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This is the fifth race of the monster race. Alice said this race is a main one, but what does she mean

“Now, the fifth race has finally arrived! Its the race thats hardest to predict the winner, but its also the hottest and exciting one…… The Large Species Race!”

[Large species]

[Fufufu, you should understand why after you see them.]

“Now, in comes the first one…… the Tyrant of the Skies! Red Dragon!”

Along with the live commentarys announcement, cheers began resounding, and a dragon nearly five meters long leisurely flew across the race track.

If I remember correctly, thats the dragon Neun-san hunted before, right Ive never seen it fly before, but it looks powerful…… Also, that dragon we had before was quite tasty……

“The next one to appear is…… Number 2, the Hunter of the Absolute Zero! Fenrir!”

[W- Whoa…… Big names come out one after another……]

[This race is full of some of the most talented monsters in the world.]

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[Are all of them captured and trained]

[No way, theyre mostly raised from eggs and children that were given to them by Dragon King-samas followers. Otherwise, they wouldnt have listened to their trainers.]

This race seems to be filled with legendary monsters, which is why its so exciting.

Normally, they arent the kind of monsters that would be friendly to people, but if they were raised properly from childhood, they will listen to you.

“Whoa, it seems that we have a newcomer making its debut here! Number 6, the legendary magical beast! Behemoth!”

[Whooaaa! Isnt that a behemoth……]

A large monster with two pitch-black horns that appeared as the sixth racer, a bit smaller than others…… about 3 meters, but combined with its dark purple skin, I felt a tremendous amount of power coming from it.

If Alice is surprised, does that mean that its a really awesome monster

[Is that an amazing monster]

[When you mention amazing, talking about the behemoth…… High Ancient Dragon…… along with Níðhöggr, they are one of the strongest monsters in the world…… Theyre literally legendary magical beasts, known as the Níðhöggr of the Skies and Behemoth of the Earth.]

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[Whoa, so that must have been quite an amazing monster huh……]

[Well, that behemoth is still a “baby” though.]

[A baby!]

I honestly didnt believe what Alice told me right away.

Thats a baby That looks like its about 3 meters long already…… How long could it be if it becomes an adult……

[The adult behemoth can reach over 500 metons.]

[……Thats quite large.]

Metons are the unit of measurement in this world, and 1 mt (meton) is about 20cm, I think That means…… It can reach over 100 meters, which really is like a monster that looks like a certain 3-minute hero would fight against.

Certainly, when it can grow to that size, it makes sense why that behemoth is just a baby.

And, thats when I suddenly realized…… maybe its just my imagination, but the behemoth seemed to be looking at me…… and it feels like our eyes met just now.

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Yep, it stopped in the middle of the course and kept looking at me.

[I wonder whats happening I dont think its only behemoths who got cold feet in their first race but……]

[I think its looking over here.]

[Behemoths are extremely temperamental and aggressive, so maybe its thinking that Kaito-san is its prey~~]

[Dont say frightening things……]

[Ahaha, it will be fine. Theres a barrier installed in the venue, and behemoth it may be, theres no way it can break it when its just a baby. Anyway, lets go buy some tickets!]

[Y- Yeah……]

Is that really how it is The emotions I felt earlier, rather than hostility……

When I went to buy a ticket with Alice, the most popular one seemed to be the Fenrir, and the behemoth was surprisingly at the bottom of the list.

[The behemoths ranking is quite low huh.]

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[Behemoths are amazing in terms of power, endurance, and speed…… but a baby isnt that great. To be honest, I dont think it can beat either the Red Dragon or the Fenrir.]

[……I see. Unnn That thing on the side doesnt look like a multiplier, right Whats that]

No matter how powerful a behemoth is, it doesnt seem to have that much power as a newborn baby.

Still, hes in the race for the large species, but it seems to be in a different league compared to the other monsters.

What I was curious about was that next to the names of the behemoth and the red dragon, there was a number like 50 or 70 written, which I hadnt seen before, so I asked about it.

