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 1047 - Rose Princess' Visit ⑤

I could have received the thank you gift Rosemary-san had gifted me and moved straight to chatting with her over a cup of tea, but I think its best if I check with Nebula first, so I decided to call her.

Since the World Tree in the garden is the main body of the Spirit Nebula, it seems that they share information with each other, so even if her Spirit body is somewhere else, if I beckon to the World Tree, she will know that I am calling for her.

…….Ahh, but since she comes to my room when I beckon to the World Tree from my room, I wonder if shell notice it if I turn towards the World Tree and make certain movements

Anyhow, I beckoned for her, to which Nebula came flying from the mansion…… and just like earlier, Rosemary-san froze again.


[Milord, you called for me]

[Unnn. Sorry for suddenly calling you…… These flower sugar, Nebula made them, right]

[Yes! I made them. How was it]

[It was amazing. The way the petals spread out was really beautiful…… How is it that you made them move like that]


I asked Nebula, who has a bright smile on her face, about the flower sugar earlier. 


[The principle about them is actually quite simple. In addition to regular sugar, I used a special kind of sugar called “magic sugar” that is produced in the Demon Realm.]

[Is this magic sugar different from ordinary sugar]

[Theyre almost no different from the usual ones. Their sweetness is a little more refined, but theyre also a little more expensive than regular sugar, so I suppose theyre aimed for high-class people. However, theres a slight difference in the speed at which regular sugar and magic sugar dissolve into liquid. So, I made use of that difference to create that sugar.]


[Fumu fumu.]

[By using magic sugar for the center part of the flower, the center will melt first and the petals will separate. Then, I also put a small amount of magic sugar in the petal part, so as the sugar melts, the “center of gravity slightly drifts outwards”…… which would then make the petals spread to the sides of the cup.]


No, she says it so casually, but she even calculated the center of gravity of the petals and how it melts, right What she did sounds extremely awesome, but it doesnt sound like shes bragging about it, as if Nebula really made it just for fun.


[……I see, by the way, Nebula Do you still have a lot of these sugar If its possible, Id like to give some to Rosemary-san as a gift……]

[Its no problem. We dont have enough to sell to the public, but we do have some to spare. Ahh, but we also have “other kinds” as well……]

[Eh There are also other kinds]

[Yes. The first one I made was the flower sugar, but after that, Illness-san and I came up with some ideas and made about 4 other kinds. So now, there are 5 kinds in total.]


Even just one kind is so amazing, but theyve already made 5 kinds of these sugar…… Amazing.

As I was thinking about this, Nebula took out papers with the numbers 1-3 written on it, and held them out towards Rosemary-san.


[Rosemary-san, just like before…… Should I prepare you an assortment of sugars]


[Ahh, you dont have to be reserved. Illness-san and I made a lot of them, so I thought it would take us a while to consume them all…… Yes. Ill bring you the assortment before you go home.]


They didnt really exchange words between them, but it seemed like Nebula and Rosemary-san were able to communicate with each other. Maybe thats how they communicated with each other when Nebula first guided her inside, but I wonder how it works


[Nebula, those papers are]

[I used these when I received Rosemary-san, where I asked her to look at 1 for affirmative, 2 for negative, and 3 for neither of those, and confirmed her thoughts from her gaze. Incidentally, her eyes were going back and forth between 1 and 2 earlier, so I judged that she did want it, but was feeling reserved.]

[Ahh, I see, so that works huh……]


Even though one would need to accurately grasp her eye movement, for there to be such a way to communicate with Rosemary-san in her frozen state……


[Coming up with such a method in an instant, Nebula really is amazing.]

[You can rely on me! Im Absolute after all!!!]

[Fufufu, I see…… Well then, Im sorry, but can I ask you to prepare a souvenir for Rosemary-san]

[Yes! You can rely on me!]


Seeing Nebula proudly puffing her chest on her small body, I smiled and patted her head. Thereupon, Nebula smiled happily, before waving her head as she went back into the house.


[……With that, it looks like I can give those sugar to you as a souvenir.]

[T- Thank you, Im sorry that you had to be mindful of me. Even so, Nebula-chan, was it ……T- That child, s- shes an amazing child, isnt she Shes very skillful at sensing my circumstances, not approaching me, thinking that I may be frightened……]

[Yes, Nebula is a really nice and caring girl…… With such a girl, Rosemary-san will be able to talk to her very quickly, right]

[I- I- I suppose. I- If its a child like her…… I- I think I can do it in “about 2 days”……]

[……Well, you dont really have to be in a rush. You can take your time getting used to her.]


I see, it would still take her 2 days huh…… No, I guess 2 days is already pretty fast.










~ ~ Nebula and Illness ~ ~


They are very close to each other, and when they have free time, they enjoy having tea together and doing various things. They also made these sugars while having tea together.

They did have many more ideas for various kinds of sugars, but only four of them, along with the sugar flower, were completed to their satisfaction.


Incidentally, on one hand is a maid who manages more than 10 times the workload of the maids in Lilias mansion almost all the household chores in Kaitos mansion her work as Phantasmal Kings executive, while on the other hand is a “guard dog” who tends to Kaitos vast garden every day, taking care of every day single plant and flowers, while at the same time receiving and seeing off guests, helping out in the mansion in various ways…… but even so, “it seems that the two of them had a lot of time on their hands”, and were rather bored.


Even though the other maids…… like the Head Maid and Lunamaria cant keep up with the speed and skill of Illness work, only becoming overwhelming liabilities…… The Absolute can keep up with her without any problems at all, but to exceed Illness abilities, there are often scenes where Nebula helps Illness with her work and the two of them get along well doing housework.

Nevertheless, to the average person, their work is just too fast to be seen at all.


They were lately often discussing various matters, like making original designs for their own teacups.


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