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When Luo Ning came to the set, the crew had already set up the scene.

Today’s play was about the male lead attending a military meeting and accepting assigned tasks.

Qin Yize was dressed in a strict military uniform, and the senior members of the military were all veteran actors in the entertainment industry, but Qin Yize did not appear weak in the face of the older veterans at all, and what was even more rare was that his acting skills could also hold up the scene, so that he would not be overwhelmed by the seniors everywhere.

Even the teacher in his 70s who played the military marshal praised him: “Yize is very talented.”

Qin Yize was personally praised by the senior who he had always respected.

Laughing, Li Xin couldn’t help but lean over and say, “What’s so exciting about a good thing Could it be that you successfully confessed to Luo Ning”

Qin Yize restrained his smile and looked at him seriously: “I’m not just a lover.

I can’t just think of Luo Ning, I am also very enterprising, okay”

Li Xin smiled: “You finally admit that you like Luo Ning”

Qin Yize, whose tongue had slipped, immediately turned his eyes away awkwardly and said: “Who has admitted it”

Li Xin was helpless: “You still have to hide it from me During the few days when Luo Ning was away, you would be fascinated every night.

Do you really think I can’t see it”

Qin Yize was silent for a moment, then lowered his voice and said: “I really like him.”

Seeing Li Xin laughing beside him, Qin Yize’s face turned even redder: “What are you laughing at That I didn’t realize it at first”

Li Xin could only lower his head to hide his smile, then he said, “Then you realize now, what are you going to do When will you confess to Luo Ning”

Qin Yize thought about it and said, “Don’t worry too much, after all, I signed a pre-marriage agreement with him.

The agreement states that we will not interfere with each other after marriage.

What if I confess rashly and he rejects me He is likely to move back to the palace and even propose to divorce me.”

Li Xin: “…”

More! Looking at Luo Ning’s appearance, he clearly likes you too Otherwise, where did the hickey on your neck come from

Li Xin said with a headache: “You have slept in the same bed with him, are you stupid that you still haven’t confessed”

Qin Yize said seriously: “But I have nothing to do with Luo Ning at all right now, don’t think about it, we each respect each other.”

So, you just bear some teeth marks and hickeys every night, right

Li Xin felt that his own artist was very ridiculous, and he didn’t bother to care anymore.

He waved his hand and said, “Whatever you want, you can do it yourself.

However, I remind you, don’t delay for too long, until it’s too late, or things might change later.”

Qin Yize nodded cautiously: “I know.” After a pause, he said, “By the way, my mother sent over homemade desserts yesterday.

You can drop by and give… the director and them a set.”

Li Xin rolled his eyes and said, “Last time I delivered food for you to Luo Ning, and you said that I was nosy.

It’s been a long time, now you want me to run errands for you! If you want to send, do it yourself, don’t beg me for Luo Ning’s affairs.”

Qin Yize slapped his face and was too embarrassed to bother his agent again, so he called his assistant Xiao Qi and let her deliver it.

In addition to the director, he also gave some to the rest of the crew, so as not to let them think too much.

Xiao Qi didn’t know what was going on, so she immediately took the insulated box to deliver food to the director, which of course became Luo Ning’s dessert.


In the afternoon, Xiao Zhuo really came to visit the crew with his agent and reporters.

This time Xiao Zhuo was filming a TV series set in a hospital workplace, in which he played a resolute surgeon.

Unlike Qin Yize, who took the line of high-cold male god and received high-quality movies, Xiao Zhuo had always followed the idol route since his debut.

He had played a lot of roles in romance films, and he was always the handsome male protagonist, attracting a large number of fans and anti-fans, because of which Xiao Zhuo’s popularity had also risen.

Last year, he made a literary film “Corner”, which was about the life of a small person.

Xiao Zhuo’s acting skills exploded in the film, and he was nominated for “Best Actor” together with Qin Yize, but Qin Yize’s performance in “The Replicant Project” was too wonderful.

