier spoke, slightly sounding like shes about to tear up, her hands gently moved behind me.

Dr. Vier can be a bit self-deprecating, so Ill have to firmly tell this to her.


[Seriously, Miyama-kun just keeps on saving my heart over and over again. Thank you so much.]

[No, rather than that, Im sorry for making you wait so long.]

[No, that isnt the case at all. That was all blown away by the happiness Im feeling so much right now.]


Saying this, she happily smiled. Her expression looked so radiant and irresistibly charming.


[……Well, even though I sounded self-important saying all that, Tre-san had to give me a push from behind.]

[Now that you mentioned it, Im also the same case. Sister Tres message told me to “rethink my feelings for Kaito”, and it reminded me a little of my first encounter with Miyama-kun. Thinking that I really loved you…… I opened Envelope 9, which said “Dont be afraid to accept Kaitos feelings”.]

[I guess she knew that Dr. Vier would be scared when the time came.]

[Ahaha, right. I really am no match for Sister Tre.]


Dr. Vier sometimes gets scared at the last minute, just like what she did back with Kuro, so I guess Tre-san realized that and wrote a message telling her not to be scared.

Exchanging a smile, Dr. Vier and I separated our bodies and faced each other.


[Errr, well. Once again, I will be in your care from now on.]

[Unnn. I will also be in your care…… Ahh, come to think of it, I need to see Sister Tres last envelope.]

[Ahh, youre right. She said to open the last envelope after Im done telling you about my feelings…… I wonder what would be written on it]

[Hmmm. Wouldnt it be “Now, kiss!” or something like that]

[That certainly sounds like it could happen.]


After exchanging thoughts with Dr. Vier, I took out the last envelope with the number 10 on it. There were no instructions to look at them alone this time, so I decided to check them out with Dr. Vier.

Though we didnt particularly arrange it beforehand, we took out our envelopes in a way that we could see whats written on the others envelope, both of which had the same content.


『I request some high-class chocolates!』


Seeing the message card with large, bold letters on it, the both of us burst into laughter at the same time.


[This was…… an unexpected request for a souvenir huh.]

[Ahaha, as expected of Sister Tre! However, this sure is troubling. Theres no way I can refuse this.]

[She did make all those preparations after all.]


What was written on the last envelope was a demand for remuneration for the mediation she did. Seriously, this really was just as expected of Tre-san, her actions were unexpected until the end.


[……Youre right. Well then, the sun would still be up for a while, so how about it Why dont we continue our date and buy chocolates to give to Tre-san along the way]

[I like that. Im all for it.]

[With that decided, since were at it, lets go back to Symphonia Kingdoms Northern Area again……]


Just as I was saying this, I suddenly felt a slight tug on my clothes., so I stopped speaking. The person who was tugging on my clothes was Dr. Vier in front of me, so I tilted my head, wondering what it was……



[Hey, Miyama-kun. Remember when I told you I loved you here back then]

[Eh Yes, of course, I remember.]

[Then, do you also remember…… the exchange we had after that]


After saying that, Dr. Vier turned her head towards me and closed her eyes.

Seeing her like that, I remembered the exchange we had back then. After she gave me a surprise kiss on my cheek, Dr. Vier told me that “the kiss on my lips would be when Ive come to love her”.

Realizing what Dr. Vier was requesting, I put my hand on her shoulder and bending down slightly…… I kissed Dr. Vier.




Serious-senpai : [Uwaaaaaaahhhhhh……. Guaaaahhh! H- Haaahhh…… Haahhhh…… D- Did it…… finally end]

: [Yes. The next chapter would be the second half of their date.]

Serious-senpai : […… (Despair)]


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