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Chapter 925: Blood Race’s Secret

The rude teasing enraged the four matrons once more.

They glared at Li Qiye and wanted to tear him into pieces.

Alas, they had to endure this anger.

The Winter Matron said: “You alone actually want to take it No one has ever been able to! Stop daydreaming!”

Li Qiye slowly said: “Mmm, I’m now relieved.

So that sword is still there, very good, I’ll definitely take it.”

The four matrons immediately turned silent as if there was an egg in their mouths.

They didn’t know whether to be angry or crazy.

Li Qiye was simply toying around with them.

They scowled and chose to ignore him.

The other experts didn’t say anything either.

This seemingly insane fella was trying to find out more information by provoking them.

“Aizz, when I was studying back then, I heard this one legend.

It says that your Blood Primal Ground isn’t the direct branch from your progenitor.

It states that it was a usurp from the original Blood Race…” Li Qiye was being carried by his limbs by four experts.

However, he didn’t seem to care at all while leisurely talking to the four matrons.

This vexing attitude towards the matrons made others think that he wanted a beating.

The matrons learned their lesson and chose to turn the other way.

They knew exactly what he was up to.

Although no one paid attention to him, he still kept on going: “I saw in an ancient scroll that you guys made up the legend about the immortal blood turning into a living being, your Blood Forefather.

Another one claims that your real progenitor was a devil that mated with an old female corpse that gave birth to your race…”

The Autumn Matron immediately shouted: “Nonsense! Watch your tongue!”

Li Qiye didn’t care for such a threat and lazily went on: “I’m not the one who said it.

There is evidence for this.

You four are the matrons in the legend, so you should also know about these old matters.

Outside of the Mortal Emperor World, some Blood members believe these theories.

Even if you cut off my tongue, you still wouldn’t be able to stop the rest of the world from talking about it.

It isn’t a big secret at all.

Back when the different groups competed for the main lineage and caused a big commotion, the entire nine worlds found out about it!”

“Hmph…” The Autumn Matron scowled.

Although she was reluctant to admit it, it did cause a huge uproar back then.

“Immortal blood turning into a living thing.” Li Qiye pondered for a moment before speaking: “How should we go about this theory You know, if your primal ground really wants to prove your bloodline, it isn’t that hard.

First, immortals must exist in this world.

If there are no immortals, then everything is wrong and your theory has no basis, right”

“There are immortals!” The Spring Matron looked at Li Qiye and sneered: “Just how vast is this world How could a junior like you imagine its immensity Your vision is limited to the nine worlds!”

“So there are other locations outside of the nine worlds.” Li Qiye said: “I have read millions of volumes so how come I didn’t know about these places” 1

“Just because you don’t know doesn’t mean that they don’t exist!” The lively Summer Matron added: “There are many things that aren’t written down in the records and places not known to people since the start of time.

Immortals are in places unknown to the world.”

“Really I’ve read a lot of books, don’t think about fooling me.” Li Qiye shook his head to say: “There’s no point in talking without proof.

You guys don’t know if there is such a place or not, you’re only making assumptions.

You’re trying to prove that your lineage came from the legendary immortals by gossiping.”

“Why do you think we don’t know!” The Winter Matron snorted.

“Then are you saying that your primal ground has attempted to find these locations before” Li Qiye laughed then leisurely continued: “It seems like the ancient records weren’t wrong.

The Immortal Emperors from your race indeed left behind some findings for your primal ground.

I’m a bit curious, what kind of findings are they Is there anything to prepare for the future”

The four matrons almost vomited blood again.

The guy spoke for almost half a day only to dig another hole for them to jump in.

He managed to trick them and obtained more information.

The other experts became even more scared.

This insane guy was too devilish, they had to be more careful.

“Really, I’m about to become your Blood Forefather, so you can talk to me about it.” Li Qiye continued: “Maybe you will even need me in the future.”

