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Arriving at the lawny hill that Shiro-san had told me about, I laid out a sheet that I had put in my magic box. I asked Shiro-san to sit down first, before I sat down next to her…… but this feels closer than I thought.

And when it finally came to enacting the situation, I got pretty nervous. When I moved my gaze to the side, I could see the nape of Shiro-sans neck, which is visible now with her hair tied in a ponytail.

Clear white skin, neck that looks a little vulnerable…… Maybe it was because I was very conscious of the fact that I was about to hug Shiro-sans shoulders, but she felt awfully sexy.


As I felt my face flushing, I touched Shiro-sans shoulder. While the faint warmth of her body through her yukata makes my heart skip a beat, I pull her close to me.

Shiro-san herself knew that I was going to embrace her shoulder…… Rather, it was more like a roundabout request from Shiro-san herself, so without any resistance, Shiro-sans body came into contact with mine.

This position is a lot closer than I thought it would be, or rather, because of the way Shiro-san is leaning against me, her face is very close to my neck, and the feeling of her faint breath brushing along my neck tickles me.


Also, she smells really good, and her hair is silky to the touch…… Seriously, shes extremely high level in just about everything……

As I lowered my gaze a bit, my eyes met with Shiro-san, who was looking up at me. I could see my own reflection in her jewel-like golden eyes.




[We have a very nice atmosphere, dont you think]

[Youre right———— !]

After telling me in a quiet, mumbling voice, Shiro-san suddenly brought her face closer to mine. And then, as I stiffened unconsciously, she stopped her face just 1cm in front of my face…… in a position where we could almost touch each other if we moved even a little bit, and told me in a voice so gentle that it was almost comforting.


[……Theres still some time before the fireworks, you know]


When in the world did she acquire such a bewitching technique Shiro-sans growth is extremely terrifying.

Somewhat feeling a little defeated, I closed the remaining 1cm distance between us myself——– and brought my lips on Shiro-sans lips.


Almost at the same time, we brought our hands on each others back and hugged each other tightly, as if we were bridging the remaining distance between our bodies. There was no time to think about anything else, so I closed our eyes and continued to kiss Shiro-san, my heart filled with my love for her.

1 second, 10 seconds…… Perhaps, much longer time may have passed, but the sound of a large flower blooming in the night sky triggered me to open my eyes and gently pull my face away.


Illuminated by the fireworks, with a very soft expression on her face, Shiro-san looked at me and smiled.


[……Ive been able to understand it properly lately. This is what happiness feels like, isnt it]

[Yes, it is. I also feel the same way.]


Smiling at each other, we kissed each other again, just a light touch, before returning our gazes to the fireworks. As I feel my hands holding Shiro-san more tightly than before, I mutter to myself, clutching upon the happiness welling up within my heart.


[Theyre beautiful. Where were they setting off these fireworks]

[In the outer circumference of the lower, middle, and upper-levels. They would be set off around in a circle.]

[I see, that means you can see the fireworks from every angle huh, thats very extravagant. Considering the location, are the fireworks were looking at now being set off on the upper-level Arehh But can you see the fireworks set off on the upper-level from middle-level or lower-level]


The fireworks that filled my 360-degree view were breathtaking, but I had a few questions about what Shiro-san said. She said that the fireworks were being set off at the upper-level, but the White God Festival is mainly being held in the middle-level and lower-level.

If they had set off the fireworks on the upper-level, which is on a much higher altitude than the middle-level, would they be visible from the middle-level If one squints hard enough, they might be able to see them, but if they were to look up from below, it might be difficult for people to see them because the sight would be hidden by the upper-levels ground.


[Itd be almost invisible for them.]

[……Doesnt that make them meaningless then.]

[No, it does have meaning. The fireworks in the upper-level that Kaito-san can see right now were prepared by me for you.]

[Eh Is that so]

[Yes. In addition, the fireworks in the middle-level and lower-level arent visible here in the Sanctuary. If you could see them all, it would have been too cluttered.]

[I- I see……]


These fireworks were prepared by Shiro-san for me…… It seems that Shiro-san has been studying various festivals from my world, so I guess she had also done a lot of research on fireworks as well

To be honest, Im pretty happy about this. Indeed, the fireworks were beautiful, but I was also very happy that Shiro-san had thought of so many things to make preparations for me.


[……They were really beautiful fireworks. Shiro-san, thank you.]

[Im very glad Kaito-san enjoyed them.]


The colorful flowers blooming in the night sky are extremely beautiful, and the sight, which must be quite calculated, can be called art.

However, if I were to point out a really tiny flaw…… Theres just someone much more beautiful and lovable than those fireworks right next to me, so I often end up turning my gaze towards her without consciously thinking about it, and I cant help but gaze at her beautiful side-profile lit up by the fireworks instead.




Serious-senpai 【5 Chapters till Full Recovery】 : [Ahh~~ This wont do. It really got worse. This really wont do…… I have to go back to my hospital room.]

: [……Doesnt that look like its written differently than before You wrote that thing in your name yourself, didnt you]

Serious-senpai 【5 Chapters till Full Recovery】 : [Gulp…… N- No, that isnt the case! Even if it looks like I dont have any physical injuries, I still received a great amount of mental injuries!!!]

: [Hooohhh…… I see, I see…… Then, I guess it cant be helped.]

Serious-senpai 【5 Chapters till Full Recovery】 : [Right, right, it cant be he——-]

: [So that Serious-senpai would recover quickly, I guess Ill call up a doctor.]

Serious-senpai 【5 Chapters till Full Recovery】 : [——–Huh Doctor What did you mean]

: [Doc, shes in your care.]

Doctor M : [You can count on me!]

Serious-senpai 【5 Chapters till Full Recovery】 : [……No, thats just Maki……]

Doctor M : [No, Im Doctor M!]

Serious-senpai 【5 Chapters till Full Recovery】 : [If youre going to insist on that, you couldve tried harder! Youre not even wearing a lab coat nor bringing a stethoscope with you, you came here as 99% Makina!]

Doctor M : [I came here as 1% Doctor, so theres no problem. Well then, lets get on with the treatment.]

Serious-senpai 【5 Chapters till Full Recovery】 : [……You cant be serious…… Even when she admitted that she doesnt fit the role, shes still pushing it through…… Is she perhaps unrivaled in arguments]


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