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Light peered in through the window as I open my eyelids, which are still a little heavy. I absentmindedly stared into this unfamiliar room, until my awakened mind finally recalled the events yesterday.

Thats right… Im in a different world. Looking back on it again, it has been a hectic day.

I got caught up in the summoning of the Hero, studied the history of the other world, went to the moon with a demon I dont understand, kidnapped by that demon I dont understand towards an empty journey and fell asleep before I knew it—- Arehh Putting aside the beginning, arent most of the hectic parts of my day caused by that baby castella incarnate Or rather, I dont remember coming back to my room. I wonder how long Ive been asleep in my bed

“Ill be back, alright”

Lets check out what I know again. This is the mansion of Duchess Lilia Alberto, who is currently looking after us, and the residence of her people. In short, that demon is a stranger to this residence. I feel that its really important that I nrepeat this again, shes a stranger for this residence—- That little demon girl is really doing what she wants.

However, should I tell Lilia-san and the others that a demon trespasser was here yesterday Although Im still out of touch with the common sense of this world, I can easily imagine that it would be a pretty big problem if the Duchess residence were being trespassed upon. If I were to believe what she said, Kuro illegally intruded this place because she wanted to see me, I also havent been harmed by her—- I was just slightly traumatized by baby castellas.

In that case, even if it were extremely troubling…… but my intuition tells me. Perhaps, even if I were to report it and this place increases its vigilance, Kuro will still appear with that smile she had last night. In that case, as expected…… Should I wait-and-see for the moment At any rate, it doesnt seem like Kuro is a bad girl, and Im also indebted to her for saving me when I got lost.

Ah, but theres a chance that they will ask about the ruckus last night first thing in the morning……

Just as I was thinking about it, I heard a knock on the door, telling me that breakfast was ready. For the time being, I decided to put aside thinking about Kuro for the future as I left the room, heading for the dining room.

Our breakfast was a simple Western-style one, but it was served with pure white-colored bread. They explained to me that in this world, its customary to eat white bread at the first meal of the new year. I dont know how they made it this white, but it tasted just like a plain butter roll.

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[Did all of you sleep well yesterday]

[Ah, yes.]

[I was also very tired yesterday that I fell asleep right away.]


Hearing Lilia-san suddenly asking about such things, the image of myself screaming loudly in my head return back into my mind and I couldnt respond quickly enough.


[Ah, I was watching the moon in the veranda for a little while before sleeping.]

[Yes, it was a beautiful moonlit night yesterday, wasnt it “I was also relaxing within the night breeze, it was a really great, peaceful night, befitting the 30th of the Celestial Moon.”]

[……Y- Youre right.]

Arehh A peaceful night Thats weird…… Is Lilia-sans room that far away that she cant hear me screaming I feel like were not on the same page……

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Before that problem can be firmly formed in my mind, Kusonoki-san spoke.

[Speaking of which, its the new year today in this world, isnt it Do people do anything special for the occasion]

[Let me think…… Basically, most of humanity was spending their time at home for 3 days after the arrival of the new year. After that, there will be a New Years celebration. There are also some regional variations but—-]

It seems that theres a custom in this world just like Japans Sanganichi, during which most of the establishments were closed. Then, from what Lilia-san told me, I learned that there would be an event thats like Shinnenkai where they would receive the Blessings of the Gods.

The Blessing of the Gods is a Hatsumode-like event where people would wish for their health and improvement from the Gods visiting their temples, and there are various forms depending on the region and the type of Gods living there.

(T/N: Sanganichi is just like he explained, shinnenkai is New Year Gathering, japanese tradition of welcoming the arrival of the New Year, usually by drinking alcohol. Hatsumode is the first shrine visit of the year, usually occurring within the first three days of January. This event should be something normal to see from anime.)

[For example, here in the royal capital where theres a temple governing “health” and “order”, its common to receive blessings for health and peace during the new year, but in areas where there are temples governing “harvest”, they may receive the blessing for an abundant harvest. Even though I said that, only royalty and nobles can meet the Gods and Goddesses and receive their blessings in person, so it would basically be like asking for the blessing from the priests.]

Its said that most of the people will be bestowed with the blessing, although its also influenced by how strong their religious beliefs are. However, this is just a custom of the Human Race and it doesnt apply for the Gods and Demons.

