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His Guardian, His Forever Remembering 10: Small Victories

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Leo knew he was done for. He looked at Dylan apologetically, smiled and then turned to leave. He knew that he will get back at these two but now was not the time. He didn have the ability or the resources to at the moment. He had to wait to get back on his feet. He wanted to leave before Emma made things more awkward than they already were and the last thing he needed was to draw attention especially to those students who frequented their cafe. He still needed the job.

Before he could turn, Dylan held his hand by the wrist, again that day, and smiled at him, "Its okay," he said reassuringly and strange enough, Leo felt peaceful. He somehow knew that Dylan would be there for him.

"Em, Im here. Lets go. YOU! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!" Emma shouted drawing the attention of the people who were walking around when she noticed who was next to Dylan. "Why did you follow me to the University? Haven you learnt that you have no place in our family since your mother killed my uncle!" She walked towards Leo with a menacing look that made him flinch. He thought he was done with all this. She raised her hand to slap him but even before the slap could land, she felt a tight grip on her hand.

"Who gave you the permission to touch him?" Dylan asked with a voice that brooked no argument. Emma felt little in that grip. She never expected it and to say that she was embarrassed would be an understatement.

"Listen," Dylan continued, "I was taught how to respect women but they have to be respectful too, don you think? So, next time you try this near me with him or anyone else, I will make sure you regret it. There are a lot of women around who can teach you manners," he finished and threw her hand away like he was holding an abomination.

Emma couldn understand what was happening and so she asked," Dylan, Im your girlfriend. How could you treat me like this because of trash like him?" She was in the brink of tears. This was her ultimate card and she knew any man would fall for it.

"My girlfriend? Oh, wait! So you are the Emma Adams my mother was talking about? Listen, tell your father it won work. If he thought he will get into my family by pairing me with you, hes greatly mistaken," he smiled mockingly at her, held Leos hand and continued walking towards the parking lot.

Leo chanced a look back and he saw Emma and Emily standing there like statues looking at them disbelievingly. He smiled. He felt victorious. It wasrn something big but it still was victory. Maybe this was a premonition of good things to come.

"Sorry to ask but you are marrying Emma?" Leo asked Dylan as they boarded his Jaguar Range Rover sport.

"My father and hers took a government project together at the beginning of this year and they became close, business wise. Then Mr. Adams brought the idea of our families marrying so that they couod continue the friendship. But if you ask me, I think Mr. Adams deliberately collaborated with my father just to get me to marry his daughter. But even if I was to marry a woman, I wouldn marry her. She is so snobbish and such a b*tch. No one likes her in our class. They all tolerate her because she acts spoiled and buys things for our classmates," Leo smiled again knowingly looking outside the window so that Dylan wouldn notice but who was Dylan? He saw that smile and smiled too.

He wanted to make sure that Leo was ever happy. He would help him get his revenge.

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