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At the end of the western horizon, a pillar of light stood upright.

Laws surged, and spiritual energy turned into tides, shocking all directions.

The entire Southern Desolate Lands was shaken.

Many immortal holy lands, ancient families, and other immortal heritages that stood in this vast land were all shocked.

They all looked toward the end of the west.

It was the Western Heaven.

It was a similar great path movement.

After the roc imperial clan, another ancient imperial clan appeared.

Indistinctly, one could see the apparition of a mighty ape emerging from the pillar of light.

It held a staff in its hand, and its figure was as tall as the sky as if it could hold up the vast heaven.

“We welcome the birth of the battle sage ape race!”

Many ancient races on the Canglan Continent bowed toward Western Heaven.

The battle sage ape race was one of the far ancient imperial clans, not the slightest bit inferior to the roc imperial clan.

Ancient Sages with extraordinary auras emerged from the roc imperial clan.

They looked at the pillar of light and did not bow.

However, no one felt that such an action was inappropriate because they were all from the ancient imperial clans.

The pillar of light stayed for half a day before it slowly dissipated.

However, an incomparably majestic mountain appeared in that place.

It was tens of thousands of feet tall and shockingly huge.

Spiritual energy surrounded the huge mountain, laws filled the air, and waterfalls poured.

It was as if the nine Heavens had descended, making it look like a paradise.

A few tall and mighty apes with golden fur and focused eyes looked at the ancient race members who had come to welcome them and nodded, then turned to the roc imperial clan.

One of the Sage Kings of the roc imperial clan cupped his fists and said, “Everyone from the battle sage ape race, congratulations on your revival.”

A battle sage ape with pure golden hair also cupped his fists and said, “Weve made everyone from the roc imperial clan wait for a long time.”

The whole world was shaken.

The battle sage ape race had emerged.

It was another ancient imperial clan.

What effects would such an occurrence bring to the human race

However, even after appearing for many days, the battle sage ape race wasnt as domineering as the roc imperial clan back then.

It was as if they had only caused a huge commotion for half a day before they quietened down.

An ancient Sage of the human race, who had been in a deep slumber since the primordial age, had said that although the battle sage ape race was an ancient imperial clan, they had never targeted the human race during the primordial age, perhaps because they had similar physical forms to the human race.

Even the ten thousand ancient races didnt dare to target the human race too much during the era when the battle sage apes ancient Emperor was still alive.

Many people heaved a sigh of relief.

So the human race did have a good relationship with at least one ancient race in the primordial era.

However, in the Taiyi Holy Land, Qin Chen, who was on the Sages peak, did not relax his frown.

With his special perception of heaven and earth, he could clearly feel that there was still a terrible vibration that was continuing.


Heaven and earth shook.

The entire Canglan Continent trembled again.

Strange phenomena appeared one after another, and another pillar of light appeared, and it wasnt just one.

One after another, thick pillars of light shot up into the sky.

In the Southern Desolate Lands, Central Province, Northern Castle, and East Sea, extremely terrifying spiritual energy activities bloomed one after another in the short span of a few days.

The birth of the ancient imperial clans!

Furthermore, it was not just one ancient imperial clan.

A total of seven ancient imperial clans had appeared in succession in just a few days.

At the same time, affected by the appearance of the seven great ancient imperial clans, more than a thousand other ancient races appeared in an extremely short period, causing an unprecedented storm.

The world was shocked!

The ten thousand ancient races had all returned!

In the past, just the appearance of the roc imperial clan had already caused an incomparably terrifying impact.

Now, after the battle sage ape race, another seven ancient imperial clans and thousands of ancient races had appeared.

It was as if the entire world had returned to the primordial era, not giving the human race any time to recover.

Originally, the most ideal way for everything to happen for the human race was for the ten thousand ancient races to appear one by one.

Even if the appearances would also cause a huge impact on the human race, they would still have time to gradually calm down and stand against the ten thousand ancient races while still maintaining their prime position.

But now, almost all of the remaining ancient races had appeared.

There was no buffer time.

The humans would be the first to bear the brunt of the impact.

The pressure on the human race could be said to be unprecedented.

At the Sages peak, even Qin Chens expression was grave at this moment.

The early appearance of the ten thousand ancient races had an unprecedented impact on the entire human world.

On this day, the territories of the nine ancient imperial clans, including the roc imperial clan and the battle sage ape race, all had majestic light pillars soaring into the sky, affecting the entire Canglan Continent.

“Today, the ten thousand ancient races have all returned.

The human race must submit!” A high-spirited and cold voice resounded throughout the world, ordering the human race to submit.

Clearly, it was an enemy of the human race.

Following this, a majestic sword energy soared into the sky from the Taiyi Holy Land and tore the sky apart with a crack.

With a scream, blood dyed the sky red.

Qin Chens cold voice rang out, “The nine great ancient imperial clans have yet to speak.

You are just an ancient Sage from a small race, so what right do you have to speak I will kill you today to punish you for not showing respect to the nine great ancient imperial clans.”

The world suddenly fell silent.

No one had expected that when the nine ancient imperial clans had revived, this human Elder King would still dare to attack and kill an ancient Sage of the ancient race.

However, this human Elder King had always been domineering.

Back then, he even dared to suppress Ancient Sage Peng Wei of the roc imperial clan.

For him to kill an ordinary ancient Sage of the ancient race was not that surprising.

However, it also attracted the attention of the world and the nine great ancient imperial clans.

Many human powerhouses were excited.

As expected of the Elder King.

He was truly domineering and even dared to attack at this time.

He wanted to show the ancient races that they were no longer in the primordial era.

The human race was now strong and not something they could bully.

After killing an ancient Sage, Qin Chen spoke again, “From now on, whoever dares to target the human race, no matter which ancient race it is, I will definitely annihilate them!”

The overbearing voice came from the Taiyi Holy Land.

Many of the ancient races, who had been hoping that the nine great ancient imperial clans would suppress the current human race, didnt dare to speak.

After all, the human race Elder King was a man of no restraint.

He had even destroyed three of the hundred great ancient races and killed an ancient races Sage King, yet he was still alive.

It was said that he had the support of a human Supreme Sage.

He couldnt be easily provoked.

However, there were also members of the ancient imperial clan who could not stand Qin Chens attitude.

A cold voice came from the Southern Desolate Lands and the North Region, “When all the other races were in deep sleep, the human race has ruled the world for many years.

It has been enough.

Now that weve returned and are in control of the world again, its time for the human race to keep their temper in check, especially that human Sage King.

To think you dare to attack in front of the nine great ancient imperial clans Youre way too bold.”

Qin Chen was not afraid at all.

He soared into the sky, and a majestic chaotic Sagely might surged and filled the sky.

He pointed the Desolate Divine Halberd at the ancient imperial clan and said, “If people dont offend me, I wont offend them.

Whoever dares to offend me, I will kill them, even if they are from the ancient imperial clan!”

“Good, good, what a good human Sage King.

Youre really bold!” The voice from the ancient imperial clan of the Southern Desolate Lands had a cold expression, but after that, they went silent.

Qin Chen sneered, “Im indeed bold, but if youre unhappy, why not come over”

He returned to the Sages peak and continued to guide Ling Ran in his cultivation.

A few days later, the experts from the netherworld race suddenly arrived at the Taiyi Holy Land, including two Sage Kings and 13 ancient Sages.

They descended above the Taiyi Holy Land with a terrifying aura and their cold voice resounded in the sky, “Human Elder King, come out and accept your feat immediately!”

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