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Chapter 842: Flirting

After the venerable left, the basilisk curiously asked: “Hey, what are you trying to do Don’t tell me you are trying to set my sister up with your dad”

Long Jingxian proudly glanced at the basilisk and said: “Bah, don’t think I don’t know that your sister secretly likes my dad.”

The basilisk scratched his head and asked: “Uh, is that true”

Although he wasn’t too sure, his sister had always been single until now.

Maybe Long Jingxian’s words carried some truth.

Long Jingxian was not wrong in this regard.

Venerable Basilisk and the Dragon-Tiger Monarch were the two brightest talents of the last generation.

Both of them were considered future Godkings by the demon race.

Their fame spread around the same time and their relationship wasn’t bad.

The venerable had a crush on the monarch.

Alas, the feeling wasn’t mutual.

Moreover, an excellent person like the monarch never had a lack of suitors.

Many among them were supreme beauties and princesses.

Because of this unrequited love, she remained single until now.

Li Qiye shook his head and told the two of them: “There’s no need for you two to worry about matters of the last generation.

They know how to deal with it themselves.”

“Haha, I like watching those beauties fight for my father.” Long Jingxian laughed.

Li Qiye could only shake his head again.

This brat wanted to play around too much and only wanted more chaos in this world.

“However, Boss, you really have to be careful of Ye Qingcheng.” The basilisk hurriedly stated: “You should know just how amazing the Divine Valley is.

If those old geezers are really coming for you, then it might get dangerous.”

The Basilisk Tribe was somewhat related to the Divine Valley as well, so the four-eyed basilisk knew more about them than outsiders.

“The Divine Valley, right” Li Qiye chuckled with narrowed eyes.

“What is the Divine Valley Are they that amazing How come I’ve never heard of them before” The old turtle hiding in the corner finally came out at this time in a very cautious manner.

“This valley is indeed very mysterious.” Jian Wushuang spoke: “Even imperial lineages are wary of it.

Some say that inside lies a bunch of old undying gods.”

“Undying gods” The old turtle was aghast: “Wouldn’t they be unbeatable then How many people in this world would dare to call themselves undying gods”

The basilisk explained: “Who knows if they are unbeatable or not.

However, no lineages are willing to go all out against those old geezers.

Plus, they wouldn’t easily do the same either.

They are a bunch of monsters hiding in a den; they neither see sunlight nor the world.

Thus, cultivators in the Stone Medicine World don’t really know much about them.”

“What is this undying god title” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “If they can be called undying gods, then I am the ruler of the high heavens, the tyrant of the eternal ages.

Those old geezers are only a bunch of defeated veterans.”

“Haha, Smelly Qiye, this personality of yours is arrogant enough, just the way I like it.” Long Jingxian smiled cutely: “The two of us together will stomp the Divine Valley and become renowned!”

The girl was very excited as she was ready for slaughter.

Li Qiye smiled: “Just the way you like it Okay, I can think about taking you in as a concubine then.” With that, he glanced her up and down.

The truth was that Long Jingxian was very likable.

She had amazing features and an incredible figure on top of supreme talents and a straightforward personality.

It would be hard not to like her.

“So be it.” Long Jingxian revealed a charming smile that would cause the hearts of others to beat faster.

She confidently grabbed Li Qiye’s arm and provocatively stared at Jian Wushuang: “Jian Wushuang, you are my servant from now on.”

“It is time for you to wake up from your daydreaming.” The proud Jian Wushuang looked at her and replied with disdain.

She arched her towering breasts and proudly declared: “I’m not just daydreaming, I can definitely make this Smelly Qiye swoon over me.

Just watch.”

“Okay, stop being so noisy you two.

Just keep training hard until the opening of the Bi’an Beastworld.

There will be countless pleasant surprises then.” Li Qiye saw that those two were about to start again and helplessly shook his head.

“Haha, Boss, is there any room for me to see those pleasant surprises” The basilisk wouldn’t miss out on a good opportunity.

The old turtle hiding in the corner also crawled out extremely quickly and softly said: “This lowly one too.”

Li Qiye noticed the swift crawling and instantly kicked him away: “You have the nerve to come ask Earlier, the fastest to hide was you, the first to act like a black turtle hiding in its shell was you as well.

