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Chapter 86 : King Physique Paste (2)

The Physique Paste’s refinement has been completed.

At this moment, Li Qi Ye was down to his trousers and he jumped into the cauldron without hesitation, submerging his body into the paste.

At this moment, the Heavenly Cauldron slowly closed and finally, the entire treasure cauldron was sealed.

But this was far from over.

Grandpa Sheng took control of the cauldron and slowly withdrew the Origin Flame.

The flame sparks were still licking the Physique Paste, so that it would slowly boil.

Inside the cauldron, even Li Qi Ye’s head was submerged into the Physique Paste.

The pores in his entire body were relaxed, and he channeled the incantations for the Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique!

At this moment, there were thunderous sounds inside Li Qi Ye’s body.

The mercury-like Physique Paste pervasively invaded Li Qi Ye’s body.

The essence of the paste combined with the body essence of Li Qi Ye.

The Hell Iron Bull’s beast marrow, as the main driving force, was the most appropriate paste for Li Qi Ye’s Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique.

The slush of the paste covered Li Qi Ye’s body.

He possessed a Mortal Physique.

Even though he was cultivating an Immortal Physique, at this moment, his Physique had not yet been completed and thus, it was chaotically scattered.

However, the Physique Paste was refining the bones and muscles of Li Qi Ye, purifying the blood and flesh.

Under the incantations, his Immortal Physique — once again — underwent changes and his entire body was greatly transformed and improved by the medicinal effects.

Li Qi Ye’s natural Mortal Physique was extremely weak; his muscles, bones, blood, and flesh were extremely feeble.

Even though his body was improved after practicing the Immortal Physique, it was still not comparable to a natural Saint Physique.

This was why this baptism was extremely important to Li Qi Ye.

To alleviate his innately weak body, he absolutely has to use a Physique Paste, the higher rank the better, to rebuild his body.

The entire process of body rebuilding was extremely painful.

It was akin to the opening of all of his bones, crushing his muscles, and even taking out his bone marrow in order to use the Physique Paste to refine them.

Despite the arduous and painful process, Li Qi Ye was still able to withstand it without whimpering once.

It was unknown how long the process took.

In the end, the Physique Paste was finally used up, becoming dried mud.

All of its essence was refined by the Immortal Physique and turned into Li Qi Ye’s Inner Physique.

An explosive “boom” occurred.

At this moment, the inside of Li Qi Ye’s body was fried open and finally, his Inner Physique had been successfully refined.

A fist as small as a fetus and dark like iron was formed.

This tiny Inner Physique was heavy beyond one’s imagination, like the heaviest godly metal in this world.

At this moment, the universal laws of the Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique, like strands of silk, covered this black Inner Physique!

In the end, the universal laws of the Immortal Physique covered the Inner Physique, slowly hid it inside the heart, and the laws finally submerged within alongside the Inner Physique.

However, the universal laws continued to rotate without stop!

The Inner Physique was protected by the heart, the Life Wheel resided in the neck, and the Fate Palace was hidden in the Ni Gong meridian![1]

A formed Inner Physique meant that Li Qi Ye had broken through the Yun Physique grand completion level and stepped into the Provisional Palace realm!

“Roll… Roll…”

At this point, the Heavenly Cauldron opened its mouth.

Li Qi Ye jumped out and smiled:


This matter, I had imposed on Grandpa Sheng.”[2]

At this moment, Grandpa Sheng and the others observed Li Qi Ye and saw that his entire body was blessed with powerful muscle, as if it was crafted from metals.

It gave off an air of unlimited strength.

“King Physique Paste, ah! Truly unimaginable.

Even a Mortal Physique could be refined into such a state.”

Seeing Li Qi Ye’s body, Elder Sun couldn’t help but become envious.

The sect only had one King Physique Paste and at this moment, it went entirely into Li Qi Ye’s body.

The perceptions of Grandpa Sheng and Li Shuang Yan were more keen.

Especially Li Shuang Yan, she had guessed the real Physique that Li Qi Ye was practicing.

Their conjectures were not just on the physical body.

At this moment, their observation of Li Qi Ye was affected by a powerful force, it was as heavy as millions of jin striking at one’s face, as if Li Qi Ye’s body was a godly mountain with an unfathomable weight.

Only his body alone was enough to suppress all existences, as if it was a metamorphosis of an extraordinary weapon! It was filled with strength and violence!

Li Shuang Yan’s shocked expression revealed that she was aware that Li Qi Ye refined his Inner Physique into the Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique.

She understood the true meaning behind the completion of the Immortal Inner Physique!

Although Li Qi Ye had a long road ahead of him before reaching grand completion, the moment his Inner Physique was completed, the foundation of the Immortal Physique was successful!

At this moment, Li Shuang Yan was aware that this ancient body of Li Qi Ye, once activated, countless Life Treasures and True Treasures would not be able to withstand his pressure!

“Good Physique!”

Grandpa Sheng couldn’t help but exclaim.

He didn’t know the exact Physique Li Qi Ye was cultivating, but just by feeling the pressure striking his face, he knew that this Physique was absolutely wonderful!

As for Elder Sun, he didn’t ask for which Physique Li Qi Ye was practicing.

