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Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Who the hell are you

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Right when Feng Tingyes voice could be heard, Liu Yixiangs pair of eyes abruptly brightened. In her lifetime, this was the first time she has ever felt this grateful of Feng Tingyes appearance.

Feng Tingye looked at everyone. Seeing Liu Yixiang unceasingly try to hint at something with her eyes to him, his eyes had a glance of puzzlement.

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Liu Yixiang upon seeing that Feng Tingye having a confused apperance, in the end could not help but grit her teeth with annoyance and spoke. “[Chen Nu] sees the emperor [Way of showing respect to the emperor], reporting to royal cousin, just now Consort Qing and [Gu Mu] were just deliberating about performing in the Palace of Compassion and Tranquility... a song... with the zither!”

[Chen Nu= saying I your servant. Different from Chen qie in that Chen qie is usually used by the imperial concubines.]

Coming as no surprise, Feng Tingyes smiling expression disappeared instantly. Following, with a light narrowing of his eyes, he smiled slightly. “[Mu Hou] and Qinger being able to get along with each other, really makes [Zhen] pleased. But coincidently, [Zhen] came here today to find Qinger to discuss some important matters. The issue of playing the zither will unfortunately have to be delayed. I hope that [Mu Hou] can show understanding and not brood over this.”

[Mu Hou= a formal way of the emperor calling his mother]

[Zhen = how the imperial family says I]

“If Tinger has some important matters to deliberate with Consort Qing, how could [Ai Jia] brood over this The matter with playing the zither could be put on hold, the future is long [there will be ample time for this later], there is no rush.”

[Ai Jia = I, me/ self-referring by a widowed empress]

Hearing those four wordsthe future is long, the corner of his mouth twitched slightly. Leaving no evidence of his small defeat here, he turned around and picked up Xia Yuqing. “[Ai Fei], [Zhen] has been trying to find you the entire day, finally I have found you. Lets go. Return with [Zhen] and lets have a proper discussion.”

[Ai Fei = endearing/ affectionate way to call his imperial concubines]

Xia Yuqing watching Feng Tingyes smile that hinted his malicious intentions, her back became cold, and in a great rush began to struggle. “I dont...”

When those two words were spoken, Feng Tingye eyes became cold and similar to killing a pig stared at Xia Yuqing as if his eyes were the scorching sun. Directly causing Xia Yuqing to become like withering Golden Needles (type of flower).

“[Er Chen] [Er Chen = I, your servant (usually used by the sovereign in addressing himself when speaking with someone with a higher status than himself)] has some important matters to deal with, so I will head out first. I will come again tomorrow to pay respects to [Mu Hou]”

“Go, go.” Seeing Feng Tingyes rushed form then seeming like he was carrying a chick in his hand, he lifted Xia Yuqing and hurriedly left. Zhang Sunshi couldnt help but sigh. “Like this theyve left, what a pity.”

Seeing Xia Yuqing finally being taken away, the silent Liu Yixiang by Zhang Sunshis side quickly wiped off her cold sweat. Letting out a deep breath, Liu Yixiang overheard Zhang Sunshis words and her body slipped out of her chair and rolled to the ground.

“Huh Xianger, what happened” Zhang Sunshi cried out in alarm when she turned to see what the sudden sound of activity was. Advancing forward intending to support Liu Yixiang, Liu Yixiang quickly shouted.

“Dont... dont... dont move”

“Xianger, whats wrong Dont scare me!” Zhang Sunshi stared at Liu Yixiangs extremely unnatural posture as well as her prominent suffering on her expression and at once was extremely nervous.

“Noth... Nothing. Just now I just moved too abruptly and pulled my waist.”


Trying to frantically escape, Lu Rui was once again rushed into a great mess at the Palace of Compassion and Tranquility. She silently looked up towards the sky. As expected, humankind already cannot prevent [Niang Niangs] killing weapon Your mom [basically a curse]... is just too savage, she can never again in the future follow [Niang Niang] outside, it is genuinely too terrifying.