In the end, Qin Yize took away the Best Actor trophy.

Worse, Xiao Zhuo had not won the Best Actor Award so far.

They were classmates, so the outside world often compared them with each other.

Their styles were completely opposite.

Qin Yize had never had any scandals since his debut, but Xiao Zhuo had constant scandals.

Today, he was photographed dating this actress, then he was seen going to the same hotel with that little fresh meat tomorrow, anyway, the relationship scandals about him had never been broken, but so far, no girlfriend or boyfriend had been admitted by Xiao Zhuo, all of which was just seen as them chasing the wind.

With a smile on his face all day, he acted polite and like a spring breeze.

Even if such a handsome man was a little bit involved, fans also thought that he had the capital to be distracted.

As long as he didn’t admit it himself, his fans would automatically filter out anything like that under their “fan filter”.

Some time ago, he didn’t know who wanted to blackmail him on purpose and broke the news that he was “stepping on two boats”.

As a result, the paparazzi squatted on him for half a month, but they didn’t get for any “big news”.

Instead, it happened that Qin Yize and Luo Ning were photographed twice.

In addition, Qin Yize won the best male lead later, but Xiao Zhuo didn’t get it, and there was gradually a rumor in the circle that “Xiao Zhuo and Qin Yize had turned against each other”.

Today, Xiao Zhuo came to visit the crew under advice of the agents of both parties.

He wanted to refute the recent rumors.

This was a good way.

Luo Ning had heard of Xiao Zhuo for a long time, but it was the first time he saw him in person.

Xiao Zhuo’s hair was a very natural light golden color, and there was a gentle smile in his deep black eyes.

If you look at it from a close distance, the Alpha in front of him was more handsome than the one on the screen.

Moreover, his handsomeness did not look like someone in the entertainment industry.

He seemed so weak, yet very aggressive, with a very strong aura, even the smile on his face made people dare not look at him.

Xiao Zhuo came to visit the crew, so of course he didn’t come empty-handed, but brought a lot of fresh fruit to treat everyone.

After he greeted the director, screenwriter and others, he went to Qin Yize.

Qin Yize was resting on the set when he saw Xiao Zhuo walking over with a smile.

Also squinting, Luo Ning smiled, giving the impression of being very innocent and cute, but when Xiao Zhuo laughed, he gave the impression of being malicious, cunning, and full of scheming.

Qin Yize hated this guy’s smile the most, resisted the urge to roll his eyes, stood up and said, “Long time no see.”

Xiao Zhuo walked over with a smile, gave him a friendly hug, looked Qin Yize up and down, and said: “You are really handsome in this outfit! It’s the first time I’ve seen you in a military uniform.”

Qin Yize said lightly, “Thank you.”

The reporter who followed Xiao Zhuo’s agent took the opportunity to take a few photos.

Qin Yize originally thought that Luo Ning would mind the hype of the two agents, so he felt awkward, but after Luo Ning said “understanding the rules in the circle” in the morning, he felt that it was nothing, and tried to cooperate with Xiao Zhuo.

Anyway, Xiao Zhuo came to see him, that was real.

The reporter took a few photos and would send them out to break the rumors that the two were not in harmony.

It was also a benefit to the fans of both sides.

Xiao Zhuo leaned into Qin Yize’s ear and asked mysteriously, “Have you seen all the information I sent you”

Qin Yize’s cheeks turned hot, but he pretended to be calm and said, “Just watch it.

It’s not interesting either.”

Xiao Zhuo laughed: “Watching the expansion film is of course not as interesting as the actual combat.

If you have the opportunity to fight it in the future, you can talk to me about your feelings.”

The two chatted together, and they seemed to be very close friends indeed.

The reporters quickly took a lot of photos.

Since Qin Yize was about to shoot the next scene, Xiao Zhuo couldn’t affect the progress, so he just sat by and watched for a while, and he didn’t leave until the production crew was about to pack up in the evening.