The Gods would usually spend the day praying to the Creation God, not even eating any meals.

On the first day of the new year, the Demons are said to take only one of the predetermined foods as a form of thanks to the Six Kings.

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[Incidentally, everyone may already know about it, but Luna follows the customs of the Demons.]

[Eh Luna-san, are you a demon!]

[To Hina-sans question, you could say thats true, but you could also say it isnt.]

[To put it simply, Im a human-demon hybrid.]

We are surprised by what Lilia-san suddenly said, but the person herself, Lunamaria-san answered as if it were a matter of course. It seems that in this world where demons and humans are friendly with each other, hybrids arent uncommon and werent that unusual.

[If you want me to specify it, I have a quarter of the blood of humans and elves, and half of the blood of demons. Thats why there are some traces of my elven bloodline on my ears.]


Saying this, Lunamaria-san moves her hair so that we can see her ears. Lunamaria-sans ears are indeed a little pointed, but they arent as long as the ears of the elves I had in mind.

I see, you could say that this is something unique to this world where the exchange between races is flourishing. In fact, Lunamaria-san looks like a bundle of otherworldly factors.

[Ive heard that people in other worlds are relatively sensitive to the image of mixed-races—- but about a third of the people working in this mansion are mixed races, and theyre very common in this world.]

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I guess she could tell that we were surprised, and so Lilia-san explained with a smile telling us that its nothing unusual. Its true that even in fantasy novels, there are many instances of mixed-race persecution, so I may have had a prejudiced image about them. Ill try to correct this thought so that I wouldnt be rude to them.

Incidentally, Lilia-san is a pure-blooded human, but she made a wry smile about the fact that she doesnt know about her ancestors.

[……Well, the reason why Luna spends the New Year following the customs of the Demon Realm is simple—- Luna, do you have something you wanted to say today]

[All these foods I offer for the name of the revered Underworld King-sama!]

[……By the way, these foods were originally supposed to be offered under the name of anyone among the Six Kings…]

[ [ [ ……Ah. ] ] ]

[Incidentally, there are 67 different kinds of offerings designated for Underworld King-samas name this year……]

[Thats enough. Luna, you dont have to explain that part.]

Lilia-san tells her with a tired look on her face while the fanatic enthusiastically replies.

Rather, thats so many different varieties of food offerings! Ah, right, there are so many different kinds of demons, arent there Im sure there are some things that they couldnt eat because of their body type, so maybe theyre considering that Though I was a bit creeped out from Lunamaria-san who had memorized the different kinds of foods that were offered to the Underworld King……

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When we finished breakfast and listened to the story of this world again in the same room as yesterday, Lilia-san spoke as if she suddenly remembered something.

[Ah, I forgot to mention…… Later, all of you will receive a direct blessing from the Goddess, just like the nobles and royalty. Thats apparently because the Heroes are susceptible to endemic diseases, so youre supposed to receive the blessing of good health in there.]

I dont know if theres a concept of immunity in this world, but were indeed living in different environments and climates, so the blessing of good health is important just by hearing its name. As a matter of fact, I dont want to be the person who came to another world just to die from an epidemic.

[Wouldnt it be better if My Lady receives the blessing of “Love” or “Marriage” for once]

[……Luna, you…… You clearly know what youre talking about, right]

[……Ahhhh! Speaking of which, youre already done it two—– Gufuaahh!]

I wonder what happened just now While Lunamaria-san is speaking, Lilia-san stood up and I felt like she sent a fist with an earth-shattering speed towards Lunamaria-sans solar plexus. To be honest, it looked like Lilia-sans hand disappeared and Lunamaria-san only got down on her knees holding her stomach but……

[……Did you say something]

[……A- As expected of…… My Lady…… Your skill doesnt seem to have weakened……]

As Lilia-san spoke with a frightening smile on her face, Lunamaria-san doesnt seem to have learned her lesson at all. The three of us whispered among each others before thinking that the two of them are really good friends.

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[……Did you see that]

[No, I didnt see it at all.]

[Could it be that Lilia-san is actually a very strong person……]

Whispering among ourselves about that thing we saw a few moments ago…… which we didnt exactly see.

[Geez, you really are—– Hyahh!]

