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 1043 - Rose Princess' Visit ①

In front of Miyama Kaito…… A person was standing in front of the gate that leads to his garden. However, unlike Lilias mansion, there is no gatekeeper in his home to receive this person.

No, perhaps if one were to say it more correctly, it would be that Kaito hasnt formally employed one. Since the garden of Kaitos home is connected to that of Lilias mansion, the gatekeeper in Lilias mansion also pays some attention to the gate of Kaitos home.

Nonetheless, basically, even if there is a visitor, the guard really would just be paying some attention to it since “another person” will interact with them.


And now, seeing the person in front of the gate of Kaitos home, the gatekeeper was wondering what she should do. The other party is quite a high-profile person and is famous for being difficult to deal with, so she cant allow herself to get into trouble by thoughtlessly talking to her.

She was a very big name, so it was very likely that she had come to visit Kaito, but she had no idea why she was standing in front of the gate without moving an inch.


The aforementioned visitor…… Rosemary, who was being looked at in such a way by the gatekeeper, was quite distressed in front of the gate.


(W- W- What should I do Ive come to visit to thank him for the last time…… but how do I call out Kaito-kun Its definitely impossible to ask that gatekeeper over there to call him out for me…… I- I guess Ill just send him a hummingbird I feel like its rude to ask him to come out of the gate, but since theres no other way, it cant be helped……)


Its good that the extremely anxious around strangers, Rosemary, came to thank Kaito for giving her the Eternal Flower back at the White God Festival, but she was wondering how she could get Kaito to help her.

She did tell him in advance via hummingbird that she would visit him today, so it wouldnt have been a problem if she asked the gatekeeper for help, but asking in itself was too much of a hurdle for her.

Just as she thought she had no choice but to send a hummingbird to call out Kaito, Nebula appeared in front of Rosemary.




Seeing Nebula appear before her, Rosemary glared with her arms crossed in front of her chest. However, despite her demeanor, she was inwardly panicking.


(Awawawa, a- a- a stranger appeared…… W- W- W- What should I do I- Is she a Spirit Come to think of it, Lillywood-sama mentioned how the World Tree in Kaito-kuns home was inhabited by a Spirit……)


Seeing Rosemary stiffen with a grim expression on her face, Nebula tilted her head once before thinking about the situation she was in.


(……Facial expressions, eye movements, the shaking of magic power…… I see, shes one of those people with stranger anxiety huh. From the looks of it, shes so nervous and stiff that she cant even speak or make a gesture. Fumu, well, dealing with such people is no problem for the Absolute me.)


With her superior insight, Nebula saw that Rosemary was extremely anxious around people she didnt know, and thus, she took out papers with the numbers 1-3 written on it, and showed it to Rosemary.

[If you arent good at speaking, you can answer with this. Im going to ask you a few questions, so please “turn your gaze” at 1 for affirmative, 2 for negative, and 3 for neither. That way, I will understand.]


[Well then, first of all, do you have a business with this household]



Her face may have been completely frozen, but she can at least move her gaze. When Rosemary heard Nebulas question, she looked at the number 1.


[Very well, does that business have anything to do with the owner of this household, Milord…… Miyama Kaito-sama]


[Fumu fumu…… Are you an acquaintance of Milord]


[I see, understood. Well then, Ill usher you to Milord, so please come in.]


Seeing through her purpose with the movement of Rosemarys gaze, Nebula opened the gate and invited Rosemary in. Keeping a fine distance, enough that Rosemary wouldnt retreat in fear……

As they continued walking through the garden towards the mansion, Rosemarys attention was caught by the flower bed in the garden. Nebula, who immediately guessed Rosemarys likes from the change in her eyes at that moment, took out the papers with numbers on it again and called out to her with a bright smile.

[……If you are interested in the garden, how about you view them while I announce your visit to Milord]


[Yes. Its no problem. However, the shed of the monsters Milord keeps as pets was at the back of the mansion. They are well-disciplined, but just in case, please dont go behind the mansion.]


[Well then, please wait a moment while I go talk to Milord.]


After watching Nebula walk into the mansion with a smile, Rosemary let out a sigh of relief and looked at the flowers in the garden.


(S- She really helped me. What an amazing child, she was. She noticed that I was anxious around strangers even without hearing about it, just like Lillie-sama. A- At any rate, this is amazing…… The flowers here are so vibrant. Each of these flowers had its own charm, so they may have been a very skilled gardener.)


Partly because there were no people around at the moment, Rosemarys expression was soft as she gazed at the flowers.









Nebula, the current Receptionist of Kaitos home


Serious-senpai : [……Even as a receptionist, shes Absolute. Shes just too competent.]

: [She still had Quasi-Omnipotent abilities, and being very caring to begin with, shes suited for work like this.]


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