The Autumn Matron coldly looked at him and said: “It seems like you know a lot of things!”

Li Qiye laughed while being full of himself: “Reading ten thousand books is the same as walking one thousand miles.

I have countless records stored in my head.

I know of the blue sky above and the underworld river below.

There is nothing that I don’t know and nothing that can elude my understanding.

Even though my cultivation is limited and I’m not too handsome, my very being is priceless.

Someone like me becoming your Blood Forefather will be the glory of your race.”

“Really now” The Autumn Matron sneered: “Fine, I’ll test you then.

If you can answer this, then it will show that you are somewhat capable.

Even if you can’t become the Blood Forefather, I will still forgive you of your insolence!”

“No, no, you are mistaken.

Me becoming the Blood Forefather is already written in stone.

It is not you forgiving me but me that shall be forgiving you.

Of course, I still need to think about it.” Li Qiye smiled and gently shook his head.

His arrogance was so rage-inducing that it caused the four matrons to glare at him.

Nevertheless, he didn’t seem to care and nonchalantly chuckled: “But if you want to test me, then I’ll show you just how knowledgeable your Blood Forefather is so that all of you will prostrate before my great style…”

“… Aizz, I am a person who can’t say no to pretty girls.

It is one thing if you are part of a newer generation of matrons, but I can’t do anything about it if you are part of the legendary generation.

How could I say no to such pretty girls” Li Qiye teasingly winked after saying that.

“Nonsensical junior!” The Spring Matron yelled: “No one in this world has seen our true appearances!”

“Not necessarily.” Li Qiye smiled: “There is no absolute secret in this world.

Perhaps someone had seen your faces and painted you all.

And perhaps I have coincidentally seen these records.”

At this time, all four matrons had dark expressions.

The Summer Matron had to yell: “Rubbish! If you keep on talking, I’ll pull out your tongue!”

“Haha, don’t be so aggravated, I’m only kidding.

Judging from your style, you all must be very pretty beauties.” Li Qiye quickly calmed her down: “When I become your forefather, I will definitely take off your masks to look at your faces for a bit.”

The four matrons only stared at him coldly while the experts here didn’t dare to say anything.

However, they were curious about what the four matrons looked like as well.

Very few people in the primal ground had seen their real appearances! Perhaps not even the ancestors had this privilege.

“Okay, since you guys have such a negative impression of me, if I don’t show off my talents, you would really start to think that I am just bragging.” Li Qiye leisurely said: “Go ahead and ask your questions.

I’ll let you see my peerless talents.”

The four matrons really didn’t like this narcissistic fella, but they had to admit that he was a bit talented and knew quite a few things.

They glanced at each other and eventually, the Autumn Matron broke the silence: “Very well.

You said that you had seen in an ancient record the different theories regarding our Blood Race, so I’ll test you about that.

Since that legend created such an uproar, it won’t be any secret anyway.

Hmph, devil Are there real devils in this world That was only a fake accusation.”

“Oh, little girl, you are trying to fool me.

But I don’t mind, it can only be said that you are not knowledgeable enough.” Li Qiye leisurely added.

This was met with an angry glare from the Autumn Matron.

He continued on cheerfully: “You certainly know a little bit about this, but you’re not completely certain.

In fact, even your primal ground itself is not sure about this.

Back then, the supporters for the other theory of the Blood Race’s origin had an unfathomable item, I won’t say more about it…”

Li Qiye coughed here before resuming: “According to the ancient records in a distant era, there was a corpse left behind that was full of evidence…”

“You!” The four matrons’ expressions quickly shifted after hearing this.

Li Qiye chuckled: “There’s no need to be alarmed.

You four as well as the rest of the Blood Race in this world have never seen it, you all only know of the corpse’s existence.

However, as for what this corpse proves, you do not know just like the others.”


It says Li Qiye rubbed his chin here, but earlier, he was being carried by four people by his limbs so I omitted the chin rubbing part. 


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