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Lilia-san, who made a new record in the speed of when she fainted after the appearance of Fate-san, the God of Fate, got up after a few moments, greeted Fate-san politely and led her into the room…… before quietly staring at me.

[……Kaito-san, I need to talk to you about something later…… Yes, its very important. Please come to my room……]

[Y- Yes……]

Freaked out by Lilia-san whose aura of anger is about to leak out, I was about to explain Fate-sans situation to her…… but thats when I noticed the big contradiction.

Fate-san said earlier that she was being pursued by bad people…… Then who exactly is the person that Fate-san, a Supreme God, is running away from

[Umm, Fate-san.]

[I also want a cookie! Gimme! ……Unnn]

[……Youre being pursued, right]

[Unnn, its a real crisis.]

A real crisis… Is she really the God of Fate The sight of her eating a cookie while lying on her cushion is a far cry from the other Supreme God I know of, Chronois-san.

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[Being pursued The God of Fate-sama is]

[Heeeyyy~~ Lili-tan.]


[Calling me as God of Fate sounds stuffy and unpleasant, so you can just call me Fate~~]

[N- No, but….. that would be rude……]

[Geez, Lili-tan, youre too serious~~ Just like the God of Time and Space.]

Bewildered by the languid Fate-san, Lilia-san also seemed surprised when she heard that she was being pursued.

However, Fate-san was still the same as before and she doesnt look like shes in any crisis at all.

[Fate-san…… Who on earth is pursuing you That person who would make the Supreme God Fate-san run away.]

[Shes the worst person Ive ever met! Just the thought of what would happen if I really got caught…… Uggghhh, its giving me shivers.]

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[T- That person is that dreadful]

Apparently, the person chasing after Fate-san is quite an unbelievable being, that Fate-san, a Supreme God, is clearly frightened.

Perhaps, Lilia-san has also sensed that this is a situation unthinkable by common sense, as she looked stiff, looking at Fate-san with sweat pouring down her forehead.

[That persons already a demon, a demon I tell you! Shes tormenting the helpless me, and she looks like shes enjoying doing it!]

[Hoohhh…… It looks like youre really suffering huh.]

[Really! Im really suffering because of her head that is as stiff as the cliff her flat chest is—— Eh]

[……So you have chosen death…… God of Fate.]

A familiar voice was heard from behind Fate-san, who was emphasizing her statement, and when we turned towards that direction…… There stands Chronois-san, a vein bulging on her forehead.

A few moments after Fate-san heard Chronois-sans voice, she looked behind her with a movement like a broken tin doll, her face turning pale as she trembled.

[……G- G- God of Time and Space! W- W- Why are you here!]

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[Fool! I can easily imagine where youre headed! How many times do you think you have escaped!!! Cut it out already!]

[Hiiiieeehhh…… S- S- Stay……]

[Today is the day where I will beat out your rotten character!]


We are stunned by the scene unfolding in front of us.

Eh Seeing her like must mean it was that, right The one Fate-san was running away from…… is Chronois-san!

[Wheres your Blessing Report! I told you to give it to me within the Fire month!]

[……I- I…… Im not going to give in to that torture of a job……]

[Its your duty, you fool! Dont you have any self-awareness as a Supreme God!]


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[Stop bragging about your idiocy!!!]

Yep, I already have a general idea of the situation.

Fate-san probably had some kind of job to do as a Supreme God, but it seems that she ran away from it.

Arehh Doesnt that mean it was entirely Fate-sans fault

As Fate-san tries to escape, Chronois-san quickly catches her by the scruff of her neck.

[Good grief……. Youre even causing problems for Lilia too…… Come, were going back!]

[Dont wannnnaaaaaa! I will now live here! Im going to live here and “have Kai-chan support me”!]


Wait a sec, what the heck is this person saying…… In which part of our conversation did it suddenly turn into that direction!

Or rather, Im also kind of a freeloader here, and youre asking me to support you…… How much does this person not want to work

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Chronois-san also looked dumbfounded and seemed to have unintentionally let go of her grip.

[……What idiocy are you saying…….]

[I mean, Kai-chans face is my preference! He seems like a good-natured person, so if you cling and depend on him, he will support me with “three meals and a nap”!]


I feel like Im being ridiculed for some reason, but I cant say anything since I cant deny it at all.

In fact, I wonder…… In that situation where shes crying, asking me to support her…… I will probably complain, but end up looking after her.

As everyone was dumbfounded, Fate-san, who was freed from Chronois-sans grip, quickly clung on my leg.

[Kai-chan! Help me!]

[Huh Eh]

[Im going to be abducted by the God of Time and Space and every last fiber of my being will be tortured!]

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Torture, you say, arent you just talking about your job!

Seeing Fate-san clinging to me while looking like shes on the verge of tears, I was wondering what I should do, when Chronois-san spoke to Fate-san while holding her temples.

