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1033 - After the White God Festival ①

After watching the closing ceremony, we tried to go back to the lower-level stalls for a quick bite…… but thinking about it again, we had come to the White God Festival through the upper-level first, so we didnt know how crowded the lower-level Teleportation Gate would be.

As we approached the Teleportation Gate, the number of people gradually began increasing…… As expected, if we follow along the line they were making, it was going to take us a lot of time before we would get to go home, so we decided to move away from the path and return home with my Teleportation Magic Tool.

Thanks to Shiro-sans Blessing, I could ignore Teleportation Inhibitions other than the one around the Sanctuary, so I could use my Teleportation Magic Tool to teleport away from here.


Using my Teleportation Magic Tool to teleport us to the gate in front of my home, I was astonished by the scene that unfolded in front of me immediately after.


[……W- Whoaaa.]

[A- Amazing, Kaito-senpais garden has become something like a nature reserve!]


As Hina-chan looked just as astonished as I was, everyone else clearly also had surprised looks on their faces.

Well, I guess I could understand why. After all, my garden had become completely different from the one before we left.


Of course, I understood why this happened. Nebula and Illness-san had suggested that we make some major changes to the garden, and I myself had given them permission after they showed me their plans.

However, there was a big difference between seeing it on a drawing and actually seeing it. Just as Hina-chan had said, the garden looked like a nature reserve, with the amount of thought put into its appearance, it looked as beautiful as a piece of art.


While there were many grassy areas so that Bell and Lynn would have more space to play in, the path from the gate to the mansion was still easy to walk on, and the placement of Illumination Magic Tools was exquisite, enabling us to see the whole scenery at night without the lights glaring at us.

There were beautiful flowers and small trees planted everywhere, and the highs and lows of the area, like the small hills here and there, were quite well designed. Thats exactly why I would have believed it if I were told we were actually in front of a nature reserve in a famous tourist spot, a place that made me feel like it would be fun even if I were just taking a normal stroll through.


[……T- This, in just one day Even though Illness-san also participated in the plan…… T- This is quite surprising.]

[I mean, this is just…… something youd wonder whether is possible even if Illness-sama is involved. The central path looks like it has Illumination Magic Tool embedded into it, reacting to peoples footsteps, and thats something that would take a lot of work, you know]

[The fountains that used to be there have been removed and replaced with this high-quality grass, ornamental trees and flowers I would have been more convinced if you told me this took a year to finish……]


Lilia-san, Sieg-san and Luna-san also seemed to be really astonished by the level of perfection of my garden.


As such an astonishing sight was revealed to me, I turned my gaze to the largest space in the garden…… which I myself had requested for them to make it as spacious as possible, but there, I found a glowing World Tree, growing from a small hill-like area, and Nebula flying towards us.


[Milord! Everyone, welcome back.]

[I- Im back, Nebula…… The garden turned out amazing huh. Id heard it could be done in a day, but I was really surprised to see it renovated so perfectly.]

[Illness-san and I did it together. I would introduce the details to you, but Im sure Milord and the others are tired from the festival, so Ill explain tomorrow. Also, with Milords permission, we have planted a tea garden behind the house.]

[Eh Youve finished that too!]


Its true that Nebula once asked me if there was any space she could use to make tea leaves.

In Lilia-sans home, there was a training ground and stables behind her house, but I didnt really need a training ground in my home, so it would only be used as Bell and Lynns shed. This left plenty of space, so I gave her permission to use it freely.

However, I didnt expect that they would have it all done in one day……


[Nebula sure works fast huh.]

[Of course! Im Absolute after all!]

[Absolutes are amazing.]


I dont know if its just my imagination, but lately, I feel like Ive come to recognize the word “Absolute” that Nebula always says as a superhuman who excels in all things. I suppose shes just like a certain maid.


[A- Anyway, thank you for your hard work. As Nebula said, Ill wait for you to explain the changes to me tomorrow. Ahh, here, Nebula…… A souvenir from the White God Festival.]

[Thank you for taking the trouble, Milord! How was the festival]

[It was a lot of fun, but as expected, Im tired from all the walking around. Though I say that, I dont feel like Im as tired as Nebula, who did all this work in one day…… Nebula, are you alright Arent you tired]

[Not really. The work in the garden itself was already “finished by noon”, so after that, I just relaxed and created that tea garden with Illness-san, so its no problem.]

[I- I see……]


……I see, they finished by noon huh…… They really are amazing, Absolutes, I mean.







Serious-senpai : [Tell me! Will Fates arc start soon]

: [Nope, it would be the story regarding Kaito-sans meeting with Blossom-san first.]

Serious-senpai : [……Come to think of it, he still had one person he hadnt met yet……]


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