[ [ [ ! ] ] ]

[Ah, no, its not like that, everyone! That just now was, umm, err……]

Looking at her fists so sharp that its hard to believe shes a lady of a Duchy, we inadvertently pulled away for a bit. Lilia-san frantically turned towards us and started explaining.

[I- I had some experience working with the Knight Order back then…… Ive also acquired martial arts experience enough to know how to use it…… errr……]

[Before she received her peerage, My Lady was the “Division Commander” of the Second Division of the Kingdoms Knight Order.]

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[ [ [ Eeeeehhhhh! ] ] ]

[Like I said, why are you adding unnecessary information!]

I thought she was a prim and proper, privileged duchess, but she was an unexpectedly a martial artist.

Then, as if in retaliation for being beaten, it seemed like Lunamaria-san found something to tease Lilia-san with and added that information with a mean smile on her face.

[……If I remember correctly, Lilia-san is part of the royal family, right So, youre a fighter huh…]

[Kaito-san! N- No, my mother told me that I should learn in both the literary and military arts, so Ive only been a member for a little while!]

[……Does that mean you became a Division Commander in just a short time Thats really awesome, isnt it]

[Even Aoi-san too! N- No, you see, its because of my strange lineage that I have been promoted very quickly……]

[……Incidentally, her skills in battle made her known as the “White Rose Valkyrie”—- To describe that title of her more concretely, shes able to single-handedly wiped out a bandit group alone with just her horse and even a flock of monsters would become a bloodbath in front of her… The speed of her promotion is very exceptional.]


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[……Lilia-san could possibly be a terribly frightening person……]

[Hina-san! Youre mistaken! Its just that the people around me were finding it amusing and making that story bigger than it should have been! Please dont look at me with fear like that!]

As opposed to the really flustered Lilia-san, Lunamaria-san is clearly amused and added more information. However, since she isnt clearly denying and shes really flustered like that…… What she said may not be just an exaggeration and shes telling a true story.

[Incidentally, the first time I met My Lady was at the annual competition where the members of the Kingdoms Knight Order compete in skill.]

[Luna…… Please. Please dont talk about it.]

[I was still playing as a make-believe adventurer back then, and I happened to stop by the royal capital to watch the tournament. It was amazing to see the fleeting appearance of a girl who was only 14 years old at the time, prevailing through the competition with her beautiful swordplay.]

[Stop…… Stoooooppppp…… Thats something you dont talk about with others……]

Somehow, it seems that Lilia-san has a very dark history, as she clung on to Lunamaria-san while begging her to stop, as if the master and subordinate have been reversed. Im honestly feeling sorry for her, but I cant speak for her because Im more curious about the contents of her story than anything else. Im sorry, Lilia-san.

[However, her opponent is already a veteran among the knights! After My Ladys sword was broken by a blow from clashing against a warrior in the 5th round….. the spectators, including myself, thought it was My Ladys defeat.]

[……Thats not it…… That was just the excitement of a first time particapant……]

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[However, thereupon, My Lady immediately threw away her sword and the training sword that was swung down from above her head “were crushed between her two fists draped in her magic power”!!]

[ [ [ Eh ] ] ]

[Without a pause, she dived into her armored opponents bosom and immediately unleashed her attacks! She doesnt seem to be a human girl. Its as if she suddenly turned into an Ogre as she unleashed an onslaught of “fists that destroyed her enemys armor”, achieving victory.]

[ [ [ Ehhhhhhhh! ] ] ]

[Pleaaaassseee… Stop it already…… Seriously……]

[Seeing My Lady raising her fist with a radiant smile, I—- I want to serve her, is what I thought.]


Lunamaria-san who was telling the story with a radiant expression on her face, looks as if she had turned really youthful Lilia-san covered her face and crashed down on the desk, her ears turning red.

Lunamaria-san… Youre really relentless, arent you It may be rude of me to just listen to that heroic tale without even helping her, but the beautiful woman was so embarrassed that her face turned bright red and I unintentionally thought it was really moe.

[……Youre mistaken…… That was just a spur of the moment……]

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[Incidentally, that moment also shattered the “intentions of her prospective fiancé” that her parents chose for her at that time, and it was decided that conversations about her engagements were never to be discussed again.]

