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A remote and exclusive tourist spot for rent, and due to the overall cooler temperature, the Archlesia Empire has many areas where the air is relatively arid.

The air is arid. This means that theres less water vapor in the air, which increases the permeability of the atmosphere, making the stars look very beautiful. I think thats the reason why the stars are so beautiful in winter…… well, the stars I have seen through the screen of the TV.

Well, putting that aside, the bottom line is that the starry sky in this tourist spot is very beautiful. I have Shiro-sans blessing, so it doesnt matter much to me, but as this is a high-class resort, the terrace is equipped with high-grade Air Condition Magic Tools, making it comfortable and suitable for leisurely stargazing.


Well, unfortunately, no matter how good the environment is for stargazing, or how beautiful the stars are in the night sky, if the viewer doesnt have the composure to enjoy them, the whole thing falls apart.



[Kai-chan, are you okay You got dizzy]

[N- No, Im fine, I didnt get dizzy. My body may be a little flushed, but the night breeze feels good……]


I responded with a smile towards Fate-sans question, who seemed a little concerned. Unnn, its really not that I got dizzy.

However, Im just a little fatigued, partly because Fate-san was so vulnerable in the bath that I feel like I was really swept away…… No, I lied. What happened in the bath was too much of a shock that if Im not careful, my thoughts will drift towards that direction, so Im trying to force myself to stay calm, and thats why Im slightly uncomposed.

Well, Im sure it will calm down as I look at the stars.


[……Fate-san, would you like something to drink]

[Ahh, in that case, Ive brought something with me.]

[Wine Arehh Isnt that…… the one you said you made to commemorate the White God Festival]


When I saw the wine that Fate-san took out, I thought for a moment that she brought some Shallow Grande, but the design of the wine she brought was different. However, the design feels familiar, looking similar to the wine that was sold in the middle-level back in the White God Festival.


[Yep, thats right. However, this one is an improved version of that. Were working on further improvements for the White God Festival next year and the years beyond that….. and Im actually the one in charge of this one.]

[Eh Is that so]

[Unnn. I was only supervising this year, but for the incoming years specialties, God of Time and Space and her subordinates will be in charge of interior decorations and such, God of Life and her subordinates will be in charge of food, and I will be in charge of beverages.]

[Heehhh…… I see. Its natural when I think about it, but youve already started preparing for the next one huh.]


The White God Festival would be held every year except for the years when the Festival of Heroes is held. It shouldnt be a surprise that they were already preparing for the next one, even though the first iteration of the White God Festival had just been held.

Taking out a wine glass and handing it out to me, Fate-san poured some wine into it with a smile.


[Well, the increase in work certainly is troublesome, but the White God Festival did have a pretty good effect on the Gods~~]

[Indeed, from our side, it was good that we could get to know the Gods that we usually dont have the chance to get acquainted with.]

In this case, like Hina-chan and Aoi-chan in particular, I guess Getting to know Sky-san and Gaia-san turned out to be a big deal for them, and since they seemed to have a good compatibility with each other, I think they will have a good relationship in the future.


[Well, thats how were in the middle of improving. This may not be as good as Shallow Grande, but I think this should be better than the one sold at White God Festival.]

[Im looking forward to it then. Fate-san too, together……]

[Youre right, lets drink together……]


After hearing my words, Fate-san took out a new wine glass, and this time, I took the bottle of wine and poured it into her glass.

With a glass of wine in hand, I was looking at the starry sky from the terrace. Im kinda feeling elegant and refined right now.


[Well then, cheers~~]

[Cheers…… Ahh, its delicious. Its not too astringent and its easy to drink. Im not really a big fan of astringent wines……]

[Ohh, I got high praise. Well then, I guess well head towards this route~~ We have Shallow Grande as a super high-quality wine, so lets improve this in the direction of being an easy-to-drink wine.]


While taking out some cheese and other stuff to snack on, I drank wine while exchanging idle chit-chat with Fate-san.

As we occasionally look towards the stars, time seems to pass slowly…… It was an indescribably happy moment.


[Hey, Kai-chan]

[What is it]

[Its just, this is kinda nice, isnt it It feels like time is flowing slowly, and even though were not doing anything special, it feels kinda nice.]

[I was just thinking the same thing.]

[Ahaha, were the same then.]


[Its nice to have such small pleasures, dont you think]

[Yes, I agree.]


I may have reflexively replied to her words, but more than that, Fate-sans soft smile was so beautiful that I was more attracted to it than the stars in the night sky.








Serious-senpai : [Speaking of which, after the trip with Fate, would the story be about the visit to the Friendship City, Hikari I wonder if thered be some seriousness in it]

: [Most probably not. But from the flow of the story, it seems like the story would be about “the 9th lover” before that.]

Serious-senpai : [……No way, this guy…… Having a new lover arc right after his date…… Theres nothing but despair…… By the way, who is it]

: [Its still a secret. Im sure you cant tell from this, but I suppose the hint I could give you is that its related to “4”.]

Serious-senpai : [That sounded pretty obvious to me though!]


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