[What idiocy are you saying…… Miyama, you dont need to mind her. Theres no benefit to you in doing so.]

[E- Errr……]

[Then, Ill let you do “perverted things”!]


Clinging unto my leg, Fate-san started saying outrageous things.

[I may be relatively small, but I have big breasts! Theyre way different from the cliff God of Time and Space have! The God of Time and Space is so flat that if she lies down and puts a cup of tea on her chest, it wont spill! Im a better deal than her!]

[……It seems you really want to die huh.]


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C- Chronois-sans eyes look like they could kill someone with just a stare.

Chronois-san may be very tall, but her body is quite slender. She was also like that when she was fighting against Ein-san…… I guess shes quite concerned about it.

Approaching slowly with a murderous expression on her face, Chronois-san grabbed me by the arm, and Fate-san who was clinging on my leg, began to panic even more.

[Uwwaaaaahhhh! Kai-chan! Heeeeeelllllppppppp!]

[Eiii, let go, you fool!]

[No waaaaayyyyy! Kai-chaaaaaaannnnnn!!!]


Regarding this matter, Chronois-san is overwhelmingly in the right.

Shes in a position filled with responsibilities as a Supreme God, and there are things you ought to do even if you dont want to.

So, even if she cried out to me like that, I wont help…… I cant…… help……

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[U- Ummm…… Chronois-san, is- is even just a day of rest no good]

[Wha! Oi, Miyama!]


[I- I know! I know that Chronois-san is right, but, errr…… I havent had a chance to talk to Fate-san yet either, so even if its just for this day that she could stay here so that we could get to know of her better……]

As I thought, it was no good. Im too weak before those eyes that seem to rely on me.

The fact that I said something in defense of Fate-san seems to make Chronois-san look a little troubled.

[Miyama, you shouldnt indulge people like this too much…… Im sure shes going to run away again tomorrow anyway.]

[I- It will be alright. I will somehow do something about it……]


[Errr…… I will ask Shiro-san.]

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Im sure that Shiro-san is aware of this situation, and even if its Fate-san, she should be listening to the words of the God of Creation, Shiro-san.

I dont know if Shiro-san will listen to my request or not, but if I were to sincerely ask her……

(I have some conditions.)

Conditions What is it

(Just Kuro is unfair, I also want to go on a date.)

……So she wasnt joking around before huh……

I- I understand…… If youre fine with me……

[Hey, God of Time and Space…… Who is it that Kai-chan mentioned hell ask]

[Hes talking about Shallow Vernal-sama.]

[Pfft! H- How can Kai-chan ask Shallow Vernal-sama that! I mean, will Shallow Vernal-sama listen to him……]

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[No, that is…… It seems like Shallow Vernal-sama is interested in Miyama, and he even got Shallow Vernal-samas blessing. Perhaps……]

[……Eh What the heck Is Kai-chan a monster]

In response to the dumbfounded Fate-sans question, Chronois-san answered her, but I put aside their conversation for now and gave priority to talking to Shiro-san.

(So, what am I supposed to do)

Unnn. I could already somewhat guess, but I still dont think I completely understand the situation.

Errr, please say something to Fate-san to make sure she works tomorrow.


Just as she said that, light gathered in the room and Shiro-san appeared as if it was normal…… Ah, Lilia-san fainted again.

And then, when Shiro-san appeared, Fate-san, who had looked so sluggish until a moment ago, immediately got off her cushion and bowed down on one knee in front of Shiro-san.

[Sha- Shallow Vernal-sama.]

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I heard that Shiro-san is an absolute existence to the Gods of the God Realm, and it seems that theres no falsehood in that statement, as Fate-san seems to be absolutely obedient to Shiro-san.

Shiro-san nonchalantly looked at the bowing Fate-san, and with her usual expressionless and no intonation voice, she spoke.

[Work properly tomorrow.]

[Hahh! Even if it costs me my life!]

Doesnt she look like a completely different person now… Youve changed too much when youre in front of Shiro-san huh, Fate-san

After appearing and saying those few words because of my request, it seems that Shiro-san will really just say those few words as she left along with the light.

Chronois-san, who was looking at that scene, put her hand on her chin as if she were thinking about something.

[……I see, if its Miyamas request, Shallow Vernal-sama would tell her that huh…… This is, fumu…… Oi, Miyama.]

[What is it]

[If you will not return back to your world and decide to remain here, you can call me. If you wish, I will allow you to make your home in the God Realm on my authority.]

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[Of course, I will also help you with other things as well. In return though…… Could you ask Shallow Vernal-sama to tell the God of Fate and God of Life to work, even at least once a year]


How should I say this… With just those few words she said just now, I could somehow feel how much trouble Chronois-san usually had to go through.

Dear Mom, Dad—— No thanks to Fate-san, the situation somehow turned into quite a mess. And, how should I say this—– Chronois-san looks like shes having a hard time.

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