That night, the photo of “Xiao Zhuo Exploring Qin Yize’s Crew” appeared on the homepage of Weibo.

In the photo, Qin Yize was dressed in military uniform and full of heroic spirit, while Xiao Zhuo looked smiling and personable.

The two high-value and high-traffic stars were in the same frame, which immediately caused a sensation among fans on both sides, and directly led to reposting, commenting, and fans tearing each other apart.

It was very lively on Weibo for a while, and this Weibo quickly topped today’s headlines.

However… out of the nine photos sent out, the fifth one in the middle captured Luo Ning passing by.

Against the background of the two high-value superstars, the surrounding staff would generally become unrecognizable passers-by, but Luo Ning’s temperament was really special, with curved eyes and a shallow smile on his face, he was standing by the side reading the script, looking very serious, ignoring Qin Yize and Xiao Zhuo completely, as if he was the protagonist in the photo, but the two big stars really became the green leaves that set off him.

The angle of this photo was very strange.

It caught Luo Ning very clearly.

Gradually, the direction of the comments also changed from “Qin Yize and Xiao Zhuo are old classmates, and their relationship is so good that there is no disagreement at all”, “Yize is handsome, I’m crying” “Xiao Zhuo is the most handsome”, and gradually changed to: “Who is that boy in the fifth picture” “Laughing so cutely!” “Hug your sister!” “Ah, ah, his smile hits me in seconds.

What should I do!”

Li Xin had always had a keen sense of smell, so when he noticed something was wrong, he immediately called Xiao Zhuo’s manager, with an angry voice: “Sister Xu, didn’t you review the photos before sending them!”

With an inexplicable look on her face, Xu Tong said: “I reviewed it, these nine photos were carefully edited, and both Yize and Xiao Zhuo look very handsome.”

Li Xin had a headache and rested his forehead on the wall: “Look at the fifth photo, there is another person in the picture!”

Xu Tong smiled: “It’s normal for a staff member to be in the picture when visiting the studio.

There are so many discussions on the Internet, but it’s because this person has more characteristics.

I asked around, he is just an intern of the production crew, an apprentice accepted by Teacher Xue, he is reading the script next to Xiao Zhuo, doesn’t this make our visiting the crew seem more realistic”

Li Xin: “…” I am not afraid of godly opponents, but pig-like teammates.

The number of Weibo reposts had exceeded 100 million, and it was too late to delete it, and if it was deleted, it would be even more obvious.

What’s even more terrifying was that netizens’ ability to gossip must not be underestimated.

Soon, the “true identity” of the person in the photo was revealed – his name was Lin Xiaoluo, an intern screenwriter of the crew, when Xiao Zhuo visited the class, he was reading the script next to him.

Many people found the Weibo of “screenwriter Lin Xiaoluo” and found that the poor one had only… ten fans.

They were even zombie fans.

So, everyone began to pay attention to the intern.

After Luo Ning went back in the evening, he casually opened Weibo to see today’s news, but was shocked by the hundreds of private messages that broke out – why did his Weibo instantly increase by tens of thousands of followers Taking a closer look, it turned out that they all came from Xiao Zhuo and Qin Yize.

Luo Ning, with a dazed face, went to ask Qin Yize what was going on.

Qin Yize looked at him and explained in a low voice: “Xiao Zhuo’s team doesn’t know you, they thought you were just a passerby and posted the photos of you on the Internet.

Your temperament is too special, attracting a large number of netizens.

This is because Xiao Zhuo and the others were not careful enough, and Li Xin just called and scolded them, and this will never happen again in the future.”

Qin Yize’s heart softened when he met Luo Ning’s innocent eyes, his voice became even more gentle: “Don’t think too much, those people follow you just because you look good when you smile.

Anyway, in the future, if you want to enter this circle and gain some fans, it won’t hurt you.”

Luo Ning nodded clearly: “So it is like that.”

He really was just passing by, why did he suddenly turn red


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