Completely unknowing of how she once again has caused another disaster, Xia Yuqing has currently found herself in a difficult situation as well. Resembling a little chick being carried the entire journey to Fragrant Palace Hall, the palace hall door was ferociously slammed, directly blocking her escape route to survival.

Thrown onto the soft bed with a thump, Xia Yuqing had a face of defeat. Bitterly staring at Feng Tingye she used her eyes to condemn him and dignifiedly announced. “Your Majesty, its still day time ** there are rules laid down by the ancestors. You being the countrys role model ought to have even more control and restraint, then can you become an incomparable gentleman throughout the ages.” The most important thing is that you have a pile of ukes outside who are perfectly fine, you should go play with them. Why are you bullying me for no reason at all!! Waaaa ~

Entertained by Xia Yuqings forceful, upright speech, he happily replied. “It seems like [Zhen] did not remember wrong, [Zhen]s legendary reputation has already been forfeited to your hands. [Zhen] hasnt even sought you out for this debt, yet on the contrary, you are actually criticizing [Zhen]. Moreover, arent you just overthinking things [Zhen] currently hasnt even thought of that, but if you really want it....”

“What” Having heard what was said, Xia Yuqing immediately became unhinged. Using both her hands to wrap around her chest, her face guarding against the looks of Feng Tingye exclaimed. “If you didnt have that kind of notion, why did you pull on my clothes Playing cosplay”

“Cosplay” Feng Tingye softly thought over those unfamiliar words.

Realizing her slip of the tongue, she hurriedly coughed. “Dont change the topic, you still havent answered me, you....”

She hasnt even finished talking, when Feng Tingyes face once again appeared in front of Xia Yuqings. Her hands immediately tried to wave him off, but was easily slapped away by Feng Tngye. Gripping onto her wrists, he pushed her down onto the bed.

“State of Xias little princess, Xia Yuqing. 18 years old and was a bastard child formed when Xia states emperor was drunk and had made love with a lowly maid. From childhood, because of her mothers status she was ridiculed and bullied. In everyones eye, she wasnt even comparable to a palace maid. When she was five, she had a fever that would not subside. Unable to give her treatment in time, it resulted in an incompletely cured illness. From then on, she would silently stay in the cold palace foolishly passing the days of her meager existence.”

Feng Tingyes constraint of Xia Yuqings chin did not permit her to evade his sight for even the slightest amount. He coldly laughed. “Three months ago state of Xia and State of Ye had a marriage of convenience. Originally arranging the third princess to marry Your Majesty, she suddenly fell ill while there were no other princesses within the State of Xia who was willing to be in this arranged marriage. Xias emperor then recalled that he had that one night of favor [implying bestowing a favor/ grace on the maid] which resulted in that bastard of his. Ten miles of red dowry, substituting to marry into the State of Ye. Who would have thought that the originally foolish inarticulate little princess having once left the State of Xia would completely change. No longer dimwitted, on the contrary has become bizarre and unconstrained causing one to have a headache. [Ai Fei] , are you able to inform [Zhen] what the hell is going on Being the same person, how could the difference between the beginning to present be this huge”

[Ai Fei = loved concubine]

“Ahahahahaha, this...”

Xia Yuqings dry smile under his cold fingertips touching her own neck possessively was unable to move. Waaa, Super Seme Lord, you must be thinking of shuttling me off to return back to happiness [basically killing her off so she returns back to her good old days] Dont!”

Staring fixedly into Xia Yuqings alarmed expression, he gently caressed her nape, lowered his head and laughed. “[Zhen] has specially dispatched a group of people to go to the State of Xia to investigate State of Xias little princess. Apparently on the side of her nape there was a light blue butterfly birthmark that is completely unique underneath the heavens, but seen as ominious by the Xia States royal family. [Ai Fei]s butterfly birthmark is still here, but temperament has gone through huge changes. Is it really the same person or is everything all just your disguise”

Feng Tingyes vision illuminated and stared straight into Xia Yuqings eyes. Slowly articulating each word out powerfully, asked. “Who the hell are you”


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