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As she walked towards her business partner, Akane called out to her guard/assistant, Frau, who was walking next to her.


[……Ive been wondering about this for a while…… but there are too many maids in this world that have high fighting skills, dont you think No, Im not really generalizing all the maids or anything like that, but I just had this impression that there are a lot of maids that are stronger than knights.]

[Haahhh…… Chairman, what are you talking about now]

[R- Right. Why the heck am I saying things like this I guess its just that the ones Ive seen happen to be like that, and its not like theyre usually———-]

[Maids being stronger than knights is “the most obvious thing in the world”. Well, it would be a different story if its a Knight Commander or a Captain, but theres no way a top-notch maid would fall behind an average knight.]

[Eeeehhhhh, t- thats what you meant!]


In response to Akanes words, Frau sounded rather astounded, as if she was speaking something thats supposed to be common sense. However, the average combat power of maids in this world being higher than that of knights was indeed a fact, so in a sense, that really was a common knowledge in this world.

Even though that fact was hard to accept for the otherworlder Akane……


[Listen here, Chairman. What is essential for a top-notch maid is a devoted heart, outstanding skills…… and “overwhelming fighting power”. Maids who fall behind knights in that aspect are still second-rate or third-rate. In fact, its because Im much stronger than most knights that Im working as Chairmans assistant and guard.]

[No, no, why is fighting power necessary! Where the heck in a maids job are they supposed to utilize their fighting skills!]

[If one were to lack in any of those three aspects, they will never be able to win at the Maid Olympia.]

[……Hey, youve occasionally mentioned that event…… but its not just a figment of your imagination and was seriously a real event, right]

After throwing a tsukkomi at Fraus definition of top-notch maids, Akane asked her about the Maid Olympia.

The festival of maids held once every four years…… the Maid Olympia. If she were to be honest, Akane just dismisses Fraus words when she talks about it, thinking “shes saying strange stuff again”.

However, she believed she cant be blamed for that. One normally wouldnt believe that such a ridiculous convention actually exists…… but listening to Fraus description of the maids today, she began to think that perhaps, such an event really does exist.


[Of course, it exists. Ive participated in many iterations of the event…… Well, Im still a novice as a maid, so Ive never advanced beyond the third round.]

[Really Thats a little surprising. Youre one of the most capable people I know, so I would have thought youd be a champion.]

[I appreciate the high praise, but unfortunately, my Maid Power is just 47,000, and Im not even close to being a Mid-level Maid.]

[……No, wait, what are you talking about Maid Power]

[Maid Power is the numerical value of a maids Maidric Aura, something which maids were clad in when they possess the three basics of being a maid, the heart, the technique, and the physique. Unless one doesnt have a Maid Power greater than 30,000, they wont be able to participate in the Maid Olympia. And those whose Maid Power exceeds 100,000 are called “Super Maids”, and other than the Ultimate Maid Ein-sama, there are only 4 Super Maids in the world. To begin with, there are different types of Maidric Auras……]

[……No, thats enough, I dont wanna listen to your blabber anymore. I feel like Ill go crazy……]


Akane couldnt help but hold her head in her hands when she heard Fraus outrageous story. She was slightly taken aback by the unexpected passion for maids from her assistant, whom she had relied on for her excellence.

However, as the head of her own trading company, she had a lot of experience. Quickly deciding that she shouldnt get too deep into that kind of topic, she stabilized her mind and went back to their earlier topic, maids needing to possess fighting power.


[……So, these Super Maids were also super in combat]

[Thats right. The 3 Maids of Heart, Technique and Physique have almost equal combat power, but the final Super Maid, the Super Maid of Balance is outstanding in terms of combat power. Incidentally, shes also the kind of maid Ive always wanted to be.]


[In the semifinals of a tournament a few years ago, there was a competition where they had to defeat a Leviathan that had gone berserk in the seas of the Demon Realm and make a dish out of it……]

[No, I wont let that slide! That aint something maids should be doing…… W- Well, I guess its too late to say that now huh…… Can you continue]

[Understood. The Super Maid of Balance defeated the Leviathan with a single swing of her fist from the shore. In the process, “she cleaved through the sea with that punch”.]

[……Shes a monster.]


The person known as the “Super Maid of Balance”…… was someone misunderstood by Ein as a maid, and because the said person was easily pressured, she was forced to participate in the Maid Olympia every time it occurred.

Incidentally, when she defeated that Leviathan, she muttered “I should have just used 5% instead of 10%” to herself……


[By the way, the Super Maid of Balance is the Grass Flower Princess Camellia-sama, one of the World Kings executives, the Seven Princesses.]

[Ahh…… Ahhh! I see, is that so, so thats why!!! Being an executive of one of the Six Kings, shes definitely able to do something like that. What, you really surprised me…… In other words, the other Super Maids are also subordinates of the Six Kings or perhaps, Knights from one of the countries, right And since they also needed to fulfill roles other than being a maid, their fighting power would inevitably be high……]

[No, the other 3 maids dont have any other work other than being a maid. On a related note, 2 of those 3 are Humans, while the other is a Demon.]

[Then, there definitely is something wrong with the maids in this world…… How scary.]

[If you want, would you like to come and watch the next tournament]

[Absolutely not!!! I can only see a future where my mind will be contaminated for sure!!!]


If Kaito had been here, he and Akane would have hit it off very well. Mainly because they find that theres something wrong with the maids in this world……











58 years old, she is someone who played the role of Hero in the past, and wished to emigrate to this world. She has a unique talent for Teleportation Magic, and like Neuns magic, she can use Teleportation Magic with uncommonly low fuel consumption, but she isnt good at any other magic.

She has established a mobile trading company called the Mikumo Trading Company, and uses Teleportation Magic to travel around the world to conduct business. She had some connection with Kuromueina because she helped her a lot when she was just starting up, and was invited to the Six Kings Festival because of that.

She received Lifes Provisional Blessing at the Six Kings Festival, and her body has now rejuvenated to that of a young teenager.

She is a cheerful woman who speaks in Kansai dialect (according to her though, she doesnt speak in a kansai dialect, but Manzai dialect), and has an extraordinary obsession with takoyaki.

She hasnt encountered any other otherworlders since she moved to this world, and has only seen them from a distance at Festival of Heroes.

Even though the appearance shes aiming for had purple-hair, leopard-print clothing and speaks in Kansai dialect, the people in Trinia dont understand what shes actually referencing, so she feels a little sad that they just ignore her.

Although she stubbornly kept wearing this outfit, shes thinking that if she met someone from the same world who threw a tsukkomi at her for her clothing, she would stop wearing that leopard-print clothing.

In addition, the chest armor such clothing provides is thin.


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