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Since it was already quite late, after we enjoyed chatting while looking at the starry sky, we decided to go to bed.. The cottage was quite spacious and had a good number of rooms.

At least, it was too big for Fate-san and I. There are several bedrooms, and the beds inside them were very high quality and looked very comfortable to sleep on.


[Heehhh…… The bed looks nice. Its got a nice feel to it, and its big enough.]



Thats strange. We should have agreed on a room for each of us at the beginning of our trip, so why was Fate-san here On the contrary, she even dove on my bed faster than I could……


[Ummm, Fate-san]


[Weve decided on a room each, right]

[That, we did.]

[This should be my room, right]

[Unnn, of course, I know that]


I asked her just in case I was actually the one who got the wrong room, but she replied to me, looking as if she was asking about what Im talking about.




[In the end, what are you doing here]

[Eh Lets sleep together. Even though we came out of our way to come here alone with each other, whats the point if were sleeping in separate rooms]

[………………..I see.]


Perhaps, Fate-san had no evil thoughts at all, and was just saying it in a very normal way…… as if what we were about to do was comparable to taking a nap together.

How should I say this…… Its hard to reject someone with such a pure desire to be with their lover.

Well, as long as I dont think about strange things too much, it should be fine…… Weve napped together on floating cushions, and Fate-san finds it easy to fall asleep, so shell be asleep soon.


[I guess youre right. Well then, shall we sleep together]

[Unnn, unnn.]


At any rate, I left the room and changed into my pajamas before coming back. The bed was large enough for both of us, so we wouldnt be cramped.

While I had such things in mind, I decided to lie down on the bed where Fate-san was already lying down on…… Ahh~~ Fate-sans face is closer than I expected, and she smells kind of nice, which made my heart beat faster.



[Kai-chan, Kai-chan, what should we do tomorrow]

[For the time being, when we wake up, well have breakfast. Just make something simple…… When were done, maybe we can go for a walk, not to the lake today, but to the mountains…… When I came here, I glimpsed that there were a lot of flowers in bloom.]

[Ahh~~ that sounds nice. It sounds like that would be fun!]


Somehow, being like this, together under the same covers made me feel warmer than when I would be sleeping alone.

Its not that Im in close contact with Fate, as theres a decent amount of space between us, but its still warm enough to make me feel as if our body heat was being transmitted to each other.


Hmmm, this wont do. I cant help but feel like my thoughts are going towards a certain direction. However, if I were to get too absorbed in the conversation with Fate-san, it would result in Fate-san sleeping even later.

Especially for Fate-san, whose sleep wasnt essential, so I dont think she felt that sleepy at all. I suppose it would be like, if she wants to sleep, she can easily sleep So, as long as she enjoys the conversation, she wont fall asleep.


What about staying up all night and continuing talking with her like this If I were to put aside the fact that I wanted to sleep, it was not a problem and seemed like a pretty good idea.

Or perhaps, maybe Ill fall asleep first…… Will I be able to sleep though Simply sleeping in the same bed with my lover makes me conscious, and even now, Im already thinking about all sorts of things that I hardly feel sleepy.


[Oiiiiii, Kai-chan, look here.]


When I was thinking about what to do, Fate-san lightly tapped me on the shoulder, and I realized that I had been concentrating too much on thinking instead of talking.


[Ah, Im sorr——— [ Ei! ] ————Hnnn!]


What I saw the moment I turned around, apologizing, beautiful purple eyes filled my vision, and immediately after, I felt a soft touch on my lips.

I immediately realized that she had given me a surprise kiss, but I couldnt think of anything else, and after we continued to kiss for a few seconds, Fate-san pulled her face away and my consciousness finally returned. 


[F- Fate-san!]

[Hey, Kai-chan Do you remember the first day we met]

[Eh What are you suddenly saying…… Of course, I remember it.]


Tilting my head at Fate-san, she didnt even mention anything about how she just kissed me, but instead asked me about something that seemed unrelated. Fate-sans voice sounded more serious than usual, or rather, it felt as if her voice was taking my breath away.

When I responded to her, Fate-san slightly smiled and continued.


[Ahh, this is troubling. This feels totally different from what I was thinking the first time we met…… You really wouldnt know what fate brings to you huh. Hey, Kai-chan. Can I ask you something]

[W- what is it]

[The first time we met, “Kai-chan tried to run away”…… but “if I were to ask you the same thing I did at that time”…… Would Kai-chan accept me without running away]


[Kai-chan…… I love you.]


Along with those words, I could see Fate-san bringing her face closer again.









Serious-senpai : [………………..]

: [Eh What is this sugar statue What, when Serious-senpais sweetness level exceeds her limit, does she turn into sugar How interesting is this guys body structure……]


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