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“Then how did he die” Jiang Yue probed further.

“That day happened to be Xue Zhuzis sixteenth birthday, so Dagui went to town to buy some good food for Xue Zhuzi.

On the way back, he accidentally tripped over the threshold of the door and fell.

His head hit a large wooden pole, and he died.

He bought things for Xue Zhuzi first…” Speaking of this, Xue Yan suddenly thought of something and immediately stopped, frowning.

“You saw it first” Jiang Yue continued.

Xue Yan nodded.

“What a coincidence,” Jiang Yue said.

Xue Yan also knew this.

After a while, he said, “In my previous life, we all thought that Daguis death was an accident.

But now, it didnt seem to be an accident.”

It was too much of a coincidence that could have been related to his uncle.

If Xue Zhuzi was really the son…

“Tell me,” Jiang Yue spoke again at a steady pace, “Is it possible that Dagui found out that he was there when he came back from buying things and happened to know that he was Xue Zhuais real father, so Dagui fought with him, then accidentally fell down and died”

“Thats a possibility,” Xue Yan forced a smile.

He suspected that there was a high possibility of this outcome.

In his previous life, it would have been great if he had known that his eldest uncle didnt treat his biological daughters as well as Xue Zhuzi.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have only found out that Daguis death might not have been an accident in this life.

“In three days, right Sure.” Jiang Yue nodded.

“Then well follow Dagui closely and see whats going on.

Wufu met a bear in his past life, and he still met a bear in this life.

His fate didnt change just because he went out to the deep mountains with us.

I feel that Daguis accident will still happen in this life.” She paused and looked straight into his eyes.

“Xue Yan, the reason why you were reborn… Is probably because you have many unsolved mysteries in your previous life, and you need to solve them in this life.”

Xue Yans mind was greatly shaken by this statement.

It seemed like… It was…

Otherwise, why would his brother come back with him and her halfway and not continue hunting with Hunter Wu How could he still meet the blind bear

Otherwise, why would everyone think that Dagui had died by accident in his previous life He realized that it might not have been an accident in this life…

In fact, he had lived a muddled life in his previous life and there were still many things he didnt know.

Were there really so many mysteries that he needed to solve

Jiang Yue didnt care about his reaction.

She only thought about the possibility that Xue Zhuzi wasnt their biological son, and that Xue Yan really wasnt Xue Dafu and Liu Guixias biological son yet they treated him so well.

She casually asked, by the way, “Youre not their biological child either.

Did you find your biological parents in your previous life”

Xue Yans eyes darkened.

“Whats wrong”

Xue Yan forced a smile, “I havent.

I dont want to.

I dont know where to start.” He paused and added, “No one came to me either.”

“Its a mystery.

Maybe itll be solved in this life,” Jiang Yue said after a moment of silence.

“I hope it wont be.” He had been abandoned, and no one had ever looked for him.

No matter who his biological parents were, he never wanted to know.

Everyone in the family treated him very well.

To him, Xue Dafu and Liu Guixia were his biological parents.

Seeing that he was in a worse mood than usual, Jiang Yue fell silent for a moment before she told him the truth, “Sometimes, its not like you dont want it to happen.

It just happens anyway.”


Now, she really felt that his rebirth was because there were too many mysteries in his previous life that he didnt know.

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