It could have been a peerless Physique that the Patriarch taught him in his dreams.

So with regards to Li Qi Ye being able to absorb the entire Physique Paste, no one was surprised.

Even though any cultivator could use any rank of Physique Paste to refine their body, in reality, the moment of true refinement was also dependent on certain principles.

For example, a natural born King Physique, even without any Physique law, could still absorb the essence of a King Physique Paste.

If the person also practiced a King Physique, then he could completely absorb the King Physique Paste’s essence.

However, when a natural born King Physique used a Saint Physique Paste, the maximum absorption would be limited to two or three parts out of ten.

This was a waste of the Physique Paste and could be remedied if the person also practiced a Saint Physique in order to absorb a higher portion of the essences.

After Grandpa Sheng helped Li Qi Ye with his refinement, he didn’t stay at the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

During his departure, he gave a message from Demon King Lun Ri to Li Qi Ye, telling him that he was always welcome as a guest at the gate!

Without a doubt, the Demon King greatly valued Li Qi Ye, otherwise, an ordinary disciple of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect wouldn’t be repeatedly extended an invitation so many times.

After saying goodbye to Grandpa Sheng, Li Qi Ye came back to his courtyard and meditated.

Regarding cultivation, he was more diligent than anyone, but his cultivation was slowed down because of the reformation of the sect during the past half a year.

After Yun Physique was the Provisional Palace realm.

This realm was about forming a new Fate Palace within the Ni Gong meridian.

It sounds simple, but building a new Fate Palace from scratch was not an easy matter.

Building a new Fate Palace was different from the natural Fate Palace.

Cultivators called the natural Fate Palace the Master Palace while the created Fate Palace would be the Vice Palace or Servant Palace.

The Master Palace was where the True Fate resided, and was also called the True Fate Master Palace.

The new Fate Palace cannot replace the Master Palace due to this.

At the Provisional Palace realm, a cultivator could build one new Fate Palace, but a cultivator during his life would not build just one new Fate Palace.

In theory, a cultivator could have twelve Fate Palaces — also named the Twelve Palaces.[3]

In reality, from the ancient past till now, people having the Twelve Palaces were essentially non-existent! Some even say that this world essentially didn’t have twelve palaces; at the very most, there were eleven palaces!

These words were not without reasons.

In fact, a cultivator with three Fate Palaces was already praised as being extraordinary.

With six Fate Palaces, one would be considered a genius even if his aptitude and Physique was ordinary; as long as he had six Fate Palaces, no one could deny his future prowess.

As for having nine Fate Palaces, this was an extraordinary genius as high as the heavens; even throughout the ancient times till now, it would be difficult to find one! As for having more than nine palaces, there were very few known cultivators since the beginning of time!

Provisional Palace realm has five levels, and in order from lowest to highest, they are: One Starting Palace, Two Gushing Springs, Three Igniting Fires, Four Breaking Grounds, Five Rising Pillars.

Li Qi Ye had stepped inside this realm.

At this moment, on top of his Fate Palace was a transforming Kun Peng, flying around his True Fate.

Waves after waves of incantations affected the Master Palace, causing Li Qi Ye’s Ni Gong meridian to change!

There was a bone pillar rising in Li Qi Ye’s Ni Gong meridian as Li Qi Ye channeled the Kun Peng’s Six Variants nonstop.

It slowly dug into the meridian and the shape of a Fate Palace was slowly formed…

This was the Provisional Palace’s One Starting Palace level.

The process was extremely slow, but Li Qi Ye was not anxious.

He knew, this realm could not be rushed.

Once a mistake appeared, it would directly cause the palace to collapse.

If this happened, then opening a new Fate Palace in the future would be harder than traversing the high sky!

Throughout the day, Li Qi Ye was immersed in this process.

The second day, Li Qi Ye woke up from his heavenly meditation and saw Li Shuang Yan waiting quietly at the door.

Stretching his tired back, Li Qi Ye signaled for Li Shuang Yan to come in.

After arriving inside, Li Shuang Yan was just coldly looking at him, without saying a word.

Li Shuang Yan.

This type of heaven’s proud daughter, even after following Li Qi Ye for so long, she was still as silent and cold as ever.

Li Qi Ye looked at Li Shuang Yan, and said:

“Your Saint level Pure Jade Physique Merit Law came from the War God Temple.”

Li Shuang Yan gently nodded her head, without saying a word.

She was a natural King Physique; in order to cultivate a Saint Physique, the Nine Saint Demon Gate expended a lot of effort in order to obtain the “Pure Jade Physique” that was appropriate for her cultivation.

“This Physique merit law from the War God Temple is not bad, it is capable of the Grand Dao.”

Li Qi Ye gently nodded his head and said.

Li Shuang Yan couldn’t help but to glare at Li Qi Ye.

The Saint level Pure Jade Physique Merit Law, this Physique was coveted by so many.

Even the Nine Saint Demon Gate expended blood and sweat in order to receive it from the War God Temple.

[1] I believe Ni Gong meridian is in the forehead, but this Ni Gong is a name used by this author to work with the Fate Palace, so he renamed the actual meridian to Ni Gong

[2] It is a way of saying thanks

[3] This sentence is redundant in English, but it is a bit more formal in Chinese, the proper name


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