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Chapter 952: Si Yuanyuan

Li Qiye continued on while looking at her: “To be able to cultivate the scripture to this level… it seems like geniuses are nothing compared to you.

However, why is it that a disciple who can reach this level only has the beginner level merit laws of the Crimson Night’s imperial family This is quite interesting.”

“There are many interesting things in this world, it’s nothing to make a fuss about.” Si Yuanyuan answered.

Li Qiye gently shook his head: “It wouldn’t be surprising if you were a vagrant cultivator as it’s a different story for someone who can cultivate the elementary merit laws of the imperial family.

Unless all of them are blind, those old monsters should have been able to see your talents.”

He looked at her and smiled: “Let me take a guess…”

“No need to guess, the world is full of unknowns.” Si Yuanyuan was still calm and seemed to be a bit bored.

Li Qiye continued on: “Not necessarily.

With me, everything can change in the future.

Miss Si, if I am not mistaken, you come from a side branch of the Crimson Night, a very distant branch in fact.

You weren’t exposed to very many merit laws, so your choices were limited.

However, you have a persistent dao heart.

Ever since you obtained the Sunset Glow Scripture, the purest primordial law from your Blood Race, you began to defeat all the young talents in your country!”

Si Yuanyuan wanted to interject, but she chose to stay quiet instead.

Li Qiye went on: “A genius like you is worth grooming in any sect! However, you still didn’t gain any support.

Thus, there was only one possibility.

Your presence had an impact on the future successor of the country.

Although you belong to a side branch, you have the bloodline of the imperial family flowing through you.

Your ancestor must be someone from the imperial family, and they even carry the bloodline of Immortal Emperor Chi Ye!”

“These are only your speculations.” Si Yuanyuan had to comment.

However, judging from her expression, he was right.

“A person like you is a genius for the country.

Alas, this is not a good thing for the young members of the imperial family due to the inevitable competition in each generation! A person like you did not gain support from any side.” Li Qiye paused for a bit here: “However, the country was unwilling to give up such a genius.

Thus, they summoned you to the imperial family and let you cultivate the elementary laws, calling it a trial! Of course, the reality was that they were purposely suppressing you, unwilling to allow you to train in the core techniques, not even the emperor laws.”

“Your speculation might not be right.” She slowly commented.

“Really” Li Qiye continued on: “I don’t think so.

Any knowledgeable ancestor would understand that your future was very promising if you cultivated emperor laws.

In such a scenario, you would be able to compete with the other dukes for the position of successor!”

He leisurely smiled and went on: “If I am not mistaken, the imperial family’s first branch right now is Chi.

They even support their claim by saying they have the bloodline of the primal ground! If, one day, the throne belongs to someone with the last name Si… naturally the group of the ancestors behind everything wouldn’t want such a thing.”

Si Yuanyuan was very quiet at this time because Li Qiye was completely correct.

She really did come from a side branch with the direct bloodline from Immortal Emperor Chi Ye.

Although her cultivation was solid and powerful at this moment, there were many people in the imperial family who didn’t want her to reach a level capable of competing for the throne!

“For ages now, the reason for many sects’ demise — outside of powerful enemies — is because of internal power struggles!” Li Qiye softly sighed: “How many people would have the great temperament to willingly hand over their power to others Those who would cede their power to someone more capable for the sake of their nation’s development are all incredible sages.”

At this point, Si Yuanyuan stared at Li Qiye with caution and fear in her eyes.

It was too terrifying that he could see through everything about her from just a casual glance.

Anyone would shiver at such a thought.

“I have no malicious intent towards you, there’s no need to be so wary of me.” Li Qiye was aware of her attitude.

He smiled and said: “On the contrary, I am interested in you.”

“In what sense” She still stared at him with prudence.

Of course, Li Qiye’s expression showed that he was not just teasing her.

“Come with me.” Li Qiye chuckled then made a proposition: “You are wasting your youth by staying at Crimson Night.

