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1055 - Intermission: Immigrant ① ~ ~ Mikumo Akane ~ ~

For the past 100 iterations of Festival of Heroes, otherworlders were being invited to play the role of Hero, and after completing their role, they can choose to return to their home world or migrate to Trinia.

Among them, 47 otherworlders have chosen to emigrate so far…… Nearly half of the people summoned to Trinia chose to move to this world instead of returning to their original world.


If they were to be asked why, of course, there are differing factors that contribute to this decision of theirs. In the first place, there are certain criterias for the selection of the Heroes summoned by the Hero Summoning Magic Circle.

The first is a target range of up to 2 years younger and older than the age of the First Hero, Kujou Hikari was summoned, 17, so the Hero Summoning Magic Circle were able to summon otherworlders of ages 15 to 19 years old.

And…… “those who wish to go to another world” or “those who wish to disappear from their world”, and who arent evil at heart are chosen and summoned to play the role of Hero.


The only exceptions to this are Kusunoki Aoi, Yuzuki Hina, and Miyama Kaito, who were caught up in the Hero Summoning, but the other Heroes are selected based on these criterias.

Just as Mitsunaga Seigi wasnt blessed with a good home environment and wished in his heart to go to another world, many of the past Heroes also had such circumstances.

Even though such people were summoned, some still wished to return to their home world, while others chose to live in a new world.




The world has never been equal. No matter how many beautiful things you describe the world, no matter how many ideals you shout, this is a fact, and no matter how hard you try, there are differences in this world that couldnt be filled.

The family where I was born was an impoverished one. Both Mom and Dad worked hard from morning till night, but even then, we couldnt afford to eat every day.

Looking back on it now, I can understand that they both sucked at making a living in this world and were being used for a paltry amount of money. Im sure there were other better ways to make a living.


But at that time, I was just a kid who didnt know anything about society, and that was something I would know anything about. The only thing I can remember is that Mom and Dad looked like they were having a hard time.

I tried to help out at home as much as I could, and I tried not to say anything selfish. I think by the time I got out of elementary school, I was already capable of thinking in a very mature way.


I was able to get through junior high, but continuing my studies past senior high isnt something we could afford. As soon as I graduated from junior high school, I got a job…… Could that really be called a job though I think I was actually kind of a freelancer, and I started my life working from morning to night for a low salary, just like Mom and Dad.

If you think about it normally, such a situation would have made our lives easier, right I mean, isnt that how its supposed to be Now that our household was free from paying school fees and there were three of us working for the family, even though we may still be poor, one would have thought that wed be able to live a better life.


However, within six months after I started working, both Mom and Dad died of exhaustion. Of course, I was sad, but what filled my mind the most was thinking of what I should do from now on.

I was only 16 year old…… A child who doesnt know anything about society. In such a situation, I suddenly had no choice but to live on my own.

I really felt like my future was pitch-black. Not knowing what to do, I cursed my own fate.

At that time though…… I was summoned to another world, Trinia.


At first, I honestly thought I was dreaming. When I took the responsibility of playing the role of Hero without understanding, I was treated like a princess in a story, something I had never experienced before.

To be honest, I was feeling rather restless at that time, but the consecutive surprises were just right for my depressed heart. I was so busy fulfilling the role of Hero that I didnt have much time to think about depressing matters.


I went around the world as the Hero and saw many things. Its not that I could say its refreshing because this is a new world, but how should I say this I realized that I had been living in a small world until now.

There were all kinds of people, living in all kinds of ways. There were people who were poor but smiling, and there were people who were very rich but looked bored.

I guess you could say that my world view had expanded. As I learned more and more about various things, I felt like I could start walking forward little by little.


And after the Festival of Heroes ended, I chose to migrate to this world, Trinia. Rather than going back to my former world, I thought of starting anew in this world…… no, I decided to think for myself and try to live a positive life.

……Well, they said they would give me a title or something if I wanted, but being a noble isnt really my thing. Indeed, I dont like being poor, but I dont like living in too much luxury either.

So, in exchange for bestowing me a peerage, I was offered a position at a large trading company, where I worked for them and learned a lot about business, and after about 5 years, I became independent and started my own company, Mikumo Trading Company.

Well~~ At that time, I was very much indebted to Kuromu-sama and the others, and I will never be able to thank Kuromu-sama enough for that……


It was a marvel how it happened, but after I started thinking positively and moving things around, things suddenly started to go well. Of course, my business wasnt greatly flourishing right from the start, but we made some sales, and more importantly, we were blessed with people.

A maid who is a little cheeky, but extremely excellent and can do everything from housekeeping to fighting, hyped up merchants…… Seriously, I think Ive made a good trading company.


[……Chairman Whats with you, suddenly smi…… making quite the revolting face you got there.]

[Why the heck did you go out of your way to say I look revolting…… Well, there isnt any particular reason. I was just thinking that the life Im living now is good.]

[Is that so I would also think the life Im living now is good if you give me a raise, you know]

[That depends on your work. Well, you can expect quite an amount of money, so keep up the good work.]


The world has never been equal…… but just because its unequal doesnt mean its bad. No two people have the same way of life, and if you can enjoy your life in your own way…… I think you can consider that a win.


[Chairman, how about buying our souvenir from that fancy chocolate store over there]

[Idiot, Im not going to buy anything that expensive! Baby castellas will do, theyre cheap.]

[Can you please not do things like that Thats a choice it would be very difficult for people to complain about.]

[Ahaha, I love Kuromu-sama after all.]


Well, seriously, life in this world…… isnt so bad.









Serious-senpai : [……Unnn That ① over there, does that mean the 2 other immigrants would also appear]


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