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The past week Ive been busy with back the school stuff. And next week will be my mock exams. So translatings slowed down. Ill make it up, promise.

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Jade Gate Pass was a western frontier post on the Silk Road.

Wall Flip is a novel that is easy to read, difficult to translate. My translations not the most accurate, but I try my best to convey the flavor and meaning.

After eating her fill, Xia Yuqing put up her feet and had her "fun". Feng Tingye wasnt so lucky.

"So our Majestys finally finished with his business. Do you still remember your hardworking subjects whove been toiling for the sake of the country" Feng Tingye was confronted by three well-dressed young men when he left the Hall of Captured Fragrance. He arched an eyebrow at the malicious-looking leader of the lot. "Didnt you all go back"

Shao Zitang gave Feng Tingye a scalding look. "Go back Did you forget what date it was while you were playing with that girl Prince Rui will return in two days. I found some very interesting things while I was out in disguise." He smiled icily.

Feng Tingyes eyes flashed, "Lets go to the Imperial Study."

Shao Zitang didnt keep them in suspense. He began as soon as the four entered the Imperial Study, "I was passing through Jade Gate Pass in the guise of a merchant with a caravan. I heard many rumors along the way, including those about Prince Ruis return to the capital."

Leng Ruofengs eyebrows pinched. "Rumors" He spat out coldly.

"Many think that Prince Rui is returning to offer an alliance with the State of Xue."

"Heeh, an alliance with them" Yan Rans eyes smiled mockingly. "Prince Rui is a subject of the State of Ye. Yet after defeating the State of Xue, he doesnt press on for greater rewards, but turns around to make an alliance. His intentions are clear."

Feng Tingyes sly eyes narrowed evilly. He sneered coldly. "Even a caravan can tell that he is selling out his country. Does he think we are still an ignorant child Tell He Wenzhong to increase the security during Prince Ruis return to the capital. If need be, call more troops to the capital. Wed like to see what kind of tricks hell pull. Father has died, but I am still alive. Does he truly believe I am still that baby that he can bully"

The three were startled by Feng Tingyes rare display of anger. Then eagerness sparked on their faces.

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"That curs always been arrogant just because hes had some military success. Well send him packing if hes coming to rock the boat. Weve been waiting a long time to teach him a lesson." Yan Rans enchanting smile belied his disquieting words.

These men had been selected by the previous emperor among the children of the government officials and military leaders at court to accompany Feng Tingye, as the future buttresses of the nation. Their only purpose was to clear the path to the throne for this man. Any obstacles in his way, no matter who they were, were opponents they must eliminate.

They were his most devoted subjects and aides. They were also Feng Tingyes most trusted friends.

"Yeah yeah, were done now. So are you going to reward me for my time I spent days in the middle of nowhere gathering proof of Prince Ruis collaboration with the enemy, investigating his movements. I thought Id get some recognition for my efforts when I returned to court, but looks like I was expecting too much from one of those bastards that put hoes over bros. Its been a whole day, but I havent even had so much as a sip of tea, not to mention a bite of food for my starving stomach."

Shao Zitang grumbled on. Feng Tingye was dismayed to realize that theyd been waiting on him from the morning till now. They were probably serious peeved.

Yan Ran wrapped an arm around Shao Zitangs neck. "Hahaha. Is that all, Xiao Tangtang People will laugh at a great big man like you losing to hunger." He laughed nastily.

Shao Zitang didnt kick Yan Ran away like usual, and instead grabbed Yan Rans hand. He beamed, showing his pearly white teeth, which more blinding than the sun. "Im not a great big man! Im only a growing boy. Neglecting children and letting them starve is immoral, okay. You bad man."

"Ow—" Yan Ran cradled his almost crushed paws tearily.

Leng Ruofeng and Feng Tingye shared a look. They felt chilled. Little shouta, you truly are the bane of that bad mans existence. You little baby, can you get any vainer than that

"Ahem, you all must be tired. Youve been running around all day. Stay for dinner. Xiao Xizi, bring the food." Feng Tingye took action to pacify the brooding Shao Zitang by feeding him.

They glanced at each other, then nodded.

Looking at the laden table of food, Feng Tingye remembered something. He called Xiao Xizi over and quietly inquired about a certain someone.

"Your Majesty, the servants of the Hall of Captured Fragrance reported that Consort Qing arose in the evening and ahem, shes had dinner. Her appetite was...wonderful."

Although the eunuch spoke quietly, everyone present had their ways. They heard every word.

The callous Feng Tingye was actually asking after a womans welfare. Their eyebrows spazzed, their expressions indescribably queer.

Yan Ran placed down his chopsticks. He smiled gravely. "Tch tch tch. Tingye, you couldnt have fallen for that girl, right She might be pretty to look at, but her heads full of weird things. Unimaginably weird things. Are you sure she is the partner you want"

Feng Tingye glared at Yan Ran. "Youre making too much of it. Keep eating. All this food still cant block your damn mouth."

Shao Zitang shared a look with Leng Ruofeng. He said circuitously, "Tingye, the welcoming banquet is in two days. Consort Qing..."

"Will of course be there."

Yan Rans chopsticks trembled. The shredded pork and green peppers slipped from his chopsticks back into the dish. He grimaced at Feng Tingyes nonchalant expression. "Youre bringing her along like you two are joined at the hip. And you say theres nothing to it."

Feng Tingye glanced at him in annoyance. "Not at all, not at all. We simply heard that Prince Rui will be returning triumphantly from the State of Xue with a beautiful and talented songstress. Wont it be embarrassing if we arent accompanied by a beauty as well."

The three were instantly enlightened. So, youre going unleash her destructive power on someone else since you cant deal with it yourself, and salvage the remains of your pride. This kind of disagreeable personality that cant stand seeing others happy... Your Majesty, can you get any vainer Youre definitely the vainest one heeere!


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