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Well go back to the date with Fate in the next chapter.








In the distant past, when the beings who would later be known as the Six Kings were living with Kuromueina, there were many occasions when the family would get together for their meals, as Kuromueina liked to eat.

Lillywood, who was a Spirit, only drank water and Magnawell, whose physique was too huge, didnt eat, but the rest of them enjoyed their meal in their own way.


……Isis liked that time very much. Sitting around the table with the family, they would eat harmoniously. She loved the warmth of that time, when she could strongly feel that she was with them.

Thats why Isis prepared a large dining room when she built her castle. She hoped that one day, she would be able to have a meal with the many people who live in this castle, just like that time……


But unfortunately, for a long time, she spent her time in solitude, and since eating and drinking werent necessary for her, before she knew it, she neglected her dining room with only State Preservation Magic…… ending up just another unused room.

However, as if the frozen dreams were slowly moving, her happy memories were also beginning to take on a new form.


[……Its been a long time since Ive had a meal, but this sure is nice. I dont regret spending my everyday life training, but as Isis-sama said, my heart may not have composure in them. I need times like this to catch my breath.]

[I know exactly how you feel. Ive also spent a lot of days training myself. Along with Head-dono, we started to eat together, and I have to admit that food is a wonderful thing. Well, this may also be due to the Head-donos culinary skills.]


In front of Isis, Sirius, Polaris and Iris, the Head Subordinate, were eating together at the same table.

As a former human, Iris had a strong habit of eating, and still eats three meals a day. And since Iris own hobby is cooking, shes quite skillful at it.

At first, Iris was the only one who ate, but Isis then joined in, and Polaris, who also got interested, joined in, and before they knew it, it had become a regular occurrence for Isis and her subordinates to eat together in the morning and evening at her castle.


[However, Im surprised. I cant say Im that well-informed, but I still thought I had some idea who the powerful people were in the Demon Realm…… I didnt know that someone as powerful as Iris-dono existed.]

[My case is a bit unique. Its no wonder you wouldnt know of me.]

[Fumu, I wish we can exchange a bout once again.]


Sirius, who had just joined their group, began to participate in their established practices, and the four of them began to eat together in the morning and evening, making the dining table quite lively.

This makes Isis very happy. Most of all, shes grasping upon the happiness of having met such a wonderful group of people who were willing to eat and laugh with her,and at the same time, she thought of being someone that wouldnt make them feel ashamed.

Now that she has her own subordinates, Isis is also slowly growing as a King.


[……Isis-sama, would you like some more]

[……Unnn…… Ill have some…… Thanks.]

[Head-dono, Id like some too.]

[Get your lazy ass off your seat and get it yourself.]

[Whats with that difference in treatment!]



Although the relationship between them was that of a King and their subordinates, there was no formality between them, and just as Isis wished with all of her heart, the subordinates she had acquired were all as warm as family.

As Isis held onto such happiness with a smile, there seemed to be an air of calmness around her that was strangely unlike her magic power of death.




A single Blue Crystal Flower swayed on the window sill of the room with the best view and sunshine in Isis residence.


(……This is…… kinda different from what I thought. At first, I thought she would be a horrible person since she had such a sinister magic power…… I may have misunderstood her. Her magic power is sinister, but how should I say this…… I can feel her love for Blue Crystal Flowers, so shes probably a very kind person.)


In the beginning, Spica, the Spirit that dwells in the Blue Crystal that Isis brought back, was thinking of running away as soon as she saw Isis, but now that feeling has disappeared.

Part of it was that she liked the view from here, but the fact that Isis cared so much about the Blue Crystal Flower made a good impression on her, and her opinion of Isis had changed a lot since they first met.


(Moreover…… The atmosphere around this castle is kinda warm, I like it here. And the person at the center of that warm atmosphere is definitely Death King-san. Her gentle atmosphere makes the people around her feel gentle too…… This is kinda nice.)


Hearing the faint sounds of laughter from a distance, Spicas heart strangely felt warm.


(I wonder, what is this feeling I dont know…… I think Ill stay here for a while. The view from here…… is something I like.)


The stars began to gather around Isis…… and it wouldnt be long before a new twinkling star would be added to them.










~ ~ Extra : Sirius swords ~ ~


【Seven Star Sword】


The sword is the masterpiece of the legendary blacksmith Krafty, and is known as a “demonic sword”.

Its a gem made from the material of the Seven Star Beast that was left over when Alice made the dagger she used before using Makinas dagger, and its sharpness and strength are extraordinary.

However, it has a characteristic that forcibly absorbs the magic power of its owner to increase its sharpness, and its so dangerous that an ordinary person would be sucked dry just by grasping it. Thus, it was sealed as a demonic sword in the Demon Realm.

The sword has some kind of sentience, choosing its wielder, truly making it a magical sword.

As soon as Sirius got her hands on the Seven Star Sword, she noticed that the sword was absorbing her magic power and saying [I see! If I pour magic power into it, the sharpness will increase! This is splendid!], she poured “a stupid amount of magic power into it”.

The total amount and output of magic power of Sirius is literally on a different level from that of ordinary Demons, and thus, the demonic sword almost couldnt take it and was about to shatter, but it desperately thought out how to “create magic swords out of its blade using the magic power poured into it”, and it somehow managed to keep itself from breaking.

In addition, since the “allocation was completely over”, the sword became very obedient to Sirius and became a loyal sword that would automatically return to Sirius hand when she called it.

To summarize what happened……

Seven Star Sword : (Oh, a new owner huh. Lemme suck up all your magic power.)

Sirius : [Its absorbing a few magic power and the sharpness increases I see! If I pour magic power into it, the sharpness should increase! As expected of a demonic sword! Alright, I know what to do!]

Seven Star Sword : (Ahh, hey, wait…… Oi oi oi! This wont do! Thats impossible! The heck is with this absurd amount of magic power shes pouring in me! Nooooo! Youll go over the allowable amount! Ill breaaaaaak!!!]

Sirius : [How wonderful! It even has the ability to create magic swords! Its worth the trouble I went through to get this. Ill be counting on you from now on, Seven Star Sword!]

Seven Star Sword : (……Yes! Leave it to me, Master!!!)

Incidentally, the reason why Sirius only had six swords despite the set of swords having the name “Seven Star Sword” is that its equipped with a gimmick that tickles a chuunis heart: “By fusing the six swords together, the seventh sword…… the true strongest sword will appear”.


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