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Chapter 25: So you like these kinds of things!

By the way I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas! I was planning on posting an extra chapter that day, but my birthday festivities got a little busy.

Xia Yuqing wiped her tears but from the corner of her eyes she quietly observed Feng Tingyes silence. Feng Tingyes face appeared even more mysterious than before, her heart trembled. It couldnt be that just now I accidentally said the wrong words and Ive exposed myself.

Right when she was trying to figure out how she could get out of the mess she has made, she became aware of a shadow above her head. Lifting her head she saw Feng Tingyes claws reaching over. Frightened by the abrupt movement, she jumped three feet high and retreated backwards a few steps to increase the distance between them. She acted completely like a young mistress about to get taken advantage of by an evil tyrant.

“Your Majesty, speaking is fine, lets not start coming to blows” Taking a defensive stance, her face showed she was taking precautions of Feng Tingye. Her eyes filled with fright, is it possible that today will be the day that she will suffer from the ravage of his hands

Feng Tingye arched his eyebrows, the corner of his mouth couldnt help but draw out. Narrowing his eyes, he made a dangerous laugh. “Ai Fei, you dont have to be so tense. Zhen doesnt have any other intentions. Merely, everything you said has no basis, no proof. Zhen still believes in the saying.seeing is believing.”

Suspiciously staring at Feng Tingye, in her mind she was wondering why that sentence sounded extremely familiar. After a moment of deep thinking, she suddenly recalled the time that Gorgeous Tutor and the arrogant strategist were at the ravine region, the Ultra Seme Lord also said something along those lines. In fact…

At the first pit, falling in would be pardonable. If at the exact pit, you fell again then it would certainly beyou reap what you sow. At that moment, Feng Tingye appeared to be a giant wolf glaring at his prey. Glaring at this little white rabbit, preparing to swallow it whole at the right moment.

Her body from head to toe shivered uncontrollably, looking towards Feng Tingye with alert eyes she issued out a warning. “Your Majesty, what kind of facts do you want to see”

“Obviously… ” He slowly advanced towards Xia Yuqing. “to look at Ai Feis unique birthmark.”

Feng Tingye took another step forward, while Xia Yuqing took another step back. “Your Majesty, just a moment ago didnt you already see it”

“Ahh, earlier I took just a quick glimpse at it, how could Zhen see it clearly To authenticate something of its bogusness, naturally I would have to very, very, VERY carefully search out all the fine details. Then I would be able to announce my Ai Fei as innocent.” With a quick step, he directly threw Xia Yuqings entire body onto the middle of the soft bed.

“….” Once again being forced into close approximations of the embroidered coverings of the bed, Xia Yuqing had only one thought, to burst out with profanity! WTF, Ultra Seme Lord! You are definitely trying to cheat me, dont even try to deny it! Is it this much fun to bully someone Saying that you are a cool elegant and magnificent noble, BULLSHIT! Arent you basically a ruthless tyrant

“Look, look, you can look! Just dont touch my clothes! HELLPPP! ASSAULLTT!!” Seeing Feng Tingyes hand beginning to pull on the front pieces of her clothing, regardless of any of the etiquettes or legal system in place in this era, Xiq Yuqing began weeping at the top of her lungs.

“Hahaha, Ai Fei, you are truly interesting. Not even mentioning Zhen only wants to see your shoulders, but even if Zhen wants to make love with you right now, it would be right and proper. Even if you yell out assault… even call out so hard that you damage your voice, there would be nobody who would come to your rescue.”

She stared blankly, why do those words of his sound so familiar Oh Shit! Wasnt it from the part of a novel where the evil tyrant would steal the women and ravage them

“”Little wife, try screaming. Even if you scream until you damage your throat, no one will come save you”

“…” Xia Yuqing was just stroked on her head a bit, but she immediately started to get emotional. Interesting, youre interesting, your whole family is interesting! A scholar would rather be killed than humiliated. But today no matter what she says, it would not matter.

Just when Xia Yuqing had made a firm resolution to die rather than submit, when she was about the launch a full on tussle with Feng Tingye, an object in the midst of their struggle suddenly rolled out from the embroidered bed sheets, issuing a loud sound.

