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While Kaito was enjoying the fireworks at the Sanctuary, Lilia and her group were also enjoying the fireworks at a place with a good view, guided by Sky.

They were seated at one of the largest tables on a terrace, enjoying the fireworks while chatting with each other.

Along their way, they went through the lower-level and ate some snacks they had bought from the stalls, and had a good time talking about the memories of the day…… is what should have been, but Hina looked rather listless.

Sky, who was the first to notice such a Hina, asked her with a worried expression on her face.


[Hina-san, is something the matter]


[Do you not enjoy watching fireworks]

[N- No, they were very beautiful and it was fun watching them. Its just, I like festivals…… but, errr, thinking about how its almost over makes me a little sad.]


Though Hinas voice was so quiet that it could have been drowned out by the sound of fireworks, Sky, who had heard what she said, slightly smiled and took the seat next to her.


[I know exactly how Hina-san feels. Its very sad when the good times come to an end. Because of my position, I dont usually have many opportunities to interact with people other than Gods, so it was refreshing and fun to get to know and show everyone around.]

[……I also really enjoyed being guided by you, Sky-san.]

[Im glad if you feel that way. Its true that its sad to see the fun day come to an end, but what we felt and gained today will lead us to tomorrow and beyond. I see this not as the end, but just the next step forward.]

[Next step……]


As she spoke in a gentle voice, Skys gaze lightly moved towards the Humans and the Demons who were watching the fireworks, and the Gods who were also watching the fireworks in between as they perform their respective roles.


[……I believe that what I and the other Gods have gained from the White God Festival is too great to be expressed in words. I feel that the God Realm will undergo great changes in the future. The God Realm, which had been a bit closed off until now, now has more connections with the Human Realm and the Demon Realm. And Im sure, it will be a change for the better.]


Looking at Skys side profile as she said that, a slightly bashful smile appeared on Hinas lips and she muttered to herself.


[……Ive always been envious of my friends who have big sisters.]


[Im the youngest in my family…… and I did have two big brothers, but no big sister, so I kinda yearn after them. Im sure it would be rude for a distinguished God, but Sky-san is very kind and warm…… and I thought you were the ideal big sister I had vaguely imagined.]


Pausing for a moment there, she looked down again with a lonely expression on her face.


[I wanted to talk to Sky-san more but…… I understand. I was only able to meet you this time thanks to Kaito-senpai, and Sky-san is actually a very distinguished person and not someone I can just easily meet…… And that kinda feels a little lonely.]


[I- Im sorry for suddenly saying strange things. Lets push that aside and watch the fireworks——— Eh]


As Hina was about to change the subject, Skys hand was placed on her head. Towards Hina, who looked a little surprised, Sky gently spoke.

[Im very glad that you feel that way. Even though there is hierarchy among Gods, we have no concept of family, so its a little difficult for me to understand what you meant. Still, Im glad that I have met Hina-san, and just as you feel that way, I also feel that I would like to talk to you more in the future.]


[I dont want this connection to end. The feeling of not wanting my connections to end…… is also a valuable change that I think the White God Festival had brought upon us.]


Patting Hinas head many times while speaking in a calm voice, Sky continued.


[I bestow upon you…… the “Blessings of Sky”.]

[Eh S- Sky-san!]

[With that blessing, you will be able to enter the God Realms upper-level. Please come and visit me again anytime. I will sincerely welcome your visit.]

[U- Uwaaahhh…… Ahhh, thank you very much!]

[Oops, whoa there…… Fufufu.]


Sky gave Hina her blessing, and told her to come visit her anytime. Hearing Skys words, Hina looked so emotional that tears welled up in her eyes and she impulsively hugged Sky.

Sky was startled for a moment, but her expression soon returned to a gentle one as she patted Hinas head again. Their appearance was filled with warmth, as if they were truly close sisters.



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