But now, you are faster than anyone when good stuff is brought up.” 1

“This lowly one, this lowly one is closely related to a black turtle in the first place.” The old turtle blushed after hearing this, but he still replied shamelessly.

Li Qiye went back to his spot.

After two days, Li Qiye stared into the far distance and nodded his head: “No problems this time, the beastworld will appear.”

“Really” The group was happy to hear this.

Li Qiye ordered: “Four eyes and the old turtle will go search around.

When the beastworld comes out, the entrance will naturally be at the ruins.

Let us know after you find it.”

“Boss wants to go somewhere else” The basilisk asked.

“Yes, Wushuang and Jingxian will come with me.” Having said that, he told Jian Wushuang to clean up before leaving.

The three of them left while the old turtle and the basilisk waited for the beastworld to come out before searching for the entrance.

“We aren’t leaving the ruins” Long Jingxian asked after noticing that they weren’t leaving the ruins, they were only walking around randomly.

Moreover, Li Qiye’s death energy emerged as the laws of the Death Chapter pierced into the ground.

“No, we aren’t leaving the ruins.” Li Qiye shook his head: “We have to prepare a bit before entering the beastworld.”

“You plan to summon more undead” Jian Wushuang inquired after seeing the death energy and laws.

Li Qiye chuckled: “That’s one way to put it, but the time is not right.

We just need to be ready before the storm begins.

Just watch, blood will run like rivers, but the ones to fall shall not be us, it will be our enemies.”

Jian Wushuang turned silent.

She had always been proud, but after clashing against Li Qiye, she understood that all of his enemies would eventually suffer horrific deaths.

She knew that although he acted in an outrageous and arrogant manner, he was in control at all times.

“Are you afraid of the Divine Valley now after listening to Venerable Basilisk” Long Jingxian grinned.

“The Divine Valley alone can’t frighten me.” Li Qiye smiled in response: “Besides, I have many methods if I wish to destroy it.

Even if those things come out from the ground, I wouldn’t care at all.”

“Then why are you suddenly making preparations right now” Long Jingxian blinked with her pure yet enchanting eyes.

“Because I have a few things that I don’t want to use since it would be too wasteful.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “Plus, it is not certain that I will deal with the Divine Valley.”

“Haha, what other items or schemes do you have Let me have a look.” Long Jingxian stared at Li Qiye in a very cute manner.

“Little girl, don’t get any ideas.” Li Qiye glanced back and knew exactly what she wanted.

Long Jingxian didn’t seem to mind at all.

She intimately hugged his arm and lovingly said: “Don’t be so stingy.

What’s yours is mine, right Haha, I’m not asking for much, only your chapter from earlier.

This chapter is really too amazing.

I have looked at it for so long yet I still can’t grasp it.” She blinked cutely while saying this.

Her Immortal Fate talents were beyond words since she could even copy an emperor law to sixty to seventy percent potential with a single glance despite not being able to grasp their true profundities.

However, she had looked at Li Qiye’s Death Chapter for a very long time and couldn’t fathom the least bit from it.

Of course, it was part of the Death Scripture, one of the nine grand scriptures.

If she could grasp it after just one or two glances, then it wouldn’t deserve to be part of the nine.

Not even an Immortal Fate could accomplish this feat.

“Nice try.” Li Qiye shook his head and smiled.

He then looked over at her and jokingly said: “Since you said what’s yours is mine, then very well, your Beastmaster Citadel has several treasures that I like a lot, why don’t you give them to me”

“Okay, no problem.” Long Jingxian agreed right away and kept on hugging his arm: “Husband and wife need to have solidarity, so all I have is yours.

If you want something, I’ll definitely help you get it.

Which ones do you want”

“Wow, already taking stuff from your clan even before marriage.” Jian Wushuang looked at her and quipped: “There is a great saying, one cannot hold onto a daughter forever.”

“So what This is how I like it, what are you going to do” Long Jingxian gloatingly glared at her: “Don’t even think about marrying my husband!”

Jian Wushuang turned livid from this and angrily glared back at her.

Li Qiye had grown used to them arguing at least three times a day.

He gently shook his head towards Long Jingxian and said: “This is a big if.

And even if you really do marry me, I will not pass this chapter down to you.”


Black turtle hiding in its shell is an idiom about cowards.


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