[Ah, thats the selling price for the monster.]

[Selling price]

[Yeah, the monsters that participate in the main race can be bought as pets. So, those numbers are their price.]

[Theyre being bought…… Is that going to be fine]

What a surprise, the monsters participating in the main race…… that includes the Red Dragon and the Fenrir can be bought.

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They are all supposed to be amazing monsters, but wouldnt it be dangerous to buy them

[Dont worry. As I said, the monsters participating in the main race were given to us by the Dragon King-sama every year, so they can never go against their lord because of the magic applied by the Dragon King-sama.]

[Heehhh…… Then, do they sell well]

[No, people rarely buy them. The amount of money written on the side of their names was in white gold coins…… That amount is something only nobles can buy.]

Indeed, if theyre being sold in white gold coins, every monster is hundreds of millions of yen…… Its not something the average person can afford……

The behemoth is…… 300 white gold coins! Thats 3 billion yen!!! I- I guess thats to be expected…… from a legendary magical beast.

[……Hey, Alice.]

[Whats up]

[Does that mean that I could also buy them]

[……but of course, wait, Kaito-san! Please dont tell me that youre going to buy one, do you even have that much money]

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[No, I dont have that much money but……]

The reason why I said that is quite clear.

The eyes of the behemoth that was looking at me earlier—- I cant get them out of my head.

The emotions I read with my Sympathy Magic were small, like a young childs…… and they were very pure.

I dont want to be here, take me away…… These emotions were directly gushing towards me.

Thats why I cant take the behemoth out of my mind.

No, I know. Its practically not my problem…… Im also currently a freeloader, and it may be difficult to have a monster that would eventually become over 100-meter long.

No, its impossible to do that if I get down on my knees to Lilia-san at worst, and if that doesnt work, I dont think its impossible for me to ask Kuro for help.

In that case, the only problem left is the 300 white gold coins……

[……Well, were here to gamble, right]

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[Ill go buy a ticket.]

[Eh Wait!]

After telling that to Alice, I go to the ticket office.

Then, I placed all the money I earned in front of the lady at the reception desk.

[Number 6, Im betting “two white gold coins”.]

[Huh Hahhh! U- Understood!]

Hearing my words as I held out two platinum coins and announced, the lady at the reception desk looked astonished as she held out a ticket for me.

After receiving the ticket, I slowly move my eyes to the signboard…… As expected of the main race, the amount of money multiplier has jumped up, and the behemoths multiplier is now about 400 times…… Even though I bet two white gold coins, what I bet if I win would be over 200 times more than that.

In other words, if the behemoth wins the race, I can buy the behemoth. But if he loses, all my possessions are gone.

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Geez, its times like this where Im astounded by my own character.

I even harshly warned Alice of gambling, and here I am now, spending all my money on it……

As I was thinking about this, before I knew it, Alice came back with a ticket.

[I dont know whats going on, but Kaito-san looked really handsome now…… So, Ill go with you.]


[I also bet all-in on the behemoth. Whatever the result may be, know that I will be the same.]

[You…… seriously……]

Seeing the smile on Alices face as she bought the same ticket with me, I unexpectedly chuckled.

Dear Mom, Dad—— I know Im being silly, but I still seem to have a weakness to those eyes. Today is the first time in my life that I gambled, and this is also the day—— that I made a huge bet.

[My Lady! Youre holding your head now, is something the matter]

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[……No, I dont really know, but Im feeling one heck of a chill behind my spine just now……]

[I guess its getting cold huh]

[No, I dont think its like that…… Its just that I have a very bad feeling…… Luna Wheres Kaito-san]

[He went out earlier this morning but……]



They have a small population, so its not well-known, but a black-horned behemoth is a Special Individual.

Next Chapter: “Behemoths Victory (temporary title)”

I wont overlook any seriousness appearing in the novel, and thats absolute……

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