You are better off following me.

I can give you things that they can’t! A few of them do not want you to vie for the royal throne.

Plus, you are not happy with the status quo, you’re unwilling to be at their mercy, to be suppressed at their whim.”

“I am a disciple of Crimson Night.

Willing or not, I will not leave it and definitely will not oppose it.

I am its child and I shall die as its child!” She answered with a very calm tone.

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “If you were willing, then you wouldn’t have left the country to raise bees in this place.” Li Qiye stopped for a moment: “Plus, I am neither telling you to leave Crimson Night nor to oppose it.

You should know that you are walking down the path of stagnation! It is an affront to your potential! You need to break through and find a great teacher!”

Si Yuanyuan’s eyes turned serious as she pondered for a moment.

Li Qiye was absolutely correct.

She didn’t hate Crimson Night, but she also felt indignant.

This was not due to hatred but rather her future aspirations.

She didn’t want to stop here.

Her goal on the path of cultivation should be much further, just like the wise sages or the ancestors standing at the apex.

Si Yuanyuan calmly spoke: “Why do you want me” She was not a competitive person, but she was not weak either.

There was stubbornness inside her gentle nature.

“This is a bad habit of mine.

I really appreciate talents, especially people with a strong dao heart.” Li Qiye smiled: “In terms of talents, you are not supreme.

However, you are quite determined.

This allowed you to truly understand the mysteries and profundities of the Sunset Glow Scripture — this is much easier said than done!”

“I will not work for an outsider.” Despite the gentle tone, she was very firm on this.

Li Qiye patiently smiled: “Miss, if I truly wanted you to work for me, then the choice wouldn’t be up to you.

In fact, I have no intention of doing so.

I’m not looking down on you, but if I am inviting generals, you are definitely not a good candidate…”

“… Your dao foundation is very pure and you have great potential.

Alas, you are not someone who understands how to attack nor do you have the foresight necessary to strategizing! You are only fit to be a pure expert, a true cultivator.”

Li Qiye took his time explaining, but Si Yuanyuan slowly shook her head: “I appreciate your kind thoughts, but I don’t plan to follow you.”

“Don’t refuse so fast, wait until you see my gift before saying no.” Li Qiye smiled and opened his mind.

“Clank!” A series of dao runes flew towards Si Yuanyuan.

“Don’t refuse them, let this be my greeting gift to you.” Li Qiye spoke.

Si Yuanyuan wanted to dodge, but these dao runes quickly disappeared inside her forehead.

They entered her sea of memories and began to change.

She immediately turned aghast after seeing this!

“This is…” She was quite frightened and took several thumping steps back.

This was a big shock to her.

“This, this is impossible!” She took a deep breath and stared at Li Qiye in disbelief.

“Since you have cultivated the Sunset Glow Scripture to this level, you should know a few things as well.” Li Qiye said: “The scripture is the original book of your Blood Clan.

In fact, it can also be considered to be your clan’s primordial merit law.

Unfortunately, a regrettably few number of people were able to cultivate its real essence.

Immortal Emperor Chi Ye is one of them.”

He looked straight at her: “What I just taught you is the primordial dao law of your race.

I believe I don’t need to say more about its benefits.”

“On top of the Sunset Glow Scripture, if you could also cultivate the primordial dao law of your race, must I speak more about your future potential on the path towards the grand dao” Li Qiye smiled.

Si Yuanyuan contemplated quietly once more.

For her, this primordial dao was more precious than emperor laws or even Heaven’s Will Secret Laws! It was completely suitable for her dao foundation! This would allow her to return to the source, a type of atavism!

She solemnly asked: “Who are you” She definitely didn’t think that he was a nobody at this point.

“Who I am is not important.

I just want to say that I can give you a future and earn your trust.

One day, you will understand that letting this opportunity go would be the biggest mistake of your life!” Li Qiye claimed.


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