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 1051 - Near Miss ①

Having decided my plans for a trip with Fate-san, which we had been planning for a while, I asked Chris-san to make a reservation for us. On that occasion, Chris-san asked if it was okay to use Fate-sans visit as an advertisement, so I checked with Fate-san, who told me that it was fine, so I just told Chris-san what she said.

With the trip with Fate-san coming up tomorrow, I went to do some shopping to prepare for the trip.


Well, though I say Im going shopping, it isnt like I have decided to buy anything in particular. Since I plan to spend my time relaxing and not walking around sightseeing here and there, I came here to buy something that I can leisurely do with Fate-san.

Since they had a lake over there, we could go fishing…… but I have a feeling that Fate-san would just sleep through that. Well, its not like we would be troubled if I bought stuff like that, so I guess Ill just buy all sorts of things.


This time, I went a long way from the usual Central Area to the royal capitals South Gate. They have a pretty big plaza here thats considerably crowded with stalls and other shops, so its a pretty nice place to hang out and do some shopping.

Its a little far from my house, so I dont get the chance to come here very often, but its quite fun to come here once in a while.

While looking through some of the stores, I bought some skewers from a stall that I saw along the way, when I suddenly noticed…… a crowd of people gathering in the corner of the plaza.


[……There sure are a lot of people gathering over there, I wonder whats going on]

[Ahh, theres a traveling trading company over there. They would often have a lot of rare items that are to get in Symphonia Kingdom, so its very crowded.]

[I see……]

Hearing the words I muttered, the stall owner said. If I take his words as it is, I suppose its something like a large-scale peddling business…… Im kinda curious, so I guess Ill check it out

Thanking the stall owner for the information, I approached the place where the traveling trading company was located. I couldnt see it clearly from a distance, but in the middle of the gathering was a rather huge carriage, which seemed to be a store.

It looked like those mobile stores, which made me kinda curious…… I certainly am curious about it…… but there were so many people that I couldnt get close to them at all.


It would probably take a lot of strength to wade through this crowd, and as Im going on a trip tomorrow, Im a little hesitant to force my way through here.

Well, I may be curious…… but Ill give up this time, and just stop by next time if I see it again. For the time being, I think Ill go to the fishing gear store to buy a fishing rod, errr, Im pretty sure I have the note from the store Anima told me before here……




As Kaito gave up browsing through the wares of the traveling trading company and left, a woman was calculating sales with a calculator magic tool behind the huge carriage that doubled as the busy mobile store.


[Hmmm, this is great. It looks like we expect good profits this time.]

[Im glad to hear that. However, that calculator, was it Its an item “from the world you were in”, isnt it, Chairman]


As a woman with light purple hair tied up in two buns at the back of her neck mumbles as she scribbles down the results of her calculations on a piece of paper, a woman in a maid uniform asked, presenting a cup of tea towards the purple-haired woman.


[……Well, this thing really isnt “electronic”, so Im not sure if its really correct to call this a calculator, but its definitely something we had in our world.]

[That magic tool sure is very convenient. I was surprised when the Chairman paid a fortune for a top-grade one the moment it came on the market, but it was indeed a wonderful tool.]

[No, I just bought it because I wanted it. It was just that Ive had enough doing manual calculations. Moreover, this top-grade one is really multifunctional, being more like a spreadsheet than a calculator, which I really appreciate~~ The only downside is that there is no printer here, so I still have to write it down by hand. Well, theres no point even if I complain about this, since thats something that couldnt be helped.]

[Spreadsheet Printer I dont really know what youre talking about…… but why dont you make it yourself]


Hearing the Chairman happily saying this, the maid asked with a wry smile on her face.


[No, like hell I can make something like this! You see this magic formula over here Its amazing…… What kind of mind could have come up with a magic formula like this Im not even surprised that such a complicated magic formal is working so beautifully. If I wanted our company to make something like this from scratch, it would take us decades.]

[I see, I guess thats to be expected from the Seditch Magic Tool Trading Company huh.]

[Right. Rather, Ive heard that it was Kuromu-sama herself who wrote this magic formula, so well, things make sense. Even the cheap ones sold to the general public also had an incredibly simplified magic formula that makes it hard to understand how it works. I wish they keep this wonderful pace and make something like a kotatsu~~ I wanna have a takoyaki party under a kotatsu.]

[Ahh, that strange ritual that the Chairman sometimes performs Such strange tools were really circulating these days…… Where did you even buy those strange tools]


The maid replied with a slightly dumbfounded expression to the Chairmans joyful words. The maid had been working for the Chairman for quite a long time, and she knew that she often held takoyaki parties…… but she couldnt quite understand why.


[No, I didnt buy it. I received it from God.]

[……Come to think of it, you did say something like that before. I thought you just lost your mind, so I just ignored your words back then.]

[No, dont ignore me! I did meet the real God. One day, out of the blue, the God of our world “Eden-sama” appeared before me and asked if there was anything I wanted, so I told her I wanted a takoyaki plate, and she really gave it to me.]

[And why did you ask for a takoyaki plate when she asked you that…… Couldnt you have gotten something better]

[No, I mean…… I wanted a small-sized takoyaki plate……]


The name of the woman who was scratching her cheek with an awkward smile on her face was “Mikumo Akane”.

She is the president of the traveling trading company “Mikumo Trading Company”, and with the exception of Kaito and the others, “shes one of the 3 people who used to play the role of Hero…… that had immigrated to this world”.








Serious-senpai : [Ohh, isnt this the first time immigrants from Kaitos world have appeared Their existence was just mentioned in passing, right Like that time when Rejnhardt imitated his friends house and built a porch. But with the chapter titled “near miss”, I guess they wont be seeing Kaito…… and since there are 3 of them, there are 2 more immigrants we dont know huh.]


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