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Song Chengjun was not short of money.

His love for music was pure and had nothing to do with money.

No matter how popular a singer was, they would never earn more money than his family! He simply wanted to become a singer and make everyone like his singing.

Song Chengjun knew very well how powerful his face was.

He knew very well that if he showed his face, then no one would pay attention to how his songs were doing.

They would only see how handsome he was.

He did not want that.

In the past two years, Song Chengjun had released a lot of songs, and he had collected thousands of them.

There were too many of them.

Because he was good-looking, too many people wanted to write songs for him and sell them to him.

When it came to collecting songs, it was not the first or second time that he had been fooled.

Those women usually wrote random things to sell to him in order to get close to him.

Some even said that they did not want money and wanted to give them to him directly.

Song Chengjun was annoyed by these things.

He felt that those women were very boring.

However, he had a good temper and had never been angry with anyone because of this.

After all, no one dared to disturb him too much.

When he was at Z City University, those socialites did not dare to pursue him.

The richer the family was, the more they did not dare to approach him.

They were afraid of being misunderstood because his mother, Wu Rong, had said that she would not allow him to fall in love at university.

They had to wait until he graduated.

Judging from Wu Rongs temper, she had already said that she would not allow Song Chengjun to fall in love during university.

Naturally, the daughters of the other families in City Z were warned by their families.

Dont chase after Song Chengjun just because he was good-looking.

If Wu Rong found out, something big would happen! It was precisely because those rich and powerful young ladies in the university did not dare to get close to Song Chengjun that ordinary female students dared to get close to Song Chengjun.

They also had an excuse to get close to Song Chengjun.

Jiang Tong was still writing.

Her writing speed was very fast, and her words were very beautiful.

Finally, Jiang Tong put down her pen, looked up at Song Chengjun, and said, “Im done.” She handed the book to Song Chengjun and asked, “Take a look”

Although Song Chengjun already felt that Jiang Tong was fooling him, he would not easily make a conclusion without reading the lyrics.

Out of politeness, he took the book with a refreshing smile on his face and began to read it.

The lyrics… were written well.

As for the melody… Song Chengjun hummed in his heart.

It was also very good.

It was not easy to judge the mixing of the songs.

The mixing could only be judged by listening to the effects.

The words were too complicated, it was hard to imagine how good or how bad it was.

“Not bad, its completely possible.

Its much better than the songs I received before.” Song Chengjun looked at Jiang Tong with a smile.

He only gave the song Jiang Tong wrote an evaluation ofNot Bad, but said that it was better than the songs he received before.

Therefore, this was a very high rating from him.

If it was an ordinary person or a person with a rough understanding of music theory looked at the lyrics written by Jiang Tong, they would think that it was very good.

If they tried to hum the melody and look at the remix, they would think that its amazing.

This was because they did not understand it very well.

The more they understood, the less they knew.

It was just like how many singers wrote their own songs before they became famous, they wrote a lot of songs and even tried to give some singers some songs to show to others.

They wanted to sell them, and they wanted to gain recognition.

However, the result was that the other party wouldnt accept them, and they even treated the songs as trash! In the end, after the songwriter couldnt sell the songs, they chose to sing their own songs, and then they became famous in one shot! They became so famous that they turned purple! They even reached a phenomenal level of fame, leading the pop music craze, and becoming untouchable figures in the music industry! This was something that had really happened before, but it could not be used to deny the people who refused to accept the songs.

It was wrong to think that their standards were not good.

Those musicians who had been successful for a long time really had very high musical attainments.

Because of this, they had written too many songs and read too many lyrics.

Many people wanted to sell the songs to them.

They had also bought these songs, but after they were released, they were not liked by the public and became very unsuccessful works.

Successful music was never narcissistic.

It had to be something that they liked and the public liked.

Otherwise, it would be a failure! Although Song Chengjuns level of appreciation was not at the level of a professional musician, he had received too many songs in the past few years and read too many.

He had met someone he liked very much and thought that he would definitely become famous.

But in the end, all of them were failures! After those songs were posted online, they didnt make any big waves at all among online listeners.

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