[ [ [ ……………. ] ] ]

Im lost for words. Please stop it already, Lunamaria-san! Lilia-san doesnt half much HP left! Shes already half-crying!

In that silent room, I could only hear Lilia-sans voice mumbling “Thats not it…” but Lunamaria-san looked at me for some reason and pointed towards Lilia-san who was lying down on her desk.

Eh What Are you trying to tell me to make a follow up for what you did How unreasonable can you be! Why are Kusonoki-san and Yuzuki-san looking at me too I told you its impossible, thats something way too unreasonable to ask in this situation!

But, however, nevertheless. Theres no doubt that this is completely that useless maids fault, but Im also feeling slightly guilty for not stopping the conversation in the middle. And being a weak-willed dunce who cant defy the pressure of their silence and the majority vote, I dont have any choice.

(T/N: Kaito was originally calling her a dameido, dame meido.)

[……U- Umm, Lilia-san]

[……Uuuhh…… Kaito-san…… Its not like that. Im not a “violent woman who doesnt shed blood nor tears”…… nor is it that “the White Roses thorn is as sharp as a dragons fang”…… Its not like that.]

Ah, it looks like she must have been teased a lot in the past…… that shes already traumatized. Her eyes that were relying on me look really cute…… This isnt the time for that! Err, follow up, follow up……

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[I- I understand! Its alright, were just a little surprised, we didnt think that Lilia-san is the kind of person who would indiscriminately use violence!]

[Sniff…… Really]


[Of course! I mean, were talking about a story that happened when youre just 14, right Its your first time in a tournament at such an age, so its only natural that you would be desperately fighting. It just happened to be a combination of coincidences and that you ended up winning……]

[Incidentally, she was able to acquire “Runner-up” as the final outcome of the tournament.]

Could you stop adding extra information and shut up for a moment, you useless maid

[A- Anyway, its only been a day since weve met, but I know that Lilia-san is kind, and I may not know what happened back then…… but Im not afraid of Lilia-san just because of the events in the past.]

[Uuuuuhhh…… Kaito-san……]

D- Did I manage to follow up well Oi, whats with that thumbs up, useless maid!

I was annoyed to see Lunamaria-san looking at me as if to say that I had done a good job after she had forced me to clean up her mess, so I decided to change the direction of our conversation for a bit.

[……Putting that aside. You know…… Lilia-san, is it even your fault]

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[You see, everyone has one or two failures in the past that they dont want anyone to know about. It certainly is a terrible thing to talk about such things so joyfully to others, isnt it I dont think its something you can just apologize for and get away with.]

[U- Umm, Miyama-sama Miyama-sama]

[……In that case, if there are scoundrels like that, its you who should be judging them instead. Lilia-san may be a kind person, but I think its better to be quick to smash her with judgment in these situations.]

[……Thats indeed the case.]


In a voice as gentle as possible, and yet, Lilia-san affirmed that its not her fault at all. Lilia-sans tears stopped and conversely, Lunamaria-sans face turned pale. However, shes only just receiving her just deserts in the first place.

[Err, Im sorry. It seems that I had a little bit too much breakfast…… so Ill go take a stroll for a while and well talk after that…… Kusonoki-san, Yuzuki-san, why dont we take a look around the house]

[……Youre right.]

[I agree.]

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Even though Lilia-san is somehow trying not to make us anxious, but most of it is just because were afraid for whats about to happen. Thats why Lilia-san is doing everything she can so that she wont be angry in front of us.

Cutting off the conversation early and purposely calling out Kusonoki-san and Yuzuki-san, we headed for the door. At the edge of my vision, I could see Lilia-san standing up from her seat and Lunamaria-sans face turning white to blue.

[U- Umm, I will be guiding you—– “Ah, well be remembering the way so we dont need a guide.”—– !]

[……Lu~ na~]

[Hiiii! M- My Lady…… E- Errr……]

I think I heard a frightening voice echoing from the pits of hells, but I walked out of the room without looking back. A short time later, I heard a shout that sounded like someone had been attacked by a predator, though I dont really know whose voice that is, it was probably just my imagination.

Dear Mother, Father—– LIlia-san is a very kind and lovely person. However—– She was a fighter.

Its not a flag or anything like that. I simply dont like being frightened.-

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