Xia Yuqing and Feng Tingye were both startled, taking the same action without consulting each other, they both turned their heads to see what that object was. Xia Yuqings pupils immediately shrank and with the momentum of a thunderbolt shoved Feng Tingye aside and charged towards the book that lay sprawled on the ground.

Unfortunately just when her finger was a centimetre away from the cover of the book, she abruptly stopped. Trying to stretch out her fingers as much as possible, Xia Yuqing exerted all her strength to move forwards, yet the distance did not diminish at all.

At that moment, a long hand reached out from the side of Xia Yuqings body and extended forward. Relaxed, it reached out and touched the spine of the book, then right in front of Xia Yuqings gaze, seized the book into his hands.

With one hand pulling the collar of Xia Yuqings clothes and one hand holding the book and seeing Xia Yuqings frightened countenance, he faintly smiled. “Ai Fei, why are you so nervous about this book. Could it be that this book has some secret written inside that cannot be divulged”

Unhurriedly he opened up the book to expose the identity of the title. But to see a faint blue cover with only five big words written upon it: “Eighteen.. styles.. of.. Dragon.. Yang”

[LOOLL this is basically 18 ways to make love… between males]

Once again, Feng Tingyes smiling expression stiffened, petrified completely.

While Feng Tingye flipped the page to look at the title of the book, Xia Yuqing was silently covering her eyes. Wahh, what great sin has she ever violated How could she have placed such an important item in such a location, Lu Rui, that Ya Tou, how could she not even remind me about it This time, Ultra Seme Lord… is going to flip out!

Feng Tingye being someone who has seen the world [experienced a lot], after a short duration of being petrified, his complexion became heavy. Then making a mysterious profound face, started to thumb through the book within his hand.

Under the alarmed Xia Yuqings attentive gaze at him, he exposed a meaningful smiling expression. “Ai Fei, Zhen did not anticipate that you would actually be fond of these kind of things. Zhen understands. Zhen will try his best to accomodate you.”

Just a short statement but it seemed as if it were a bolt from the blue, striking Xia Yuqing to death. Your sister likes these kind of things, your sister can accommodate. This old woman has suffered so many hardships to find this book intending to help you fulfill your wishes of being with your group of Ukes. Ultra Seme Lord, you havent mistaken my intentions right Inside that book is evidently two guys having some good ol expedition. Dont you dare lower your selectiveness and deceive yourself just so you could have some expedition for fun!

Sluggishly she watched as her escape, that hasnt resulted in anything, simply get thrown out like sand. Then once again she was thrown onto the bed. Embracing the quilt around herself, she shrank back.

“What is there to cover up What on Ai Feis body have Zhen not seen before”

“…” Ultra Seme Lord, dont say I didnt warn you, trying to take liberties with a woman frivolously is illegal!

Unfortunately, someone has clearly forgotten that now in her current period, there are no laws like when she was in the 21st century. Rather, they were in a tyrannical dictatorship era, where that someones words are weighed tremendously and is the law. Thus, her retort could only ultimately be ridiculed.

“Your Majesty, didnt you just say a moment ago that you had no thoughts of this sort” Exerting all her strength, she tried to support her clothes. She has decided to put up her final resistance

“Then is then and now is now. Ai Fei is like this ** to Zhen, if Zhen doesnt help accomplish Ai Feis wished, I would be too insensitive.”

** Which eye did you see me ** you Arent you the Ultra Seme Lord, the emperor Rulers arent allowed to go back on their words, each word spoken is an enormous weight. Now you are saying one thing but doing another. Your words are the same as farts, are you for real

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Indeed, Feng Tingye was unable to hear Xia Yuqings inner roars, at present he was devoting his complete efforts to swallow this little rabbit completely, so there would be no future worries.

“Ai Fei, its getting late now, but it doesnt matter. We have the entire night to research and study all the positions in this book, I will definitely satisfy Ai Feis.… addiction.”

Wahh, Heavenly sin, why do I have to go through it! Ive sinned myself but cant do anything about it! Ultra Seme Lord pleeeaaasseee let me go, with this many positions to go through… Ill definitely die! DEFINITELY!


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