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FatherMother Escaped Again Chapter 7

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At dawn, the vociferous chirping of birds roused a certain ex-insomniac.




A hand feebly reached through the gorgeous crimson curtains. The formerly fair arm was now a spectacular pallor.

"That dastard!" Xia Yuqings voice issued from the curtains as she propped herself up tenderly. Her expression was dark. SOB, even if it was wrong of me to expose his affair with the beautiful grand tutor, it doesnt give him the right to bully me like that!

Xia Yuqing thanked a certain seme whod run off in the morning with an inner middle finger.



In the imperial study, he who had been thanked felt his nose itch and had to sneeze.

"What is it Did you exert yourself too much yesterday and catch a cold" Yan Ran raised his head from his documents and taunted.

"Perhaps someone was thinking of me." Feng Tingye drawled, glancing sideways at Yan Ran.

Feng Tingye looked like the cat that got the cream. It creeped out Yan Ran to the point of getting goosebumps. He laid his hand on the taciturn Leng Ruofengs shoulder and asked, "Ruofeng, dont you think married men are terrifying"

Leng Ruofeng coldly dusted off the offending hand. "Not as much as you." he said impassively.

"Me, terrifying How am I terrifying Youre breaking my heart here, Ruofeng." Yan Ran immediately clasped his bosom heartbrokenly. Leng Ruofeng shuddered.

"Stop fooling around, you miscreant." Feng Tingye smacked Yan Ran on the head with a sheaf of papers. "If you have time to goof around, then why dont you think of a solution Zitang is returning." He reminded him.

"That brats coming back Yan Rans face froze. He sneaked a glance at Feng Tingye.

Feng Tingye smiled. He patted Yan Rans shoulder, apparently sympathetic. "Yes, that brat."




"Milady, youve awakened." Hearing movement, Cuier was in the room before Xia Yuqing set foot down. "Are you alright, milady Let me help you wash up."

The ordinarily thick-skinned Xia Yuqing colored at this. "Ill do it myself."

"Can you even get up, milady Just let me do it." Cuier chuckled.

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Xia Yuqings face burned hotter, but she didnt refuse. She didnt have the strength to get ready by herself.

Xia Yuqings color was much improved after the currying. She simmered, supporting her nearly bisected pelvis.

"Cuier, let me ask you something."

"Go ahead, milady."

"Are outsiders permitted to stay in the palace"

"Why do you ask Per court etiquette, outsiders cannot stay and may only remain in the palace till 9 to 11 pm."

Xia Yuqing narrowed her eyes. No wonder hed have to vent if the beautiful grand tutor couldnt stay.

No! She couldnt continue like this. 3000x the affection or no, shed definitely kick the bucket if this went on! She needed to come up with a plan to bring the beautiful grand tutor into the place. If not, then she at least needed to find Seme-sama another uke!

"Its time for breakfast, milady." Cuier said, noticing Xia Yuqings expression

Xia Yuqing came to her senses and nodded a little. Shed just picked up a steaming white bun when a eunuch burst inside.

"Milady, the empress dowager had returned. Shes summoned you to an audience at the Palace of Tranquility and Compassion!"

"..." Xia Yuqing hadnt even managed a bite before she dropped the bun in the soup before her, splashing hot broth everywhere.

An emperors affection, a love rival, and now an evil mother-in-law. *tableflips* Cant this **ty transmigration just let me bee.

Puffed with indignation, Xia Yuqing nevertheless obediently followed the eunuch towards the Palace of Tranquility and Compassion. Since this was someone elses life, endure!

"My greetings to the empress dowager." Xia Yuqing bowed, cautiously peeking sideways at the enseated woman.

The empress dowager ought to be over forty, yet the seated woman didnt look over thirty. Her looks might lose to a younger womans, but she possessed dignity unique among those genteelly raised ladies, a dignity that stemmed from experience in exercising authority. If it werent for the unmistakable traces of makeup, then it would be truly difficult to believe that she was a forty some years old woman.

Madam Zhangsun took two sips from her teacup as she privately appraised the Xia princess whod been raising hell in the palace. When she noticed Xia Yuqing staring at her with blatant astonishment, she secretly smiled to herself. Seems she isnt some scheming strumpet.

Her eyes crinkled as she recalled the message shed received this morning. She really wanted to see what sort of person this the foreign princess whod libeled that her son was impotent, was.

"You are the princess from the State of Xia"

Xia Yuqing nodded flusteredly. "Yes, maam." She said to the floor.

Those questions were like grilling a suspect. Uwaah, could this be that super harsh, super malicious and nigh-invincible last BOSS That infamous sadistic mother-in-law of many novels

"Rumble—" A loud noise broke Madam Zhangsuns attention and Xia Yuqings daze.

Xia Yuqing touched her protesting belly and sobbed silently. Yesterday after dinner, shed been forced to "workout" by that savage for quite some time. Then shed been laid up for most of the morning. And when shed finally received some buns to eat, shed been hurriedly herded here. She didnt even get a bite of porridge, damnit!

Madam Zhangsun was nonplussed and almost snickered. She fixed her expression and coughed lightly. "Come on then."

Xia Yuqings eyes lit up. She lifted her head towards Madam Zhangsun, then realized that Madam Zhangsun had no intention of allowing Xia Yuqing to get up. Her smiling expression seized up. She must want to intimidate me first! How cruel!

Soon a line of maids bearing delicate dishes filed in. Each one breezed past Xia Yuqing.

The aroma unfailingly roused her stomach cry. Xia Yuqing wanted to dig a hole and bury herself.

You evil capitalists! Even your breakfast is so extravagant! Thats made from the blood, sweat, and tears of the people! Eat then, eat till you burst! Xia Yuqing thought savagely.

Meanwhile, the woman whod been pegged as an evil mother-in-law, watched Xia Yuqings unpredictable expressions amusedly. "Youve probably not had breakfast yet, princess. Come, let us first." She said when enough food had arrived.

Xia Yuqing was startled. She glanced up skeptically at the solemn empress dowager. Eh, this witch is inviting me to dine Is there a trap card

Despite her doubts, she couldnt resist the lure of fine food. Xia Yuqing thanked Madam Zhangsun happily and got up, intending to join her. She straightened boldly, forgetting her overworked hips...and fell from heaven to hell.

"AH—" Xia Yuqing yelped. She flailed for the closest maid and tumbled down with her. This motion set off the defenseless victims in front of them, and Xia Yuqing experienced the eighth wonder of a different world—HUMAN DOMINOES!



Feng Tingye had learnt that Madam Zhangsun summoned Xia Yuqing only after court ended. Worried, he set off towards the Palace of Tranquility and Compassion at a killer pace.

]Just as he arrived at the door, he heard a burst of shrieking. Feng Tingyes heart clenched and he charged in.

Some eunuch was screeching in the chaos, "H-Help! Get the imperial physician—the physician—the empress dowagers broken her hip–."



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